Gervinho, Podolski, Sczcsney, Arsene, the ‘Arsenal-cokey’, and another terrible performance.

Arsenal 0-2 Swansea: Kieran Gibbs sums it up perfectly…

 Morning folks.

There’s been too much said that’s negative in recent weeks. As best I can, I try to look past the bad, and offer a little hope for some good. This morning, finding the optimistic side of my persona, and getting him to come to the forefront is practically impossible.

Losing is just a part of football. I can take defeat. I struggle when that defeat comes with a total lack of application from a team that can/should do better. Swansea didn’t sneak an undeserved flukey-goal-on-the-break-after-weathering-a-siege win. No, they comprehensively outplayed us on our own ground, and took the spoils deservedly. But for Szczsney, it could have been worse.

Whilst the game was live, I was in Bristol centre glued to a radio that wouldn’t work, and a Twitter feed than chose such an inopportune moment to freeze completely. Having now watched the entirety of the game, I can safely say that ‘abject’ and ‘woeful’ were the words that immediately sprung to mind.

Gervinho and Podolski looked utterly disinterested by the whole thing. Only Jack Wilshere showed the kind of hunger and fight you’d expect. I’ve had the misfortune to see some dire Arsenal performances in the past – most can be brushed off as freak occurrences or “one of those days”. There is a worrying trend with our team at the moment; the players look like they don’t fear losing, and those excuses don’t wash anymore.

Something is wrong at Arsenal.

Blame is easily handed out when frustration overwhelms. The board, the players, Arsene Wenger; they’ve all been singled out as reprehensible a million times over. I truly don’t care about who we can or cannot blame. I care about what happens from hereon-in.

Change must be implemented. I’m no expert, I don’t have ‘insiders’ at the club who can feed me juicy information; I’m just a blogger from Bristol. I can’t give answers, I can only hope that those capable of solutions get their collective heads together and work something out.

If that means a change of management, then so be it. If that means the morons that occupy our board and line their pockets at the expense of die-hard supporters all take a long walk off a treacherous hillside, then all the better. If solving our issues means splashing every bit of the alleged £70m we have in the bank, and quality players come in, then that wouldn’t go amiss, either.

But we can’t just do nothing a hope things will change. This season has followed the same alarming path as the last, but we’re minus a world-class centre forward to dig us out of trouble this time around. Stupidity can be defined as repeating the same mistake and expecting a different outcome. If we repeat anymore mistakes, I think we already all know where this is headed.

On a more jovial note, below is a song I created on Twitter, and I’m sharing it with you as a means of lightening the mood – and because I’d like to prove it was mine before someone rips it off. It’s called ‘The Arsenal-cokey’, and if you’re one of the many who ReTweeted  it, I thank you.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments are below. Vent, vent, vent…

I shall return tomorrow with more.

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12 thoughts on “Gervinho, Podolski, Sczcsney, Arsene, the ‘Arsenal-cokey’, and another terrible performance.”

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  2. Right on dude! First I honestly believe I’m better than Gervihno,Second I recall Bendnter ASAP in January? Next WTF is going on does the team have the prima donna syndrome or something? Lack of a proper DM is killing us? Next I take 50 mil and give a bid a try for Neymar? Who was your MOTM I have to go with Wojech saved us big time. Also last mention maybe bring Beckham here he and Henry can teach and lead? Peace/Cheers

      1. Everyone has NB wrong overzealous media! Watch AFC season 10-11 season see how vital NB was, way better than Gervihno and Ramsey. And where the heck was Arshavin yesterday? Peace

  3. I think there is blame to be shared but Arsenal are not strong enough and deep enough to survive the current Wenger tactics. I never questioned Wenger before but his tactics and decision making the past few games has been horrible. I thought I would never say it but I think his ego has overtaken his expertise and common sense.

  4. W
    Wenger manages the players – but who manages Wenger ?
    Too many sideways passes – no one takes anyone on
    Why persist with a front 3 who are average at best

    As for Walcott as CF,I would be very surprised if that works for him and Arsenal.

    We are miles away from the team that beat Barca at home 2 seasons ago.

  5. Players leave because they can better their careers elsewhere – and the sad thing is the names that have left have done this.
    8 years without a trophy and the board are happy………

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ONE-TWO’s. The team weak points are obvious to everyone, they can’t create chances if the other team play defensively and our defense always take the risk with offside trap. The team should learn how to play one-touche football, with 1-2’s they can create chances and go through any defense, easy beasy. Both goals of swansea yesterday demonstrate my point.
    The team passes the ball too much in the back and they don’t go forward, even Arteta yesterday did so. When the other team form a line between our defense and midfielders, the team just play the ball to the back. Our midfielders should go closer to our defense if they have the ball, receive it and pass it to the front. If our winger has the ball and he was covered by one or two players of the other team, one of our midfielder should go close to him to receive the ball and pass it or just do a 1-2, as easy as it is. If anyone watched Rosicky in the last 10 minutes will see the difference between him and other midfield players. He always receive the ball and go forward and never think to pass it to the back. At some time in the match Walcott (I think) had the ball, Rosicky went close to him, received the ball and passed it to make our ball fluent. He is the only one doing that and I don’t know why others don’t. All the teams in the PL do so and they create chances easily, I don’t know why our team don’t. Please anyone just tell Wenger may be he doesn’t know even though he is the coach of the team for over 16 years.
    Man Utd plays awful this season, however, they still win because they pass the ball forward and don’t play much in the back.

    Boring Arsenal.

  7. For some years now we’ve lost quality players at a steady rate. In any business organisation when turnover of workers (players) becomes a normal thing Know there’s something terribly wrong upstairs, meaning management. Simple. With Arsenal, I point a finger at the so called board. Solution. Start with the issue of David Dein. Bring him back and things may just start to change for the better. That is not all, let a few heads roll at the top

  8. It is not acase of sacking the manager or throwing money at it, £70m you could buy Messi and the whole Swansea team. They have had several managers thrown at them over the last few years and they just carried on playing the way they always have. They chase the ball if they lose it or haven’t got it, how many times did Arsenal do that(note Dyer for the second goal), control the ball when they have it, pass and then move to give options. No manager needs to teach that. Nor should he have to tell each player not to give up and shoow commitment for the whole of the game. The millions that have been spent on world class players should add the extra level of class, the goal from nothing, it should not be a substitute for the basics. Will buying one or two more players mean that the rest of the team start performing. No its not the managers nor the boards that are on the pitch , its the players .Don’t make excuses for them or give them something to hide behind.AW no doubt has been doing the same thing successfully over the years it must be the team that needs to put in a shift now and not wait for new players. Each player must examine their own performance.

  9. I have watched Arsenal on the road 3 times this year and they have become progressively worse.At Man City we were close to a win .at Norwich we were woeful and inspite of a draw at Villa it felt like a defeat
    If we go down the road of the unthinkable and consider Wenger going,who will replace him.Also the problem in the club seems to be deep rooted in that the shareholders directors have little interest in the football on the pitch but the balance sheet.I am deeply disappointed and feel let down by a group of players who I would travel the earth to see play.The current crop of players with a few notable exceptions lack a passion and care that we have come to expect as a given.There are times when you have an off day but the motivation seems lacking and watching them trudge off at Villa without so much as a backwards glance to the fans said it all.
    Who takes responsibility on the pitch and who motivates them?I don’t understand the direction we are supposed to be going as a club.To play the best football has been the yardsick as far as I was concerned and to be competing with the best.Winning a trophy is so important but has been sidelined in the pursuit of what.A clean balance sheet and happy shareholders.We are in danger of being relegated to mid table mediocrity with the likes of Stoke ,Fulham and two or three other clubs unless some radical changes occur.Be careful for what you wish for because if Wenger’s head is offered on a plate I fear that the choice made as to whom suceeds him is where the problen lies,the heirarchy at the club

  10. Forget vent man, Ive been turning Arsenals problems in my mind an you know im depressed and disillusioned
    The change has to be paradigm sifting and thats not going to happen
    Any suggestions for coping. Im a Wenger era fan,not used to this

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