Free Flamini? Transfer guff, England and bits.

Flamini at his best/worst…

Evening all.

It’s pissy and rainy outside. British weather, aye? Where has the summer gone? Bloody typical, it is…

It’s a damning insight into the lack of Arsenal news that I’ve to begin a post with something as inane as weather chatter. There is little or nothing new to report today.

The only bit of fairly interesting news is Mathieu Flamini’s release from AC Milan. I liked Flamini. He secured a place in my heart during our run to the Champions League final when he excelled covering at left-back. After that, we nearly dumped him off to Birmingham, but he stayed on to eventually have an excellent season in his natural position in the midfield alongside Cesc.

That final year, he was brilliant. Of course, he rather spoilt all that by deciding to bugger off to AC Milan, but I’d be telling fibs if I said there isn’t a little candle still burning in my heart for him. So now, the question is; would you have him back?

My honest answer is no. We wouldn’t need him. If we strengthen his area of expertise, I’d be a great deal happier if it was Yann M’Vila. Granted, I do feel he is a better combative player than Alex Song, but sometimes it really isn’t wise to go back to your old stomping ground – especially if your departure left a bitter taste in the mouth. I’ve a sneaky suspicion he might end up in the Premiership, though – not Spurs after that horror tackle…

Elsewhere, as we wait eagerly for transfer news to break – all is quiet and serene. There are no massive, spectacular deals or explosive rumours to send chatterboxes into verbal overdrive. The Goonerverse remains an eerie place of silence. Robin hasn’t declared his undying love for Arsenal and signed a new 5-year contract, Giroud is no more an official Arsenal player than I am, and the story about a “%99 done” deal for M’Vila languishes in the drawer marked ‘okay, someone has their facts wrong’.

With that lack of delicious Arsenal goodness, my thoughts have turned to the England game on Sunday. What the hell has happened to me? Not only am I looking forward to it, I’m starting to feel that unmistakable jangled belly you’d associate with pre-game nerves. I’m not at the point where I’ll be painting my face as St George’s cross, or drunkenly bellowing, “ENG-ER-LAND, ENG-ER-LAND” as I shamble down my local street. However, there is hope brewing within me, and I will be supporting the team as best I can – I’ll have to focus a large percentage of my efforts on ignoring the fact John Terry is there.

Just goes to show I was being a bit of a miserable sod when I said I wasn’t all that interested.

I think that’ll do for today folks. Scrumptious pie and chips awaits me, as does tonight’s quarter-final. I hope you’ll leave a comment with your views on either England or Flamini. I’ll look forward to reading them.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. I love each and every one of you.

7 thoughts on “Free Flamini? Transfer guff, England and bits.”

  1. Flamini coming back is only down to one thing for me. Is he good enough. Milan don’t release players they could sell. What’s the deal with that.
    If he’s good enough id rather him in the squad than say squillaci or at least to give song competition. He has none at present. And the free price tag is a result. Even if he left after a year we’d turn a profit.

  2. That’s a nice piece of writing. Flamini is an ungrateful idiot who deserve everything silly thing that happens to him. He should swim to the bottom of the ocean.

  3. Flamini has just confirmed whay AW feared for him. But he is never honest or decent and therefore, let him move to whereever he wishes.
    But I sincerely suggest leeds united

  4. Flamini is an interesting situation…100% the guy shoulda stayed…another big hint for Mr van Persie!?

    He has clearly never reached heights that he reached along side cesc in his one glittering season, we need a DM i feel, is he good enough…???…
    that i’m not sure of anymore, free is a good price…but…

    I’m gonna go with big Jim and say no get M’Vila or Capoue (Martinez seems like a no go with the heavy interest from Farcelona).

    On Giroud it seems to be getting closer after Arsene has said 90% coming to Arsenal…thats as good as done for me cause wenger never says anything until he is sure!!

  5. I would have him back as cover for RB/LB/MID on the basis of what usually happens at around the mid point of the season, the point where we have to play 17/18 year olds out of position in a league that is completely over their head. but I would wait untill the end of the fransfer period to pick him up, just to see how litttle i could pick him up for (salary wise).

  6. Flamini conned Marseille, and did the same to us. He played just 107 minutes for Milan last season, and they’ve decided to get rid of him. We shouldn’t live in the past and sign him. Let’s give Coquelin a chance as a back-up to Song. If we do sign M’Vila, then we’ll have another top defensive midfielder. Frimpong should go on loan to a premiership club to gain more experience. I have a good feeling about next season. COYG!!! Follow me on twitter @MohammedDarma

  7. I “loved” Flamini and still have a signed picture of him in my loo!

    Too much man-love?

    However, he is a greedy so-and-so. Stitched Marseilles, then us and AC refused his ridiculous demands this time round. He has struggled with too many niggling injuries for us to even consider him. Even as a back-up!

    I agree with @MohammedDarma give LeCoq a chance.

    Maybe Francis will sign a photo for me so I can finally move on?

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