Flirting by Draxler and the smiling face of Santi Cazorla.

Real men don’t flirt with transfers.

Morning, you lot.

There’s much going on today, and I have precious little time. This post will not contain all that much of my now-customary blathery beginnings, but like a sexual encounter mere moments before I’m due to leave for work, I’ll get to the important stuff as quickly as possible.

First of all, I suggest you all have a look-see at this rather wonderful interview with Santi Cazorla from The Guardian (Not that bloody awful Kevin Costner film, but the newspaper). Our Spanish friend talks about everything from the signing of Mesut Ozil to the Club’s chances of winning the league. My favourite part was this quote regarding the recent defeat at Old Trafford:

“The sensation was bad. Not because we lost – we know you can lose at United – but because they didn’t do anything really to beat us,

“You say: ‘Last year we lost 2-1 but they rolled over us.’ This year’s different. Two shots for them, two for us; in corners it’s 6-5. Someone brought the paper in with the stats. They had 39% of the ball. What did they do better? Nothing really: we didn’t play well but they weren’t so brilliant as to beat us”

Granted – that’s a game we still lost, but what he says is true; United had the run of the green, United certainly were not the better team. Not a statement that could have been made the previous season.

Elsewhere, it would appear German superstar Julian Draxler has been flirting outrageously with the hearts of Arsenal fans – especially those keen to brand themselves ‘aficionados’ of the Bundesliga. Having been asked about Arsenal, he made a few basic complimentary remarks that got blown wildly out of all proportion. It seems all a footballer needs to do these days is to mention another Club in passing for the media to explode in a giant newsgasm.

When quizzed about Arsenal and their german contingent, Mr Draxler replied:

“I have always said English teams are very big clubs and Arsenal is of course one of them. Of course I sometimes speak to Mesut or Per about the team, about the club, and they always have good words and they tell me nice things”

The British media saw it as:


He’s a good player, he’s been linked with us several times in the past. He may even have remarked about considering his future in the summer with Schalke – that’s fast becoming another insipid cliché – but there is nothing in that story remotely concrete. More like that horrible gooey stuff they use in pork pies. Or marshmallows. Yes – that story is about as solid as a marshmallow. It’s the Mr Stay Puft of journalistic efforts.

I’d like to see something materialise there, but shan’t be getting my hopes up. January is just around the corner, and we can expect an unstoppable onslaught of hot gossip over the next few weeks. Pay it no attention.

Right, I’m done. I shall return tomorrow with a few of my thoughts about the Southampton game. Until then, pour your little hearts out over the comments section. I await with baited breath. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

3 thoughts on “Flirting by Draxler and the smiling face of Santi Cazorla.”

  1. I believe he’s not just flirting James. To me it’s sounds more like his secret desire which finally reveal . It was a clear sign that Draxler wants to play for us but next season, not this January as he said. Which will be a perfect time to us to rearrange our full packed midfielders by some adjustment of aging and injury prone players. I’m sure we can make spaces for two or three new players. Imagine if we can sign Draxler and Pogba (both could cost 70 M pounds alone)next summer. With Lewandoski or Martinez or Dzeko have came earlier in the winter, what an Arsenal we will be. Guarantee you, Santi will smile every day for the rest of his life.

  2. GUNMEN……………………..that would be a nyc idea bt me would rather 4cus on getting a better on form striker this january coz GIROUD aint good enough to depend on

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