Fat Sam’s Hideous Army (a): team news, thoughts and predicted starting XI

Allardyce’s team talks were legendary.

Morning folks.

Christmas consumption has had an averse effect on me. Yesterday, I ploughed may way through copious amounts of delicious indulgences and the result is a stomach that is making some odd noises. I get the impression these noises are akin to whimpers, or screams of surrender.  Whatever the reason, my stomach needs to man-up because it’s certainly not over yet.

I’m off to my friend’s house this afternoon to watch The Arsenal and afterwards, as he is a fan, take in Liverpool’s game with Man City.  It’s a bumper day of football and it would be, quite frankly, wrong of me not to indulge a little further.

After the disappointment of a tedious draw with Chelsea and the added frustration of Jose Mourinho opening his gaping chasm of an over-opinionated mouth afterwards to lambast Arsenal for just about everything he could think off, today’s game has added importance. The irritating managers are coming thick and fast; first Jose and his douhcebaggery, today we face Fat Sam Allardyce and his methods of hoofing and kicking. I’ve not watched West Ham too ften this season to say truthfully whether they employ the same tactics, but I’m going to assume that Fat Sam’s neolithic influence is there for all to see.

With the lack of any substitutions on Monday night, it’s a very safe bet the team will see a little rotation today. Certain players that came through 90 minutes then are highly unlikely to feature today, and the curious omissions should start. The team news is good. Jack Wilshire completes his two-game ban and only The Ox, Sanogo and Diaby remain on the sidelines – the latter two unlikely to feature for sometime as they’ve decided to try it as Vegas magicians.  A lot of people assume that Olivier Giroud might be one to miss out. The beautiful French bastard is not in the best form at the moment, so may be given a break with Nicklas Bendtner starting up front in a blaze of ego. I think something like that is very likely to happen. We might even see Podolski from the start.  Laurent Koscielny has returned from his knee injury.

I’m guessing we will line-up a little like this:

Vs West Ham?

Today’s game is a tough one. We can expect a vociferous crowd and an opponent looking to hustle and pester us at every opportunity. Fat Sam will get his players up for it and send them out to stifle our creativity with old fashioned intimidation tactics. It’s games like these I see The Flame having an important part to play. West Ham will know full well there’s someone patrolling the Arsenal midfield more than happy to give as good as he gets.

Winning is essemtial. december can ill-afford to become the month in which we falter. Thus far, our results haven’t been as good as we would have liked. a victory today not only puts us back on top, but adds a little bit of extra pressure onto Liverpool’s game. We should have more than enough in the locker to dispatch West Ham. If we can bag an early goal and silence the home support, I think we will win comfortably. If we allow West Ham to have lengthy periods of possession, or let their approach get to us, we could be in for an uncomfortable afternoon.

Should be an interesting 90 minutes. Prediction wise, I shall go for a 2-0 victory.  I’d also like to see a bit more from Mesut Ozil today. I’m not one of these folks who seem to expect miracles from him in every fixture, but nor am I going to deny his form has dropped off a little. I believe the catalyst for him pressing forward is going to be as simple as a fantastic performance in one game – his confidence will be boosted and that’s when we are going to start seeing how good he really is. The Premiership is a tough league. It can take time to adapt. When he does, I have absolute faith he’s going to start making £42m look a bargain.

That’s all for today. The comments are the are I shall point you toward. What are your game predictions? Who do you think will start? Let me know what you think.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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  1. Wenger said before the Chelsea match that he would be giving Ozil a rest today, as he’s used to a winter break at Real Madrid, and he also played the full 90 against Chelsea.

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