Fully fit squad, Ba Humbug, and other news.

Arsene was horrified by his latest phone bill.

Evening (again) folks.

At the present, I’m sick as a dog. I usually post sat up, and with a glint of delight twinkling in my eye. At the moment, I’m typing from underneath the covers trying to stifle vomiting long enough to string something mildly coherent together. Your sympathetic comments will be greatly appreciated…

Tomorrow, at last, brings with it the serious business of a competitive league fixture against Newcastle – that “wee club in the North East”, according to Sir Alex. Headed into that fixture, it would appear we have what is close to a fully fir squad to choose from.

Tomas Rosicky and Olivier Giroud have shaken bouts of illness to be available for selection. The only player to remain out is Fabianski, and I can’t help but feel he’s better off there.

Abou Diaby – yes, him – is reported to be entering full training next week along with our pot-bellied full-back, Andre Santos. The latter is of little consequence, but it’s the former I’d really like to see get a break from injury. Diaby could be an immense player for us. No one could rightfully deny the Frenchman’s abundance of talent, what he lacks is old fashioned luck. Since that infamous moment at Sunderland, he’s suffered niggle after niggle. A career that looked so promising has been terrorised by ailments and misfortune.

However, there must be a point when we cut our losses. Arsenal isn’t a charity, and paying huge wages to a player who rarely plays is poor business. We have stood buy his up until this point, but if things don’t improve, a time will come when we have to cut him loose. It’ll be a terrible shame, but without a consistent presence on the field of play, he isn’t any use. That might sound harsh, but the truth invariably does.

I truly hope it doesn’t come to that. Abou still has a chance to get through all his troubles.

Elsewhere, Le Boss has ruled out a move for Demba Ba. I’m a little surprised by that. At a reasonable £7.5m, and with a record for scoring goals in the Premiership, you’d have been forgiven for thinking it’s an obvious choice. Of course, having said that, it would wise to note that our manager is a wily old fox, and he made similar quotes dismissing the Arteta rumours days before we signed him.

At this stage, rumours are everywhere. Rumours, rumours, rumours…

That’s all for today. I hope you’ll all appreciate the Herculean effort that went into this post from me, underneath my bed covers. I’ll leave you with the endearing image of me frantically dashing toward the lavatory, as I am about  to.

Match preview is to come tomorrow morning, so in the meantime use the comments to express your thoughts and views – and abuse, that’s always welcome…

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Fully fit squad, Ba Humbug, and other news.”

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  2. Wenger is @ it once again, he sees the problem, understands it, yet chooses to ignore it, hoping for a fairy god mother to wave her magic wand then, ABRAKADABRA ‘poof’ arsenal is a world class team with world class players. What’s wrong with buying Ba? What’s wrong with recruiting cover for a very fragile Diaby? Permit me to predict based on the past, 1st jan – 31st jan could pass without any new signing, we don’t need to sign for the heck of it, we need to sign coz we are in need. Arsene a word is enough for the wise… ARSENAL for life! Bleeding red forever & James what happened to ur famous quote “thanks for reading you beautiful bastards” c’mon men, its coz of that I started reading ur blog.

  3. We should be going after ettiene Capoue and a striker, there aren’t many strikers that will be too cheap in January so I predict we will wait till the summer

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