Frimpong, Rosicky, Park, Wenger, Bould and Henry. News, news and more news…

Good morning to you, my dearest faithful.

There has been quite the bonanza of news in the past 24 hours. Ordinarily, I’d find myself scouring the interweb in search of something vaguely interesting and pertinent to waffle about. Today the stories haven’t stopped coming.

The dreaded ‘Arsenal injury curse’ has managed to afflict one of our own whilst he’s not even at the club. Its power appears to be growing over time, and let us sincerely and collectively hope it doesn’t develop a taste for uber-prolific Dutchmen named Robin. Emmanuel Frimpong has confirmed his knee injury is serious and he’ll miss the remainder of the season – the early prognosis has him staring at a 6 month absence. It’s a terrible shame for such a talented and enthusiastic player to suffer such a setback. I was expecting big things from him next season after the experience of playing regularly at Wolves. As I’m sure you all do, I wish him a quick and thoroughly DENCH recovery.

That news saddened me, only for a couple of stories to perplex and baffle me slightly. Firstly, mystery-man and contender for the much coveted ‘most pointless signing of 2011’ award, Ju-Young Park, has allegedly set his agent about the task of finding him a new club in the summer. Secondly, Wenger appears to be a target to replace Laurent Blanc as manager of the French national team.

Park, well, aside from selling shirts in Korea, I can’t see anything worthwhile in him staying put. We loaned Thierry (who may yet stay at Arsenal a further 2 weeks) as cover, which pretty much showed the faith the boss has in his abilities. Move him on, and file his Arsenal career alongside Kaba Diawara and Alberto Mendez. The Wenger story, that I could see happening if the heat under his arse worsens come July. In news relating to Le Boss; with Pat Rice set to step down from his position as No2, the favourite for his successor appears to be Steve Bould as his work with the youth team has proved him a capable manager.

I’m going to finish today sharing a nice little piece about Tomas Rosicky I read from a relatively new blog called 1nildown2oneup. I’ve always been a fan of the little bastard. He’s such a busy and industrious player. Like many in the red and white, his time at the club has been remarkable for injuries rather than performances on the pitch. Thus far in the campaign, he’s begun to show his worth; he slots neatly into midfield and quickens our play when he’s there. His goals return may be on par with Fernando Torres, but if I fancy a bit of a flutter, he’s usually the first player I put my money on. His odds invariably offer an exceptional return, and with so many sites offering introductory free bets it’s certainly worth a shot. One day, ‘Little Mozart’ is surely going to repay my faith, isn’t he?

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8 thoughts on “Frimpong, Rosicky, Park, Wenger, Bould and Henry. News, news and more news…”

  1. Rosicky made d different on saturday playin along wit arteta and song.he should be played ahead of ramsey.ramsey is d weak link in our midfield,he lack thinkin and vision ability,while rosicky has both ability within him.pls,mr wenger if u are lookin for a better end of d season pls and pls dont play ramsey as d link player to d attack,rosicky is much better a playmaker than ramsey dat gave us a great result on saturday.

    1. i agree. Rosicky is not just a good player at arsenal only, but also in the world. Rosicky is one of the finest attacking players in the world. Take my words: there is no any great attacking central midfielder at arsenal than TOMAS ROSICKY.

  2. plus did anyone notice the tackle on him?funny as friday night b4 the game iwas talking to a fellow gooner and told him that wish TR7 starts ahead of ramsey, result: biggest score at the grove. some more of the same please.

  3. Wel they do say that if it aint broken then dnt fix it. Something waz broken in arsenals midfield. Sadly it waz ramsey( stil think he is 1 for the future and just needs time to mature. Will be a star for sure). Kudos to Le Boss for giving TR7 a start and that worked really well. He definitely was the touch needed in our midfield. Matter of fact look @ all the games that Tomas came on as a sub, he is more combative and decisive. I thnk he has come back to his best and hence should start every game

  4. I agree with others that ROSICKY can do better than Ramsey in the mid field. Ramsey is a good player but he can not contain the pressure & he is tired after overplaying.please Wenger do something & let Rosicky take that mid.

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