Gervinho, Ramsey, Chamakh, Wilshere, Podolski, and an abject failure in every respect.

Bradford City 1-1 Arsenal (AET Bradford win 3-2 on pens): Oh dear…

Morning folks

Before the snarly, disgruntled. how-the-fuck-did-that-happen post begins, I feel there is something all Arsenal fans should say; congratulations to Bradford City. They played their hearts out, showed the kind of hunger, spirit, and determination we lacked in almost every position, and they richly deserved the spoils. Defeat may be bitter pill to swallow in such embarrassing circumstances, but our opponents warrant their day in the sun.

As for Arsenal? Well… It’s difficult to know where to begin. I hate to be one of those smug know-it-alls that says, “I told you so”, but I did tell you so.

Throughout the hours leading up to kick-off, I was gripped with a sense of worry. Part of me just knew something dreadful was waiting on the horizon. What finally materialised was just about as bad as I think I’ve ever seen Arsenal play. In every regard they were woeful; passing, dedication, shooting, creating chances, defending. The list goes on.

It’s the easy option to try to assign blame or look for scapegoats on the back of failure. Ordinarily, I’d condemn those looking to place fault onto Aaron Ramsey’s shoulders. Today I can’t defend him. He was utterly horrendous. As bad as our Welsh midfielder was, a shadow of shite was cast over him by the mighty Gervinho. The Ivorian took gangly ineptitude in front of goal to uncharted heights – even conspiring to miss a gaping net from 3 yards out without a serious challenge to distract him.

But to place blame on two players would be unfair. Every single one of them was bloody awful. Vermaelen was sloppy, Mertesacker looked as if he was seeing a ghost every other minute, and Podolski and Chamakh might as well have not been on the pitch at all. The only person who might – and I say ‘might’ – be above some criticism is Jack Wilshere, who at least looked as if he cared about what was happening.

Bizarrely, Arsene Wenger gave praise to the efforts of his team after the game. In an interview with Sky Spoorts, he stated:

“I cannot fault the effort we gave for 120 minutes. You have to give credit to Bradford on the night. That’s part of the game.

“It’s not a lack of quality. We couldn’t convert our chances for different reasons. Overall it was a real cup game.

“We will get over that. It’s part of our club, it’s what we do.”

Giving credit to the victors is the sportsmanlike thing to do. It smacks of stubbornness, however, to commend the efforts of a team who, to even the most ardent of supporter, didn’t perform even remotely close to the required level. I’m sure most of us would see fault with the effort over 120 minutes, and if that performance was Arsenal trying their best, then we are in a worse place than I’ve previously thought.

On the back of a result like that, I’m past being angry. Instead I’m genuinely worried. In seasons past when hardship has struck, I’ve always fancied our ability to bounce back. Since those days, the players that made us great have gradually been stripped away, and we’re left with what we have now; a shadow of what we used to be. Selling our best players off at a profit looks finally to have taken a serious toll.

For every brief moment of light we get, there seems to be darker days waiting just around the corner. In a season already filled with disappointment, losing… No, being outplayed comprehensively by a side from League Two is a new low for Arsenal. The Capital One Cup represented our best chance of silverware, and now it is gone. What’s left is a season in tatters, a segregated and angry fanbase, and a manger seemingly flirting dangerously close with the sack – how many other top Club’s wouldn’t have acted by now?

Right now, I’m too damn miserable to write anymore. I’m not one to scream for knee-jerk reactions and fortunes to be spent, but something has to be done about the malaise at our club. It’s beyond a joke now. I love Arsenal, with or without trophies. But what I’m seeing on the pitch is not the Arsenal I love .

That’s all from me, fellow Gooners. Leave a comment in the box below with your thoughts – it should make for interesting reading today.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

21 thoughts on “Gervinho, Ramsey, Chamakh, Wilshere, Podolski, and an abject failure in every respect.”

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  2. I too am mystified at the performance, it was sad to see players who have given their all prior to this, play that way! As you say, something or things are not right at the moment, but I am at a loss as to what the solution is. Do they need a group hug from the fans :-).
    One thing that is quite obvious though is that the press and the pundits will thrive on our failure and we will get more column inches than man city and Chelsea did when they recently crashed out of the champions league. But we have come to expect such ridicule. I know it’s difficult but us fans, who live the club, must lick our wounds and stand together!

  3. All I can say is I feel you, had a restless night sleep with arsenal nightmares. I can’t take anymore of this team under the present set up and for me, football this season is over. I can take losing but I can’t take losing with no heart or ambition

  4. <>
    True true, after 15 mins of the game i KNEW too that we were going to lose. 5 mins after we equalised i switched off.
    Now this morning i look at the results and was sad to have been right.
    What a performance.

  5. I know everyone made wilshire our best player on the night me included but if you can bear to watch a re-run he was actually worse than ramsey in the first 45. however he lifted his game whereas ramsey was just about to get involved in the centre when he took a kick to the face and that was that. i thought it was between coquelin and szczcesney for our best player in the first 45. but overall wilshire just edged it. however we shouldnt even be talking about that this should all be about bradford who gave us a real lesson and also wenger who is now looking and performing like a pathetic old man. he looks frail drained and bereft of ideas. there is no way in the world he is going to lead us to a trophy. the best thing that could happen is for hill-wood to hang up his cigar cutter and let wenger take over as chairman and possibly as a director of football appoint a new coach from one of bould adams henry bergkamp or guardiola and then allow usmanov onto the board as well if not allow him to buy out kroenke. i have been against that all along and for me the perfect answer is for kroenke usmanov gazidis dein and wenger to all work together to save our club. I cannot see any of them just walking although with gazidis taking on pther roles and kroenke laying his roots firmly away from the club i think now is the time for the fat russian to put his money where his mouth is.

  6. You are right arsene wenger has lost his focus he should step off let another coach that is hungry of winning truphy come in. I heard he has been givin money to buy player in jenuary but u will see him looking for free transfer or less cost players that has not scens of football that tells u his plan in the club. Wenger u have become a failure, sell of players like ramsey, chamakh, juruh, scolashi, ashevey, guvinho and buy quality replacement for them.

  7. It is, as you say, not the losing that is painful but the utter lack of ‘quality’ in Arsenal’s football. Chamakh is atrocious and I wonder how anyone, let alone Wenger,could have signed him as he cannot pass a ball to save his life! Gervinho is also incapable of the simplest of football skills. Ramsey is not up to it either.The rest do have the ‘quality’ but Wenger can no longer manage them properly. I have always been a true Wenger fan, but there is no doubt that he has lost it and he can no longer inspire our team.

  8. I wouldn’t call appeals for Wenger’s sacking as knee-jerk. It is something that is based on the fact he has spent almost 8 years at our bench without collecting a single trophy. Hell, we even failed to win The Emirates Cup last year!

    There is another sad fact. In normal occasions, any big club that had something extraordinary in their past like we do with The Invincibles, would try to tie with the club as many players from that team as possible. It’s not loss to Bradford that is saddest thing this season, it’s the fact that you can see Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira in the same place only when Shitty is playing against Ajax.

    1. All i can say couldnt fall asleep untill 4. totaly gutted. Arsen lost it, no excuse. about his comments – does hi think we are blind or stupid? does hi beleave himself in what hi is saying? congrats Bradford.

  9. It just a pitiable situation that team like Arsenal should have players like Gervinho, Chamack in their sqaud. Even Arsene seems to have lost it these days. Playing a centre half in their position would ve been yielding a better result for us.

  10. After the game i pitied szczesny and his saves, rosicky and his drive, coquelin and his tries, wilshere and his guts. I pity d 4500 fans that were in d stadium. I pitied me walking over a kilometer to watch this rubbish in the wee hours of the night. I hold wenger responsible. Ramsey, podolski, vermaleen, ox, chamakh were below par. But Gervinho’s head is needed on a platter.

  11. this is it, we have always been accused of not respecting wenger when we ask for his resignation but its the other way round. wenger doesn’t respect arsenal fans at all. read his comments after every game we lose, all he does is defend his team and may be blame bad luck, 2ndly selling our best players to our rivals and alwayz defending and saying nice things about united (in my country united fans call him their best signing in recent years). whenever i see how adamant he is on tv i wonder if he ever listens to his assiatant or even watch arsenal videos of prvious games

  12. guys guys guys we shud all know by now that starting Ramsey brings us bad luck. i have noticed that every game that he starts, we struggle, always.and when he scores, some big shot dies somewhere. this boy is cursed but pple call me mad for thinking that.

  13. I really don’t know whats wrong with Wenger! because he has been using his second eleven,he decided to bring the first team and unifortinately he they were all failurers.

  14. Somtimes i wonder if wenger is wit his sense.mayb d old age is affectin him,y do he often used gervinho as a central man instead of podolski y he know’s his not gud scoring.podolski shuld b usin up front ahead giroud nd gervinho nd we nid a vry gud defencive midfielder,gustova or inler.

  15. I have 7 hours lag time between England and my country, and I had fever last night, but I still try to watch the match, I was hoping and praying that, my fever could be cured with a big win from arsenal, but what i was saw last night is making my fever worse… i miss RvP, i miss Fab4, even i miss Nasri, they all better than our current squad, our current squad seems doesn’t care about winning, they just go out and play whatever they want to play, just kick the ball and so on… in the next June 2013. Arsenal scheduled to play in my country, and i do believe with performance like last night, my national team will easily, really easily beat the arsenal… FYI, my national team is now rank 165 in FIFA

    1. now u getting the scope. your observation is quite brilliant. arsenal players have perceive the notion that the board is no longer after trophy so they get on the pitch without any positive objective, and end up losing to even babies. players who perform for arsenal are the ones who are looking else where for better offer so have to impress to get a glance from bigger club and better wages.

  16. wenger has lost touch of modern-day football ideal. he need to step aside to allow a more intelligent coach to come up. Also he should stop recruiting totter into the club.

  17. seriously, gervinho needs to be dropped to the bench for at least 10 matches to see whether he got some of his senses back or not

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