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Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land!

Morning, lovelies.

If you’re of the patriotic persuasion – and English – , then today is the day the Euros really begin. 5-o-clock today, England kick off their campaign against France. I’m off to my friend’s house to enjoy curry and considerable swearing at the television – the vast majority of which will be directed at John Terry.

Before the Euros began, I wasn’t interested all that much. In truth; I couldn’t care less. However, I’ve begun to develop a little bit of interest. I don’t expect England to sweep aside all challengers with the kind of football Brazil might envy. My hopes for England mainly stem from my affection for Roy Hodgson. I like him. He’s a gentleman, and he’s an under-rated manager. The England job is a poisoned chalice. Roy will be obliterated by certain moronic sections of the press should England falter, and he really doesn’t deserve that. For his sake, I hope my national team do well and get a result against the French.

In Arsenal bits ‘n’ bobs, there’s news of one coming in, and one going out. Montpellier’s Olivier Giroud is again being mentioned around the web, and that deal appears increasingly likely to materialise. The player on the way out is Johan Djourou. His agent has been spilling the beans of his potential destinations:

“Can Djourou join Napoli? It’s certainly possible, especially as we will be in Italy next week for a series of appointments,”

“At the moment Napoli are not on the list of appointments, but everything is possible. If he leaves the Premier League, then he will play in Italy or Spain.

“I saw my client the other day and he was enthusiastic about both Napoli and Italy in general. So far we have received an offer worth £10m, but it is up for negotiation.

“He wants to play for one of the top five Italian clubs.”

An offer of £10m for Djourou? I’d say we should be giving that some serious thought. I know some of you who read this believe opinion should be tempered by positivity, but I do not agree with that. We are fans, we are more than entitled to express our opinions. I have unreserved disdain for those that abuse players. All this “you must be positive” crap gets on my nerves. It’s simply not an honest way of looking at things. I consider myself to be neither positive or negative; I react accordingly. If Arsenal lose 8-2 at Old Trafford, then I’m extremely annoyed with the team’s performance – I see no positive in those events. If Arsenal destroy Spurs, I’m elated. I don’t conform my opinion to what people expect. I understand plenty of folks won’t like that, and that’s absolutely fine – if you write a blog, it’s one of those things you have to accept.

Lastly today, our beloved chairman Peter Hill-Wood has had a few words to say about Robin van Persie and dealings over the summer:

“He is vital to us and has been an extremely good captain,”

“But if somebody comes along and offers Robin £250,000 a week then I am afraid we cannot compete with that.

“With players, you never know what they are going to do.

“Some players say they want silverware but when they have the chance to earn extraordinary money that has been pumped into the game, then you just have to hope they will stay because they are happy and loyal where they are.

“There are players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes at Manchester United who have been loyal to one club but players like that are few and far between.

“Hopefully we can reach agreement with Robin and ideally he will extend his contract.

Interesting stuff. I don’t think any of us believed Arsenal would stretch to that kind of crazy wage. I guess Robin’s future will come down to how he thinks we are able to compete, and he’ll decide with that in mind. Unlike a certain horse-faced cretin at Manchester City, I don’t think money is the deciding factor.

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11 thoughts on “Eng-er-land, Giroud, Djourou, moaning, Hill-Wood and news”

  1. sorry dat u are an ENGLISH,i use 2 support England but dat was b4,when i was a kid,now i knw dat England are not close 2 first 10 of greatest football nations,despite d fact that their leauge looks like d best,they disappoint @ d stage d game bcomes interesting.4 djourou,i am happy he realized dat arsenal wil no longer favour him & his likes,if d club must progress,so i wish him well.OUR DEAR RVP,u hav seen dat arsenal 4rm all indication wants 2 keep u,4 accepting 2 dobble ur wage,which is a club record wage,even thought dat money has curropt d game greatly,it’s up 2 u 2 decide,bcos if what i heared was true,right 4rm ur wife,ur mom & ur dad all wants u 2 stay @ arsenal through their coments individualy but is left 4 u,but 1 thing is certain AfC wil remain strong even if rvp leaves.UP GUNNERS.

  2. Ten million Euro’s doesn’t convert to ten million Pound’s – more like eight, but he might not have been talking about the actual bid for the player.It’s quite possible his agent is stirring up rumours to add a level of pressure to any possible transfer situation.

  3. sorry guy, England will never win a major football tournament because of the sins of 1914. in case u dont know the sins, the amalgamation of southern & northern Nigeria

  4. Big BASTARD “Armchair” I love reading your blog but HATE your personality for the way you address your readers…..Gunner till eternity!

    1. He is making a point…and a good one…some loyalty please…
      And i think if anyone deserves it its Arsenal in regards to RvP, wenger and co. stuck by him through 5 seasons of horrible injuries where he could barely string a month together…now lets just hope he signs

      On giroud he would be very handy but i’m not holding my breath…all the Al Jazeera reports talk was bullsh#t i looked all over there website and got nothing. But if he comes could that mean maybe playing RvP as AM/in the hole? Thats an interesting thought hey…
      what do you think james…you bastard…(sorry just had to do it)

      If we could get 10 million anythings (except vietnamese dong they are worth about 20000 for a pound) for Djourou i think we should take it. He deserves a shot somewhere else and is clearly a back-up…that might pave the way for another monpellier swoop in M’Biwa?

  5. I’m nigerian, but what has nigeria’s political history got to do with the Euros? Who reasons that way! O boy, just shut up and don’t embarrass us!

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