Gibbs, Flamini, Arsenal bias, Southampton and other bits of news.

Media bias shocked even the calmest of characters.

Morning, folks.

Me again, back again. I know you’re pleased to see/read me. Before we begin, I have a confession to make; I watched exactly zero of last night’s international football, and if there was a pop quiz regarding the events, I would fail it miserably.

I’m not ashamed. My primary concern is how many Arsenal players come back to London Colney unscathed. That is all. England could have defeated Germany with a performance so mesmerising that 90% of the supporters present left in an unshakable trance for all I know.

I’m just pleased that Club football is on the agenda now.

We play Southampton at the weekend. Having started the season impressively, The Saints will offer us a stern test. They’ve got some excellent players, a very competent manager, and deserve to be 3rd in the table. I don’t think it’s any fluke whatsoever that they are. However, I’d expect Arsenal to beat them at The Emirates, and with both Podolski and Walcott set to make a return to the squad and no known injury worries from the internationals, anything other than victory would have to be considered a poor result.

One Arsenal player I feel doesn’t get the praise he deserves is Kieran Gibbs. You can call me biased if you will, but I think on the strnegth of his performances this season, he is currently the best left-back in the country. Yes – that does sound blatantly like my red-tinted Arsenal spectacles have taken over, but I do genuinely believe it to be true.  My friends at revealed a ‘Team of the Month’ for October a while ago, and I have to say I disagreed with it a little:

Without wishing to disparage the current incumbent, I can’t see how Kieran Gibbs doesn’t warrant an inclusion. He’s been phenomenally good since the season began, and will only progress into a better player. With Cashley and Baines both flirting with becoming a little too old, surely he’s the future for England? Well, at the very least I certainly think so. I challenge anyone to name a player more deserving of some recognition.

Another player you all know I love is The Flame. When he’s not plotting ways to blind opponents and shredding official Club garments, he’s in the media taking about what he learnt during his time in Italy. France’s premier export of destruction said:

“I had the opportunity to go over there and play with legends,”

“I played with Maldini, with Kaka, with Ronaldinho and even David Beckham over there.

“I had the chance to learn a lot. The mentality and the approach to football over there is completely different. The game is completely different too.

Since his return, it’s blindingly obvious he has a different tactical approach to his play. Coupled with the constant shouting and organising comes a very astute ability to read the game. He doesn’t just dart about the midfield looking for his next victim, he positions and manoeuvres himself to where he can be most effective. I love him to bits.

That’s all today, folks. you know the drill; drop a comment or several and let me know exactly what’s on your mind. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “Gibbs, Flamini, Arsenal bias, Southampton and other bits of news.”

  1. “Well, at the very least I certainly think so. I challenge anyone to name a player more deserving of some recognition…”

    Luke Shaw 🙂

    On last night – Gibbs played 20/30 mins, he looked confident and full of energy to me – as a Saint and champion of Luke Shaw I have to say I was impressed!

  2. I am also a big fan of The Flame. I watched him in our game with MU and he was every where. I think as a whole our team are throwing themselves into the effort this season and I’m very proud of them. Thanks for trying to keep us occupied during the interlull, good reading as always.

  3. im not even sure gibbs is good enough for arsenal let alone england. sure he has been better than last season to now but he gets caught out of position far too often, makes rash decisions all the time and arsenal are often lucky to get away with his mistakes. ok, part of it could be wengers tactics but it dosnt excuse gibbs’s flaws. i actually feel sorry for monreal who is playing second fiddle though generally is the better player. and is yet to be given a true run in the team.

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