Mesut Ozil Liked My Picture, JD Sports Street Team And Freestyle Skills.

Morning, folks.

One of the perks of being blogger and having an extended group of blogging friends is the occasional invite to attend events and other such promotional gatherings. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the corporate areas at Arsenal, interview the likes of Ray Parlour and Sol Campbell and receive plentiful bounties of goodies – I’m such a child when it comes to free stuff that the mere mention of a bag of treats is enough for me to spread my metaphorical legs and do just about anything. Well… Anything within reason. I’m not totally cheap.

Ahhhh, who am I trying to kid? I am unabashedly a whore of biblical proportion.

Saturday the 14th of May saw me and my girlfriend head to the sprawling metropolis that is Woolwich Arsenal (cue Spurs fans oh-so hilarious cries of, “Move back there, Gooner!” to which I pay no attention whatsoever an politely remind them to be quiet and have a look at the league table. Again)

Once there, Daniel Cowan of Goonersphere fame and I met up with Daniel’s contact to enjoy the bumper opening of the new JD Sports store in that particular area. Amongst the entertainment was hourly shows by the undeniably bloody awesome Dual Freestyle who define the Twitter term, “Unbelievable Tekkers”. Watching those two guys control and manipulate a football with such consummate ease was a joy to behold – I was able to show off my lacklustre skills with a spherical object in the street with them, so if you fancy a good laugh you can check out my performance here.

Once the flashy ball skills had finished, we also got to observe and model some of the shirts being used by various national teams at Euro 2016. Here’s one of the pictures of me looking especially wonderful in Germany’s shirt whilst rocking the Mesut Ozil celebration – a picture that I was quite delighted to see endorsed by the man himself, so thanks for that, Mesut.

Me doing the Ozil

On the whole, it was a fun day and a pleasure from start to finish. I got to spend the day in London with friends, see some superb exhibition skills with a football and carry home a bag full of some pretty damn spectacular gifts – including the official England shirt for Euro 2016, Adidas’ official match ball for the tournament any plenty of other extremely useful products. A big thank you from myself is extended to everyone at JD Sports for the welcome and invite and an extended thanks from my girlfriend who got to see me make a fool of myself in a public street.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more, folks. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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