Egyptian Superstar Headed to Arsenal And Welcome To 2016

Happy New Year!

Howdy, boys and girls.

2016 is upon us. For many of you, the new year was welcomed with hedonism on the night before and the accompanying feeling of death the morning after. As something of a refined (boring) human being, I spent mine planted in front of the TV watching crap and occasionally blowing up strangers on GTA5 (If there’s a more perfect way to purge yourself of all animalistic/sociopathic urges than Rockstar’s wonderful game, I am yet to witness it).

2016 is also a new era for this silly little blog, in as much as I might actually write it with a touch more regularity. Bringing you all Arsenal news and other such delicious treats is fun and I should pull my proverbial; finger from my proverbial backside and bloody gosh-darn do it. So, I’ll use this moment to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year – I hope with genuine sincerity that all your wishes, hopes, dreams and peculiar urges come to a full, glorious fruition.

And now let’s talk Arse.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the January transfer window in all its splendour opens tomorrow. With it comes the hope of some new players to ogle at and a unrelenting barrage of information regarding who those players may be – usually the spurious kind. However, friends, it would appear that at this early juncture we have ourselves a new player. Well, it certainly appears that way without there being anything resembling official confirmation. Some rumours you instinctively know are total dross. Others carry that unmistakable waft of legitimacy. The stories surrounding FC Basel’s Egyptian international midfielder, Mohammed Elneny seem to fall into the latter of those two categories.

Playing in Switzerland’s premier division is hardly the place to explode onto the football scene, so like many of you, my knowledge of the player is extremely limited, extending mainly to what I’ve read online and a few YouTube clips. The deal – should it materialise – strikes me as one of those ‘Arsene Knows’ type of affairs where our manager has scouted a relative unknown in the hope he can transform a rough stone into a sparkling, internationally renowned diamond. The little information I have leads me to believe we’re looking at a player with great stamina and a lot of enthusiasm. He’s played his fair share of European games at Basel and is still only 23-years-old.

With the injuries we have, another body in central midfield is very welcome. Whether or not Elneny has what it takes to be thrown straight into the deep end remains to be seen. He’s allegedly already passed a medical with the Club’s representatives in France and all that remains is for those pesky work permit issues to be resolved – the ins and outs of which still baffle me to this day, so if you know exactly how they work please feel free to enlighten me.

Tomorrow we look to sustain our position at the top of the league with a home game against Steve McClaren’s floundering Newcastle. They may not be performing as they would like, but it’s one of those games where we need to focus and not do anything “Arsenal”. I’ll bring you a preview of that game tomorrow. Until that time, feel free to delve into the comments sections and fire some of your thoughts my way.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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  1. Nice reading your post for quite sometime, you’ve been doing a wilshere for the majority of the season but i hope your consistency returns with the new year.. Happy 2016

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