Factions and Reactions: The Wonderful World of Arsenal Blogging.

You can spot a Goonersphere Podcast listener a mile away.

Morning, folks.

Something I have carried with me from a young age is a piece of advice my Mum gave me. During a conversation that took place some time in my formative years, she informed me:

It doesn’t matter what you do in life, someone will hate you for it. You’ll know you’re on the right track when people start to get upset. 

Yesterday, in the wake of a farrago of petulant squabbles and puerile exchanges – in which I was, shamefully, as guilty as anyone – I took a moment to step back a remember that remark.

Now, before we get into what makes that pertinent today, I thought I’d take a moment to make something abundantly clear. I do no in any way, shape or form consider anything I do, wether it be blogging or podcasting, to be above criticism. Far from it. If you’re prepared to share your attempts at being creative or your opinions with the world, then accepting that criticism will accompany such things is only right. There are things I do and say, opinions I have, that will be received with shaking heads and perplexed faces.

And I’m okay with that. What I have an immeasurable problem with is when an opinion on something turns to abuse and hatred. The Goonersphere Podcast I host with Daniel Cowan  is enormous fun. When we bang our heads together flushing out ideas and discussion points, the hours fly by and I have an exceedingly enjoyable time. What we put out there represents that. Those who don’t like what we do are entitled to their opinions and if they choose to go elsewhere to find a show more in line with their taste I understand fully.

Writing that I was hit with an epiphany. I’m an incredible hypocrite. Yep – I’m pretty much as full of sh*t as they come. Can I hand on heart say I’ve not thrown out insults and curses towards others during my time writing and podcasting? No, I cannot. How many of you reading this can say the same? I recall listening to a podcast involving the BSM – an organisation I greatly respect, I should add – in which they were sharing some of the insults they received. None of it was particularly pleasant stuff. However, within the same show they began offering the exact same sort of abuse to the members of Arsenal’s board.  Granted, the reasons behind these might be wildly different and some would say justified in certain cases, but taken as they are it’s tough to dispute they’re the same.

In short; we’re all as bad as one another. I can feel insulted about someone referring to our podcast as “Total boll*cks” and claim this to be unjust and appalling behaviour as much as I like. The truth is I can easily point to examples of me offering others exactly the same sort of remark.  I’ve called Adrian Durham a c**t on more than one occasion. I don’t know the man personally, I simply don’t agree with his opinions. For me to claim certain Twitter users shouldn’t take offence to any of my content, that they should walk past and not offer their thoughts, is wrong if I’m unable to do the same myself.

Honesty is something I believe in, and that’s what I’m trying to be here – honest with all of you. I don’t much care for the maelstrom of vitriol that surrounds social media, but it is something I cannot dispute I am a part of. Yesterday I engaged in a stupid exchange with a user I’ve never interacted with before. All this simply because I was upset at how some of his associates had branded my work.

So, from this day forth I shall take heed to my Mum’s words and fully accept what comes my way with open arms. Maybe some of it I deserve, maybe some of it I don’t. I shall continue to speak my mind and retain my sense of humour. Those of you that wish to disagree are welcome to do so in any way you see fit.

All through the exchanges of opinion and the veneers constructed to show the most idealistic or intolerant version of self, few take the time truly admit fault or guilt. There’s no shame or weakness in admitting your faux pas or mistakes, and I’m glad I took the time to apologise to the aforementioned user for my part in the whole sorry story. Will I change the way I approach content from hereon-in? No, because doing so wouldn’t be in keeping with myself. What I will accept is that abuse begets abuse, and if you’re prepared to dish it out you should make preparations for receiving it back.

What I won’t do from this day forth is allow myself to become embroiled in anymore online arguments. Those, my friends, and utterly pointless and no good will come from them. I’ll gladly enjoy constructive debate with anyone wishing to interact with me. That is something I look forward to.

That’s all for today, folks. I hope the above makes some form of sense. I often write late at night when I’m a little tired. I guess there’s a fair bit to discuss with this post, so feel free to hit me up in the comments section. Tomorrow I shall return to talking about football with a preview of the Fulham game.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

14 thoughts on “Factions and Reactions: The Wonderful World of Arsenal Blogging.”

  1. Does anyone think we can win a trophy with the current squad ?
    If yes , please explain why. I battle to believe we on top of the league and will stay there with a strikers like Giroud and Bendtner.

    1. What’s With The Giroud Hating Have You Watched Him Play? He Gives Everything For The Team His Hold Up Play Is The Best Of Any Striker In The EPL He Gets Himself On The Scoresheet Pretty Regularly And Gets A Hat Full Of Assists What Have You Got Against Him?

      1. Not every word requires a capital letter, Tyson.

        Also, having the best hold-up play of every striker in the EPL does not equate to him being, by right, a title-winning striker. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t he got a record of something like 2 goals in 13 matches? Even if I’m wrong on that stat, it isn’t difficult to point out that his scoring record simply isn’t good enough.

        I like Giroud, I really do. He’s very talented, very handsome, very hardworking and complements our other attacking options better than I could have expected.

        But he needs at least 25 goals in a domestic season to be counted as one of the very best.

        1. @Harvey: I’m not entirely sure how this post became a discussion about Giroud, but your assessment is only partially accurate in my book.

          He scores his share of goals, but his movement and approach play contributes to just as many.

        2. Out of interest Harvey, why does he need at least 25 goals? And are you talking Premier League goals? How many strikers get that these days? Hardly any is the answer. You can win the league scoring only 38 goals you know. Points are important not how many goals you score. Of course scoring more goals gives you a better chance of winning points but in case you haven’t noticed we are scoring goals and they are coming from all over the pitch. What would happen to Liverpool if Suarez got injured or went through a dry patch? Giroud scores goals but his overall play allows others to score as well which is better for the team. We might not have scored as many goals as Liverpool or City but in case this has gotten past you, Arsenal are top of the league.

  2. Thanks Norris.
    Tyson , stats show that he has the worst chance to conversion ratio in the league. We are well behind on goal difference and our defence are performing more than expected. I feel with a better striker running of defenders the likes of ozil cazorla etc.would get a lot more assists. they seem to be looking quite ordinary having a guy up front who is playing most of the time with his back towards to opposition goal.

  3. So you had a run in with that useless prick from aclf. Snake in the grass back stabbing sob that still shoot his mouth off even though AW fills it with a generous helping of shitpie. I’m glad you didn’t take it personally as the same short order cook has no faith and no idea what the fuck he talks about most of the time. Its no credit to the blog runner at aclf that surrounds himself with boot licking ass kissers like him to validate his ” its the end of an era agenda”. Uzbek agents one and all. Keep up the faith and good work JR and never mind the short order cook.
    UP THE ARSE!!!!!!!

  4. hi james, i am a regular reader of your blog, which i think is one of the best if not the best arsenal blogs. i’m proud of the fact that arsenal supporters probably have the largest numbers and among the best of blogs on the web, no disrespect to blogs of other clubs.

    i think bloggers like yourself, arse2mouse, arseblog, le grove arsenal among others provide better and more indepth analysis than the so-called pundits or experts paid by tabloid newsites.

    regarding podcasts, i personally rate arse2mouse the best, followed by arseblog. i haven’t really tried your podcasts on a regular basis. Perhaps i will check it out more regularly, but it’d be great IMHO, if you could call diverse participants in your podcast like tim clarke of arse2mouse, elliot smith yankee gunner, andrew mangan, or people like amy lawrence or even john cross. i think it’s always more fun if a podcast has 3-4 participants debating passionately instead of just two people .anyways, just my opinion. keep up the good work, let’s win fulham tomorow.

    1. @nijjy: Thanks for the kind words.

      Regarding podcasts: We’ve already had Andrew from Arseblog on the show (episode 9) and regularly there’s 4 people per show – Daniel and I have only done 2 with just us becuase they were one-offs and yearly reviews.

      We’re looking towards getting a wider variety of guest on the show at present.

  5. @james- yeah, you know maybe you could invite bloggers from opposition teams as well. would be great to hear their perspectives on our club and share our views about theirs- you know before games against their teams, during transfer season, things of that sort.

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