FA Cup magic. Rooney on the way? No love for Jovetic.

Sweet Moses, let in not be so….

Good morning, wonderful people.

Just look at that picture. Look at it. The sight of that potato-headed cretin in an Arsenal shirt isn’t right. Mercifully – for those, like me, against any potential transfer – the featured picture today is taken from the Daily Star and that means it’s a fairly safe bet all information contained within is fabricated.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility, though. There are continuous rumblings that this summer will be the one in which we put down a marker and signal our intent with a triumphant splurge in the transfer market. Live betting sites like bwin seem to agree, so there’s every chance we’ll be seeing many incoming faces. However, if everyone’s favourite brothel-frequenter does stay true to his word and opt to leave United, I can only see the wealthier clubs around Europe being able to meet his wage demands – perhaps only Ajax can meet the demands of his proclivities…

Arsenal can do better in the market. I sincerely hope that they do.

Saturday’s FA Cup final was something of a mixed bag. As I was working, my exposure was limited, but enough to realise that it’s all become a bit of a farce. Like Christmas has steadily become over the years, England’s most famous competition now seems to be more about sponsorship and revenue than the actual thing that once made it great.

That said, the result was entirely magical. I didn’t hold the slightest of hope for a Wigan victory when viewing both teams on paper. Perhaps Manchester City viewed the game in a similar manner and didn’t expect such a resolute and impressive performance from Wigan. Not only did Roberto Martinez’s side emerge the victors, but few could dispute it was thoroughly deserved.

Best of all, we play Wigan tomorrow, and with a bit of luck they’ll have overdone the celebrations and enter The Emirates with an end-of-season mentality. With Spurs bundling past Stoke at the Britannia today, a win tomorrow is of paramount importance. There can be no slip-ups, no casual and thoughtless performances. Manchester City paid the penalty for underestimating what Wigan are capable of. The warnings signs are all there. We need to take notice of them and set out the pitch accordingly.

Lastly today, I thought I’d mention one player the rumour mill won’t leave alone, who happens to be one of the players I’d really love to see come to Arsenal. If you’ve watched Stevan Jovetic play, you’ll know he has talent in abundance, and strikes me immediately as the type of player built to succeed in the Premiership. He is admired by a host of Europe’s top clubs, and there’s talk of him feeling a bit unloved at Fiorentina these days. His teammate, Luca Toni has said:

“Stevan feels the Fiorentina fans treat him without love.

“Everybody says that the player’s struggles will end when he starts scoring again.

“The way I see it in this difficult period is that Jovetic is only supported when he is making a difference on the field. At the moment, there is no enthusiasm towards him – he does not feel loved.”

Bless his cotton socks. The poor little lamb doesn’t feel loved.

Well, Stevan, I’m sure you’re regular reader of Arsenal blogs, so here’s a bit of advice;  come on over to The Emirates. We’ll simply adore you here. There will be parades, spectacle, and plenty of middle-aged men only too happy to allow you time with their wives (No one mention that to Rooney…). We will love you like one of our own, and if we can make Giroud feel like he’s ten feet tall, imagine the effect we can have on you.

We’re a magnanimous and friendly bunch, us Gooners. It’s a match made in heaven. Granted, you’ll most probably have to ignore anyone and everything associated with Piers Morgan, but he’s never been one of us anyway.

What have you got to lose? Get your agent on the phone with Dick Law, and let’s get this sorted out.

Watch this space, folks. I’ve set the wheels in motion, and now fully expect full credit should any transfer materialise. On that note, I shall leave you for today. Take a moment to pop down some of your thoughts in the comments – Rooney, FA Cup hilarity and the brilliance of Jovetic. I’ll look forward to reading a few.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

5 thoughts on “FA Cup magic. Rooney on the way? No love for Jovetic.”

  1. Rooney to the Emirates would a stunner for me. I’d choose him over jovetic anyday. He’s a proven English (EPL) material. Jovetic would still have to adapt, like OG keeps begging for time to adapt. I love arsenal and wouldn’t’ want us to go down with our liver in the pool. Hahaha if u know what I mean.

  2. lets be honest and put hatred to the side for one moment.

    the best english striker has asked for a transfer and there is a possibility that he is availble. now there are not many players in the 20+ goal bracket, but rooney is definitely one of them. we have to be realistic, we are not going to get falcao, messi, ronaldo, cavani or neymar. i dont think we can even afford lewandowski or benzema. so we are looking at the next group down at best. that is dzeko, jovetic, benteke, higuain, rooney. of that list if could only choose one it would be the old granny shagger all day long, bloody hell its better than a rapist!!

    however, i believe we could afford 2 marquee signings this summer, so why not rooney and jovetic. jovetic and rooney can both play any of the 4 attacking roles similarly to walcott and podolski, whereas giroud is far more limited. for me those 2 signings would be a massive statement of intent and whilst it would mean us spending less on a dm, cb and gk i still think we could land all those 3 positions for around the £20m mark. we could also then offload fabianski, mannone, djourou, squillaci, santos, denilson, diaby, arshavin, rosicky, gervinho, park, bendtner and chamakh hopefully raising more cash towards but certainly reducing the wage bill to cover rooneys wages.

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