Giroud and Wilshere; Gone in Sixty Seconds.

‘A’ is for, “A bloody painful last fifteen minutes”

Morning all.

Those nerves I mentioned yesterday, they came back. With a vengeance. During the last 15 minutes when we inexplicably allowed the worst Villa team I’ve seen in years back into the game, my poor innards were treated to a maelstrom of curious sounds and pained exhausts. Before the game I’d actually settled down and was prepared to enjoy a pleasant evening’s viewing. After that glorious 59 second period in which Giroud and Wilshere netted superb goals, any remnants of terror washed away absolutely. Or so I thought.

Oh, Arsenal, how you love to torment me.

When reviewing Arsenal, it’s often easy to point our certain areas where you believed improved could be made and end up sounding churlish. We came through an away fixture with three points and that’s all that matters. However, so long as it’s minus vitriol and has a constructive note, I don’t see the problem with it. Nothing in life is good all of the time, so I don’t see why people insist upon pouring their saccharine positivity over everything. Honesty is always the best policy.

I thought we should have played better in the second half. I can understand why we didn’t. When the game re-started after the break, it looked, for all intents and purposes, a forgone conclusion. Arsenal lead with comfort and enjoyed the majority of possession. The players appeared to share the same belief. That ugly complacency monster crept into our play; legs laboured and simple passes went astray. Christian Benteke’s goal had an air of inevitability to it. It was a huge disappointment to see and caused my stomach no end of distress.

Yet, that disappointment is just how I felt at the time. It’s okay to be a little upset at things and wish for them to have played out differently. It’s called giving a sh*t. Don’t allow yourself to be bogged down by folk who demand positivity at every turn; folk who state you aren’t supporting if you dare to raise an opinion in direct contradiction with their insipid mantras. All I’m saying is we should have buried that game before Villa even had a sniff at goal. It could have cost us dear. Thankfully it did not. If we made that mistake against a better team, the outcome may not have been as favourable.

You might notice a theme running here. Apologies, but I’m currently a little tired of bickering and people that feel they have a right to tell others how to support their team. Some notions I do not agree with. What I have absolutely no right to do is use my own values as a means for throwing abuse and mockery at others. I’m neither WOB or AKB and I’m both at the same time. I’m a football fan; my emotions can often get the better of me. I’m a human being; I change my mind. I’m sensible and I’m a f**king idiot.

On the plus side; the nervy final minutes showcased how superb our defensive until has become. Mertesacker and Koscielny once again put in commanding, assured performances at the heart of the defence. Never one to shy away from praising The Flame, I also thought he offered us that extra bit of steel and determination, plus he always looks moments away from killing someone and i find that highly entertaining.

When all is done and dusted; when the cows have come home for milking; when the cheese is in the sandwich; when Mother has shaved little Leopold’s scrotum in time for Church; Arsenal secured 3 points, and that, delicious readers, is all that should matter to anyone. We sit pretty atop the Premiership and have taken another step towards the unbridled glory of lifting the Champions’ crown. There’s still a long way to go until the prizes are handed out, but we stand as good a chance as anyone. The Arsenal train is heading forwards with momentum.

I have absolutely no idea what the f**k I’m talking about today. I’m bloody tired, so what I’ve presented before you today is odd. Not overly odd; there are no stories of Dave Seager’s penchant for pyjama pilfering to wade through, but it’s not the most comprehensive of reports. Often I wonder  how many people get to this stage of the post. Maybe, you’re reading this part and considering clicking away and finding a more informative and knowledgable report. Don’t – there is a lovely comments box beneath this post where you can discuss the game and what I’ve written above. Drop me a line.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

16 thoughts on “Giroud and Wilshere; Gone in Sixty Seconds.”

  1. ozil&cazorla need to be benched for the next game.rosicky and podolski need to start.
    giroud..apart from the goal this guy never fails to annoy me with his fancy first time passes that hardly ever work out. the premier league stats show he has the worst conersion ratio in the league.please wenger get us another striker.

  2. I agree with you James, boy was that a painful last 15 minutes!
    What annoys me is that we played at a canter for 70 minutes, got a couple of fantastic goals (should have been 6) and continued in doing so until all of a sudden we are under the cosh. I can’t remember the last time when I shouted “SHOOT” at the TV so many times in one night! It does beg the question, can we win the league with such lackadaisical performances?
    I am afraid I am beginning to think we cannot.
    That is unless I am completely wrong and we simply cannot fire ourselves up with mediocre opposition and only show our true colours when we play teams that have something about them.
    But then maybe that’s all bollocks…..

  3. They beat us at home and they also make us struggle to win there. To rub it in we get two top players injured. Villa are jinxing us…. I think in the transfer window we should not just buy one player. Our game seems one of attrition. We need at least four players at each window to replace the wounded.

  4. A win a win a win b u t please arsen gets us a S T R I K EEEEEEE RRRRR and you can beef the midfd with imposing figuers those who can break neck of the agbonlahors he f…..g gets away with serious fouls and not even a freekik that foul should have him see at least a yellow

  5. A team without Giroud, hahahha nice joke, he was brilliant yesterday, anyone having the same kind of a gaol yesterday who have had eloquent praise but ya its only Giroud right.The theme of the comments here seems to be humor, the first comment suggested we should drop Ozil and Santi next game, wow what next, lets drop Per and Kos to??? even they allowed a goal dint they? please guys, the team won, we won, its 3 points, we played well enough, not every game is a walk in the park, we need to grind results., the mark of a champion team is they win ugly to

  6. Despite the almost passive manner in which we won the game, we should still be pleased with the result. Petrobillionaires City already went there and lost this season.

    @johnhodges Giroud is vital to our play and we are all the better for having him.

  7. it’s amazing how the league table at the top is constantly changing like musical chairs- saturday, chelsea go top, city take first place on sunday only to be unseated at the top by arsenal.

    chelsea with hazard firing on all cylinders are going great guns and do not look like dropping points easily, while city, apart from the newcastle game have been in imperious form and are really improved in away games. so the question is who is going to stumble first?

  8. I look forward to seeing your posts in my in box. They are always entertaining. My favorite sentence: Honesty is always the best policy. I agree with you about The Flame, he did always look very close to some kind of vengeance.

  9. Jack was just excellent. He even appeared irritated at times when the rest of the team slowed down the game and didn’t play with purpose. Loved his pace, passing game and incisiveness. Top class performance.

    As far as Giroud is concerned he was the usual mixture of frustratingly awkward and sometimes good. At the point when Jack had made the pass to him and the ball clumsily bounced of his knee I was about to whip out the Giroud voodoo doll and jam a gigantic pin in it, but he buried the ball in the net. Following up on some of the comments above and without being confrontational, is a honest assessment of Giroud’s role not rather that many players could fulfill his role and bring even more to the table vs. this narrative that he is vital? He is indispensable now, but that’s because there is nobody else – it really just makes the case for having another top-class clinical striker in the side. Anyway, I’ve never been a fan, but I respect his work ethic, so kudos to him for scoring.

    Super Mario was a puzzle, he made an incredible number of passes, but often gave the ball away or got muscled off the ball. Maybe he was knackered at the end, but an unusually weak display. Giroud also made a number of wayward passes and that is not usual for him.

    Watching the mugsmashers game on the weekend I could not help but marvel at the skill of Suarez & Sturridge. And feel just a little envy; come on guys – you must think about this kind of thing now and again. Wonder what Arsenal would look like with even just one of them and our collection of midfield wizards behind him. Damn.

    If there is one reason we win this season and I still believe we will, it will be because of our beloved pair of central defenders. They are legends in the making, especially the BFG. So f***g proud. COYG.

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