EXCLUSIVE: If this is the new home shirt for 2012/2013, it’s bloody awful.

Hello, I thought I’d do a little bonus post for today, seeing as there are quite a few photo’s hovering about Twitter of what appears to be the new Arsenal shirt for next season. I apologise for emblazoning the title with the ‘EXCLUSIVE’ as it’s hardly my own story; I just thought it was quite funny and made me feel a little like a journalist. I may rush down to the basement of a news office and bellow the phrase “Stop the press” someday, also – think that scene in ‘The Paper’ with Michael Keaton and Randy Quaid.

Featured on ‘ArsenalInsider’ (or ‘Insider Arse’ as i hilariously believe they should be renamed) the image shows a traditional style shirt with very peculiar navy-blue hoops on the arms and a blue collar. I’m informed by a few folks that there is a high percentage of probability here, but I’m not so sure: the shirt looks like something a colour-blind idiot has spent 5 minutes knocking up on Photoshop. Personally, I think it’s unbelievably shit-awful and I’ll be offering a few prayers to Dennis Bergkamp that this all turns out to be a ruse.

Have a look for yourselves:

20120210-095250 AM.jpg

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8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: If this is the new home shirt for 2012/2013, it’s bloody awful.”

  1. the logo doesnt tell, cos the new logo is just for our 125th anniversary…….i pray this jersey doesnt see the light of day….goooossshhhh……..

  2. Totally disgusting,if this kit sees the light of day it is just another example of the complete disregard the current regime has for the history and traditions of the club.We always have WHITE sleeves,no black,no stripes,just plain white;why do they have to change things that don’t need changing? First the away kit;this seasons Wycombe Wanderers copy is truly gross;next the home shirt.I bet Gazidis has had research done suggesting fans in the far east prefer the “casual” T shirt look, bingo ,lots of shirt sales on the far east tour!! Sod what the traditional supporter thinks,they will just buy them regardless.Are they made out of Wengers recycled water bottles again,coz we know how AFC like to save money?!!!

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