German keeper linked, The Ox requires patience and Arsene stays.

The glorious days of a German between the sticks.

Morning, readers.

Taking into account the significance of the weeks ahead of us, there’s not much out there in the way of concrete, factual news. Sure, there’s wild-eyed speculative stories aplenty, but I find myself getting overly tired reporting on them. Searching through news feeds for Arsenal related tales is like cleaning up after my cat; the shit is relentless.

The main talking point of the last couple of days has been Arsene Wenger’s contact, and wether or not he’ll be held to the final year, or honour it himself. I don’t think even Arsene’s most vehement of detractors could dispute his loyalty. However, with his tenure suffering a gloomy and dissatisfied patch, rumours rumble on regarding PSG tempting him back to his homeland with their financial might.

Unless the board see fit to change things up drastically – they won’t – I can’t see anything other than the same man patrolling the technical area next season, bemoaning decisions with a customary exasperated flap of the arms.

Elsewhere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has spoken of his sophomore season and asked for a little patience.

“There is always pressure, but maybe people forget that I am only 19 and will still be 19 at the start of next season.

“When you have a good first season, especially at 18, people hype you up and really want to see you kick on. They expect you to play lots of games and do really well.

“I have tried to carry on from last season, but sometimes you have to realise that you are a young lad and have a lot to learn.

“The experience of being in a club and league like this is a great education at this age.”

Having sparkled in the previous campaign, The Ox hasn’t yet reached those heights in the current one. On occasion, he’s shown moments of his undoubted ability, but he’s been hampered mainly by opportunities. He’s still a young guy. Time is unquestionably on his side, and there’s no worries here about us enjoying the best of his form. It’ll come, and when it does it will be a joy to behold.

Lastly, there’s talk of us being on the look out for a new goalkeeper – Hamburg’s Rene Adler. We haven’t had what I’d consider to be a world-class shot stopper since the days of ‘Mad’ Jens Lehmann. We’ve endured the age of Almunia, torn lumps out of our hair during Fabianski’s early days, and had high hopes for Szczsney. Yet, none  have filled me with the sense of security I got from knowing we had someone like Jens or David  Seaman behind the back four.

I don’t know too much about Rene Adler. Wether he is the  ‘keeper we need is entirely down to fortune. He could very well be. It’s certainly a position where I believe some form of change needs to be made. At the very least, a greater level of competition for the No1 shirt is needed. If we set out to buy an established and excellent ‘keeper in the summer, you won’t hear any complaints from me about “killing” the career of any of those already at the club.

That’s it for today, folks. Things are gradually beginning to tense up as we prepare for Saturday’s must-win visit of QPR and their dubious wheeling-dealing manger who I’d glean immense pleasure from blasting into space. We can ill-afford to drop points against a side already relegated, and their current plight worries me slightly. The pressure will be all on us. Their fate is already sealed. We’ll need to prapre for this one that little bit more thoroughly just to be sure.
The comments await your thoughts. Do we need a new goalkeeper? Do you want Arsene to finish his contract? Do you think it’s time for a change? Let me know.
As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

3 thoughts on “German keeper linked, The Ox requires patience and Arsene stays.”

  1. we definitely need at least a 2 way fight for the keepers jersey. szczesney plus 1 would be most peoples choice. where that leaves fabianski and mannone, i dont know. personally i would release fabianski and sell mannone for us much as we can get. martinez can become the no.3 keeper.

    My overwhelming choice would be casillas, but i expect him to be re-installed as reals no.1 as soon as mourinho moves on. after him its a much of a muchness, as i dont really see and outstanding keeper anywhere else. What we need is a vocal clear communicator a leader at the back, who is confident at crosses and set pieces. I still believe wojech can be that man, but do not rule out Martinez, Charles-Cook or Iliev in the future these guys are good.

  2. interesting post! I personally would love 2 see vorm, he’ll make good competition with wojo! One more thing,ur writings are usually 2 short (r u writing at work??? Bad guy)!

  3. The biggest problem for The Ox is that, IMO, he is not fully concentrated on football. Also, it looks like he has been burdened by additional pressure following his rookie-season so his courage to stuck in when it comes to duels seems to be lost.

    I like him, I think he has a lot more potential than Walcott but he should focus more on his own development than to some commercial stuff.

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