Giroud And Walcott Aren’t Going To Be Enough.

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Everything is quiet on the Western front. Here it’s bank holiday Monday and my morning currently revolves around cups of delicious tea and A Million Ways To Die In The West. It’s playing in the background and the inspiration for today’s blog is brought to you by the image of Liam Neeson having a flower jammed into his arse.

It does feel like Arsenal news has dried up almost entirely. Barring a few spurious stories about players linked that, bizarrely, runs on the official Club website, there’s nothing out there. On a side note, Arsenal’s media linking to transfer stories has never sat right with me. It just feels a bit tragic. So, in these sparse, unforgiving moments of nothingness, I’m charged with coming up with something to talk about.

These are the voyages of the Starship James, to bolding talk irrelevant nonsense where no one has talked irrelevant nonsense before.

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So, one of the areas in which those rumours centre is the centre forward position. With Danny Welbeck injured and unlikely to kick a ball until 2017, our current options aren’t enough. To be brutally honest, I don’t think Walcott or Giroud are good enough anymore.

Yes, that does sound harsh. I’m hardly saying either is a poor player, but let’s be honest here; Theo Walcott isn’t good enough to play centrally and Olivier Giroud isn’t the prolific striker needed to sustain a title challenge. So we need someone else. That would be the general consensus. Out there amongst a group of supporters that interminably argue, the one solitary point of agreement is Arsene needs to bring in another striker.

The who? That’s a question I find incredibly difficult to answer. Obviously, there are the likes of Benzema or Lewandowski who would improve our squad, but players of that ilk exist in the realms of the unobtainable. So, the trouble arises when it come to putting forth a name that would be an improvement on what we have  – this isn’t a position in which potential is a suitable answer.

How about Aubameyang at Dortmund? I like him a lot, he’s quick, physical, technically sound and he knows how to finish. The 30+ goals he bagged last season in Germany is a testament to how good he is. More importantly, he strikes me as an Arsenal player. He has the attributes you’d associate with what was once a typical Arsenal signing. There are many names floating around currently, but his is the only one I feel fits the bill.

Of course, Real Madrid are alleged to be sniffing around and the player himself recently stated he has no desire to leave. The chances of a transfer emerging are next to nothing when you consider the parsimonious nature of Arsene along with all of the aforementioned. Some would have you believe that the simple answer to this problem is to throw money at Dortmund. Just call them up and scream,

“We want your player. Here is all the monies you could possible desire! Take our money!”

It’s never going to be that simple. There’s a whirlwind of agents, clauses, incentives, image rights and extraneous sh*t that accompanies a transfer these days. Aubameyang, much like Paul Pogba, is in the prime position of his career to negotiate a move, and that move is likely to be a big one for all parties concerned. Arsenal can’t compete against Real, Barcelona or Bayern.

We have to look realistically. And this is the part I struggle with. Giroud isn’t a bad player. In fact, he’s very good and his goals over the seasons have been valuable. But he maybe isn’t quite good enough to lead the line all by himself. Actually naming a player out there who we could bring in that would be an improvement is a challenge.

Vardy? No thanks. Sturridge? No thanks. Jackson Martinez? No thanks. Alexandre Lacazette? Maybe, but still not sure.

Walcott, for all the moments in which he frustrates, does carry a significant goal threat in the right circumstances. His Arsenal career looked like it was coming to an end until Welbeck was injured, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he stuck around in light of that. It is certainly possible we’ll go into the new season with our primary forward options as Walcott and Giroud, with maybe a role for Chuba Akpom.

Is that enough to win a title? I don’t think it is.

What do you think, boys ‘n’ girl? Let me know in the comments section. I’m off to do exciting bank holiday things such as go with my girlfriend to get news tyres on her car. Should be an exciting day. I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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