Gazidis talks spending power, Rooney rumours persist and colossal blunders.

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Yesterday was the best day I have had as a blogger, hits wise. And of course; I had to choose yesterday to make a bit of a silly blunder. Those of you that clicked on the post’s featured link will have noticed it took you to an entirely extraneous picture. That was the one I’d chosen originally to be featured, and I accidentally copied the wrong link. The one you should have got was this one.

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Onto Arseworthy insight and delight.

Ivan Gazidis, the man we all know and adore, has been speaking a little about the club’s finances, and hinted at a new spending power. When such statements make their way into the press, my immediate though is to dismiss them. He does like a waffle, does Ivan. But given how much us good folk yearn to hear of funds available for players, here’s what he said:

“It is going to be the players that Arsene believes in. He is pretty blind to price tags, he looks at what he sees with his eyes and makes judgements based on that, and not on reputations and prices.

“We have a certain amount which we’ve held in reserve and we also have new revenue streams coming on board. All of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you. We can think about all kinds of things.”

When asked wether we could afford Wayne Rooney, he added:

“I don’t know what his fee would be.

“I’m talking about an extra £70m of additional, high-margin revenue – so of course we could do that.”

Interesting stuff. Wayne Rooney heading to London seems to be hotting up by the second. I can’t speak for the legitimacy of it, as I didn’t see it personally, but Red London ran this piece with a Tweet from Rooney that was quickly deleted by the chubby lover of houses of ill-repute:

Image taken from Red London.

In all likelyhood, that’s relating to International duty, and not a hint Wayne’s going to be playing at Arsenal. Tounges and jaws were certainly set wagging by it, and I’m starting to get a little concerned I might actually have to pose nude on Bristol’s waterfront.

And that’s about all that I have to offer today. I’m busy, busy, busy again this weekend and it’s time to head of to work for the day. I’ll finish up with a quick thank you to all who came here yesterday and read my blog – your support will always be greatly appreciated.

The comments below wait your thoughts and hopes, let me here a few of them. I shall return with more tomorrow, but until then, as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

11 thoughts on “Gazidis talks spending power, Rooney rumours persist and colossal blunders.”

  1. Rooney would be massive for us.

    Gazidids says there is fund and we have to spend them on names. Arsenal can show they have ambition and go into the new season fired up with a chance of winning.

  2. I think the board are trying to sign Fabregas again, not Rooney.

    I would much prefer it if Cesc was the target, and we got Higuain and Fellaini too.

  3. Wenger and Gazidis is liars.

    Season ticket renewal time is close so they are telling lies about spending so more people sign up to keep there tickets. When the season start we will have not signed big name player and will only have the usual player no one has heard of that are cheap.

    We will not sign Rooney.

  4. Plz Mr Wenger their’s no time to look back now that u have been missing to sign Bale what????? This is the time that u can buy players good ones by starting Gonzalo

  5. Gooner Guy 3, renewals date has been and gone already. I have one so I know. This isn’t usual spin from them

  6. Hilarious at the amount of Gooners getting excited over Rooney. Surely some sort hypocritical irony there after spending the 7 or 8 years classing as the devils spawn.

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