Gazidis promises excitement, Robin’s probably coming home early and Twitchy calls it a day.

"Boss, will you please tell that Robben fella to pass the damn ball."

Morning, folks.

Today’s post is going to be a hasty one. I watched the Holland game last night, and barring some sort of mathematical miricle, it looks as if Robin will be on his way home a lot earlier than expected. He scored an absolute belter last night, but during the tournament he has looked a little off his prolific best. The Dutch now need to win their final game with Portugal, and hope Denmark lose to the impressive Germans. Should that occur, then it’ll be down to goal difference between the sides on equal points – it all gets rather confusing.

The short of it is; he’s more than likely to be headed home by the end of the week, and that means the club can do something about sorting his contract out. I’m not one who sees any reason for all this crap about “waiting for the Euros to finish”. The quicker we reach a solution, the better. I truly hope he stays, but if he chooses to ply his trade elsewhere; no hard feelings, sell him and move on to somebody else we can get in before pre-season.

In other news regarding the club, an  article on Arseblog’s news has some interesting quotes attributed to Ivan Gazidis:

“We added an important player in Podolski and we will have the return of Jack Wilshere this year, which will be a big boost for the team.

“We are also talking to people in this summer’s transfer market, I think there will be something exciting for our fans to be happy about.

“We want to do business carefully. We don’t have to add many players, but we have to be very selective. The players we add must bring something to the team.

“That’s what Wenger is doing and he’s done a good job over the year to identify special talent. I am sure he will do it again.”

Something exciting, eh? My, my… what a tantalising choice of words. With the deal for Giroud looking very likely, things appear to be heading our way in the transfer market. We’ve made one solid and promising addition in Podolski, and the French striker looks to be another welcome incoming. It will be interesting to see just how exciting things are going to get.

Rosie decided to clear out the Monaco account.

Last night, as I was enjoy a delicious bowl of rice pudding, Sky Sports began to break the news of Harry Redknapp and Rosie’s departure from Spurs. Of course, I can’t stand the wrinkly-faced, tax-evading douchebag, but I will miss him at the helm of our grubby neighbours. Watching his complete ineptitude and tactical blunders under pressure has been an absolute pleasure. Goes to show just how over-rated one man truly is.

And to think; there was supposed to be some huge shift of power in North London. Didn’t turn out that way, did it? I wonder what happened to those mugs and their ‘Mind the Gap’ t-shirts…

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for taking a moment to read. Leave me a comment below with a few of your own thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Gazidis promises excitement, Robin’s probably coming home early and Twitchy calls it a day.”

  1. As good as the dutch can be it still seems a little like a tEaM (the ME in team 😉 for them. Whereas Zee Germans were getting stuck in for each other. It was a pity they had so much success down their right against the 18y.o. Willems (who had a night to forget) that poldi was a virtual passenger. He got a bit more involved in the 2nd but by then the germans where all about keeping possession and formation.

    For the dutch after Huntelaar came on there was a massive hole between the front 4 and de jong and even schnieder who seemed almost a 2nd right mid by then and they could barely get any penetration making it too easy for the germans to cut off their balls to the strikers…

    interesting match though…

    well i hope the news on the transfers are Giroud, M’Vila/Martinez/Capoue and a new contract for RvP then i think we can go into next year looking red hot with DEPTH…that will be good to see…and QUALITY…good to see too!!

    over to you Arsene

  2. Rvp,we are waiting on to ur final future at emirate we hope to get giroud,m’villag,vertonghen if possible coz da targe of it redknarp is been sacked at spurs.
    Up gunner

  3. Wojcieh


    Olivier giroud,R van persie.4-4-2.formation.We hpe winning.

  4. Up Gunners!!! Pls chirman give us good news this time around about Arsenal transfer we need good players , kindly go and get us now and make us happy as a fans. Thanks

  5. I’m probably the biggest Bergy, RVP and Dutch fan alive, and throw in the gooners too while ur at it, and can honeslty say I was shocked and embaressed to be Dutch after our 1st 2 games.
    Playing both Van Bommel and De Jong was never a good idea, and you would have though Va Maarwijk would’ve realised this after the woeful performance against the Danes, but sadly no!
    It seems that every player in the Dutch team expected to win the game by simply turning up and knocking the ball about waiting for something to happen – news flash – it didn’t, not the us anyway!
    We don’t have strong enough defenderes to play against the top top sides (not even Denmark apparently) and there was no ‘team mentality’ evidented by the masses of space between the defence and midfield, and the midfield and forwards. I’ve got all my fat fingers and toes crossed for a BIG win against the portuguese and for Ze Germans to continue playing like they mean business, even then, me thinks my soul might be sold to the devil himself to stand a chance of the Dutch getting outta this group with enough points to qualify.
    Re Gazidis – actions speak louder than words! Has it really taken AW 12 months to identify Poldo as a ‘special talent’? Surely he coulda picked up the dog n bone, had a word with anyone that’s ever seen him play at club level or Germany and asked ‘what’s the boy like lads?’ He would got the same answer, and not waited 12 months to realise this!
    Let’s see these quality signings then, and that doesn’t mean a fully fit (never gonna happen) Diaby, or Wiltshire for that matter – what happens if he gets injured again, or gets a ban?
    I’ve been supporting the gooners my entire life, 30yrs+, spent most of my hard earned cash on the club in some way or other and think we, the fans, still deserve more from the board!
    I’d like to see M’Villa arrive, Mbia and also another striker, but not too sure about Girourd, although I can’t say I’ve seen all his games over the last couple of seasons, reluctant to buy another Chamakh/Gervinho as this is normally the case when buying from ‘less competitive’ leagues.
    I could spend all afternoon here, having my 2 bobs worth, but I work to do – make a cuppa and crack open a packet of hob nobs while putting my feet up and hoping L’oranje do me justice and make me proud!
    HUP HOLLAND!!!!!!

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