Eden Hazard is rubbish, England, Euros and Arsenal’s potential for next season.

Eden waved lovingly to his reflection as he caught a glimpse...

Morning, folks.

So, I watched the England game last night. I wasn’t hugely impressed. When I watch the national team play, I think I make a far better footballing judgement. When I watch Arsenal, bias comes into play. I sure the same applies to supporters regardless of affiliation. Mainly, I form opinions on the England team without really caring. It’s just not the same as Arsenal to me. There’s no real love there. Call me unpatriotic – which I unabashedly am – If you wish, I’m just being honest.

The game was fairly dull. For all their dominance with the ball, and their one-touch passing; Belgium posed little threat. The man of the moment, whore-extraordinaire, Eden Hazard had the attention of the media after announcing his move to Chelsea, and I wasn’t that impressed – not for the first time, either. It’s obvious the boy has bags and bags of talent, and the title of this post is just a joke, but the more I think about it, the more I’m glad we stayed away.

Some have claimed our decision to stay out of the bidding shows a lack of ambition, but I disagree. I think it was the right thing to do. Hazard has spent the last year openly flaunting himself around Europe, with his services going to the highest bidder. Ask yourself this; wouldn’t you rather have a grounded, hard-working talent like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain than a colossal egomaniac commanding £170,000-per-week? I’d pick The Ox every time.

The Ox had a decent match, and could have bagged himself a goal were it not for the dreaded Arsenal curse of losing your footing at the least opportune of moments. Until he was replaced by Theo, I didn’t for a moment think he looked out of his depth, he gamely stuck to his tasks on the left-side, and he’ll only get better. Seeing him get the opportunity to shine on a big stage, without any of the pressure of expectation from a baying nation, is one of the few reasons I’ll tune in to England’s Euro games.

As you might expect, Theo and The Ox represent the only real elements of Arsenal news. We haven’t broken our transfer budget and signed 4 world-class players since yesterday, I’m afraid. It may be only early days yet, and whilst I do have faith in Arsene Wenger; I do occasionally fear we’ll see another summer of financial restraint over building a competitive team .

Of course, I don’t think for a moment we should sign players with gay abandonment. No, not at all. I do think there has to be an extent where we make the required moves to get the ones we really want. The transfer market is not the same as the days when we could sign the likes of Pires, Freddie, Henry, Vieira and Gilberto for next to nothing. These days, money talks. I hate the fact it’s come to this stage, but it’s here whether we like it or not. There has to be a point where we show we are not afraid to compete. If that means paying £19m for Yann M’Vila, then we should pay it before we lose out again. We could have had Juan Mata last summer…

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17 thoughts on “Eden Hazard is rubbish, England, Euros and Arsenal’s potential for next season.”

  1. @Raul
    Mata, Mata, Mata.
    Juan Mata’s not good enough for Arsenal. Truth is, he’s not good enough for Chelsea either. He cost Chelsea (only) ten million pounds not because they got him ‘on the cheap’, but because that’s all he’s worth. The same cost as Gervinho as it happens. Mata will get more bench-time this coming season, then he’ll move on. To us? Hope not.

    1. My dear friend mata costed chelsea almost 24million pound…i dont know about your knowledge regarding matas tranfers fees…u can check in google…lol… i am myself an arsenal fan but mata is quite better and better dribbling and good final passes than gervinho or others

    2. As I can see u guys don’t see the game as I see it n u guys r jus haters just plain n simple..I watched the game too the full game mind u..Eden Hazard is an amazing player first if u really watched the game like u said u did then u know very well that the guys touches n everything is just of true talent..going forward he was the only player that pose a real that for England with his passes n skill u can’t deny that..give credit where is due n stop hating thank you

  2. Only watched the game because of the Ox and Walcott. Thought Belgium deserved a draw. Surprised at the inclusion of Rooney bearing in mind he’s banned for the first 2 matches in the Euros. Better to have tried out striker combinations who WILL be used.

  3. With a name like Aussie Jack you`ll forgive me for not seeming very patriotic (even though I am English) but I agree that the only interest I have in the national side is if Arsenal players are involved. Roll on August.

  4. @Big Al, Koh Samui
    I could not agree with you more. I am glad Mata didn??t sign and I wish Gervinho didn??t either as he is no where near good enough or Arsenal.

  5. Arsenal are fund of developing players ????A?̶̲̥??d?̶̲̥? selling them when they are established….imagine if fabregas,nasri,flamini,adebayor,clichy,reyes hadn’t left…arsenal would have been major contenders for the EPL buh instead we leave the average players ????A?̶̲̥??d?̶̲̥? sell the best…am sure its gonna happen to wilshere ????A?̶̲̥??d?̶̲̥? ox…. ????A?̶̲̥??d?̶̲̥? finally mata is better than every winger in arsenal if not the best in EPL*fact….I believe getting quality players into our squad ????A?̶̲̥??d?̶̲̥? not selling the best would boost our team.

  6. James…well said.
    A really good piece. I too don’t give a toss about England but that because I’m not from England. I like watching good football and generally it’s something England struggle with although I am mildly interested cause I like hodge and he is giving the youth a run…just wish he would piss the Neanderthal terry out of the squad. He make life harder to live.
    As for transfers we can only go so far and yeah it sucks but it’s reality.
    Chelsea and man city are fucking up the game. Making players even more mercenaries than they were before. But I also agree we need a player of some intent this transfer window. Podolski is a great start but if we got mvila or Capoue I would be happy at that. Although one more addition kagawa Dempsey or affelay would be a great hand too. That’s all we need. We have sufficient depth even with the clear out that seems on the way.
    My two bob anyway…

  7. Well don’t try 2 bi h8ter of hazard cos arsenal couldn’t purchase him…hes a real talent, i wish we got him. Wenger shuld get M.villa & afellay cos arshvin which i knw won’t be on d new arsenal kits nxt season…diaby d eva injury prone player shuld be replaced by M.villa. With van.persie signin a new deal…den we got a decent team to challenge for d trophy.

  8. @Henry and @David
    Thanks for replies; my stupid error as regards price. However…

    Agree with you regarding Mata (and Gervinho also); whatever the price of either I still don’t change my opinion. Twenty million (or more) for Mata? Simply not worth the price tag.

  9. I concur to wkboateng… There is a reason y u ppl r called critix… Mata arived @ chelsea just after leading the under-21 spanish national side to world cup glory if u were’nt aware of that.. He cost chelsea 24 or 25 milion.. He’s worth more than that… With age on his side, he’ll only get better… U dont often get to see a 20 yr old kid to b featuring for a top side like chelsea &’enduring almost all the games through-out d season &’ helping win d UCL trophy??… U ppl shud c light &’ not dark.. Only seeing horible &’ d terrible will get u nowhere… I m a borussia dortmund fan… V let sahin go, v r about to sell kagawa.. Yet v r doing gud!! Statistix say v r d team dat poses d maximum wrk rate all over europe.. Our average work rate per match is by far d highest!! Well my 3 fav young playas right now is jack wilshere, ajax’s christian erikssen &’ of cousre neymar!!

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