Gervinho, Angha, Rosicky, Szczsney, Fabianski, and blahdey blah blah…

The world’s most considerable forehead in all it’s shining glory.

Morning folks.

Today is one of those painfully slow Thursday’s. There’s no pre-match conference, no real team news ahead of the weekend’s fixture. I could talk to you about last night’s Champions League games, but, to be frank, I don’t especially care if Arsenal aren’t taking part.

Mercifully, there are a few tidbits (If you’re not a fan of really awful puns, I suggest you stop reading at once). German outfit Nurnberg  have completed the signing of Arsenal youngster Martin Angha on a 4-year deal. Some have rightfully questioned Arsene’s Angha management, and we all wish Martin well, hoping he will view his time at Arsenal with pride and not look back in Angha.

That was appalling. I’m now going to punch myself in the face…


Right, back now.

Two players I thought I’d briefly discuss the break up the tedium of terrible jokes and news stories are Tomas Rosicky and the enormous forehead. Our diminutive Czech playmaker will, in my opinion, play a significant part in the run-in. His ability on the ball, and, most importantly, his quickness of play has been lacking in our midfield on several occasions. When Tomas plays centrally, he speeds up the distribution and has that cunning bastard element to the passes he chooses. With Jack out for a little while longer, I think he should be the first name on the team sheet.

He even managed the unheard of feat of scoring two goals in the same game, and has been championing our chances of getting fourth place in the media. I love Tomas, I always have. It’s a shame injury has prevented us from seeing him reach his true potential.

Today’s other mention goes to Gervinho. When that name is said, my mind immediately spring to gaping nets, terrible control and a bizarre cranium. The Ivorian has been much maligned amongst the Arsenal faithful, and not without reason. Yet all of a sudden, he’s started producing, showing the odd glimpse of what he actually can do when not blundering about the field like a baby Elephant under heavy machine gun fire. Maybe, just maybe, we might start to see what all the fuss his performances in the French league was about.

The comments section is below. Drop me a line with your thoughts and opinions on those two players. Do you feel both have an important part to play? Let me know.

Lastly today, I’m going to finish with another question. Given the bosses recent choice to drop Szczsney for Fabianski, who is your ideal starter between the sticks for Arsenal next season? Would you keep faith with one of the aforementioned, or plunge into the murky depths of the transfer market for a new face? Let me know your thoughts on that, too.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow should bring team news and more of my nuggets of hilarity. Until then, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “Gervinho, Angha, Rosicky, Szczsney, Fabianski, and blahdey blah blah…”

    1. Given that Cesar announced he is going to stay at R’s even if they go down and that he previously stated that he refused to join Arsenal because R’s offered him a job after his playing career ends, it is highly unlikely we are going to see that fella in Arsenal shirt.

      Speaking of unlikely signings, I’d love to see Iker Casillas shoving his Golden Glove that he would win in Arsenal shirt into Mourinho’s rectum in summer 2014. If he is really for sale, I hope Wenger will sign him in a heart-beat.

      Back to topic.

      James, I don’t know if you noticed, but Gervinho’s crapiness and happiness are tightly connected with the one of Aaron Ramsey. At the start of 2011-12 Gervinho produced some assists and goals and usually it was after combinations with Ramsey. Later, form of both of them declined and they have been usual suspects for Piers Morgan and similar idiots.

      In our latest streak of victories, Gervinho and Ramsey have had a very decent role with their counter-attack against Swansea that exemplified what I previously wrote.

  1. I would also like Julio Cesar, always rated him and he seems to have come good after a mediocre start to his season, even if QPR are rock bottom.
    He’s experienced, not too young so it would give time for Szczsney to still become our No. 1.

  2. if i have to choose between szczsney or fabiansky, i will choose the first, but i think we need to sign begovic, a team like stoke have begovic and butland… what for ??

  3. Found the rumours about Arshavin’s potential retirement quite sad. I really do have a soft spot for the guy and will always try to remember him for the first six months he was with us and little spells in the next year. Let’s face it, it’s not been a huge success, but I felt that he carried the side into the Champions League the season he joined. Anyone who says he played well in one game and points a finger at Wenger is plain wrong. I’m all for dishing out criticism where it’s due and Wenger certainly deserves his share, but Arshavin’s decline is sadly all of his own doing. There are those that say he was played out of position, that he’s not a winger, has been made a scapegoat and made unfairly to track back, but I don’t think that’s convincing. In his first 6 months, Arshavin played wide and was superb. He’d easily beat his man, he’d track back as all players should and was involved in a lot of goals. Some of his best goals for Russia show him burning some poor full back on his way to brilliant individual goals. In my opinion, he was given too many opportunities and Wenger showed faith in him for too long. He became lazy and allowed his head to drop. Yes, the fans turned on him, but why shouldn’t they when a player so talented repeatedly refuses to apply himself? Worse players than him have faced the same and proved themselves (to a limited extent) – Song, Eboue, Ramsey, Gervinho (the latter two are work in progress but have been good recently). Don’t blame Wenger. Blame a man who had the entire world at his feet and should be leaving a legend. He should be shown a DVD of Ray Parlour’s Arsenal career.

  4. i love the idea of showing the little russian a vid of ray parlour, leads to the question of who’s videos would you show to the other players in the squad to motivate them?

  5. Real shame if Rosicky is out of Saturday’s game as suggested on the club web-site- he never seems to be able to string more than a few games on the trot without having to then miss a game. He is quality though and we’ll miss his urgency and passing ability against Norwich. I hope we don’t make the same mistake as we did last May when we went 1-0 up and then produced a horror show defensively, started by Szczesny’s terrible clanger for their opener. I think his form started to deteriorate from that time on- nearly a year ago, but why are we linked with Valdes or Begovic? Our keeper will, I feel, come back stronger ( maybe he’d taken his place for granted) and to waste money on two that are not much better, if at all, would be lunacy. It has to be the training that is at fault- all of our keepers since Lehmann have had exactly the same faults, so that is something to be looked at. Peyton out- Seaman in!

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