Gazidis lines his bloated pockets with more Arsenal cash – the irksome c**t.

“Cash!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme!”

Morning, folks. That title may get me in trouble with the aggregators…

At times, I scour through my various sites of choice looking for a little inspiration. If news is at a premium, if talking points are few and far between; sometimes it helps to see what the other intrepid bloggers of the Arsenal community are up to.

When I started this blog, I started it for fun; because I love the Arsenal, and I enjoying writing my little bits and putting my own stamp on them – it’s kind of like pretending to be a journalist, only I can say ‘fuck’ if I feel like it. When I’ve the time I often look back across my posts and, once I’ve stopped noticing the many typos and grammatical blunders, I realise that there often can be a paucity of what I believe to be my voice.

I intend to change that, so for better or for worse I’ll not be writing to you to convey news, but talking to you as if you were stood here before me. Same content, but with a different spin.

I hope you’ll enjoy it a bit more. I’m certain I will.

With that minor digression aside, I shall proceed to discuss a few things (about now is when some of you will be heading to the comments to complain about having your time wasted).

Yesterday I was made aware of Ivan Gazidis’ bumper pay rise – he’s generously upped his salary by 24%, and decided his sterling work causing Arsenal fans to go apoplectic is worth a 6-figure bonus. What a guy. Investment has long been one of the major grumbles amongst our support. “Invest in the team, and we’ll be successful” is a phrase heard from the lips of Gooners the world over – albeit usually peppered with colourful language and harsh denunciations of his mother’s sexual proclivities.

A person who’s identity escapes me recently, and very wisely, told me that Arsenal’s single biggest problem is that its interests are not governed by people invested in the club, but by people concerned simply by business. It was good business to sell a 29-year-old entering his final year of contract for £24m. Would someone with genuine love for Arsenal have done that, or would they have kept him to that contract, and had a damn good go at some silverware with him in the team? Say what you want about Robin van Persie’s actions – and I deplore them – we’d be stood in better shape to claim glory with him upfront for us.

Now, I would like to add that I do agree with our philosophy of creating and nurturing talent – we don’t need to join the sugar-daddy clubs and start throwing vulgar amounts of cash around. But we do need to compete in other ways. Money can’t buy you success, but sticking to ridged beliefs without an ability to compromise will hamper proceedings. We can’t afford to splurge our pounds on £50m players at a time, We can do more to keep players we’ve made stars at the club.

Yes, I do believe unhappy players should be shipped out. However, how many of our big name departures – money-hungry lumps like Adebayor and Nasri notwithstanding – would be here if we’d opted a mentality of replacing like for like? If we’d spent the money early we received for Cesc and Captain Vagina on quality replacements, would Robin have been so eager to leave last summer? I’m not so sure.

The board see our heroes as assets; as valuable commodities that should be sold on once their value peaks. To us, it’s heartbreaking. To them it’s further lining of their pockets. Ask yourself this: if we had a Gooner on the board, would we be in this position?

That’s all for today folks. Apologies for my rambling on. Sometimes I like to write off the top of my head and see what happens. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s completely shit-awful. I’ll let you be the judge…

I shall return with a West Ham preview tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Gazidis lines his bloated pockets with more Arsenal cash – the irksome c**t.”

  1. i totally agree if these guys really loved arsenal they would have forced rvp to stay until the end of his contract i cant help but think arsenal would have been untouchable if rvp was in this team. What if this increase in his wages could have been the money to persuade rvp to have stayed but instead money went to a muppet like him. when rvp a guy who liturally carried arsenal all last season didnt get what he thought he deserved what did gazidis do that he deserves 2mil a year? p.s rvp is still a fag for doing what he did the arsenal fans didnt desearve that

  2. To be honest this payrise makes me feel let down,so much so that I nearly bought a new coat at the Emirates shop the other day and am glad I didnt,I should not have to feel this way.The board sucks id my opinion.

    As for RVP,no the fans did not deserve this as Bouldy above states.I thibnk we should all take our RVP shirts and scarves and throw them onto the pitch,if we can reach it before the game he is gonna walk out with that Fu%&?!g shirt on and play against us.How can we sell him to them,I still cant think about it without feeling shit.

  3. @hlh.hlkjlkh Exactly without RVP where would UTD be and where would we be if we still had him,sure it would have been a gamble to keep him and maybe let him walk away at the end but believe me we would have had a chance if he had stayed.

    Throw his scarf or shirt onto the pitch when he comes back to our place !!

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