Giroud, Bellerin, Xhaka, Ramsey And Alexis In The Wonders Of Being An Arsenal Fan

Morning, folks.

As far as comebacks go, last night’s 3-3 draw at Bournemouth was a good one. As far as performances go prior to the final 20 minutes in which we miraculously saved something, it was unbelievably sh*t-awful. It’s tough to know exactly what to feel at the moment. One the one hand, I’ve many, many concerns over the defensive mayhem that lead to us shipping 3 goals. On the other hand, you have to admire the fight that lead to getting a draw. We were dead and buried and looked only likely to concede more until Alexis got us back into it.

Truth be told, boys ‘n’ girls, and like the picture of Alec Baldwin above, I’m really just frustrated at what I witnessed. Watching Arsenal at the moment is like watching the Ghostbusters remake. You want it to be good because it’s Ghostbusters, people tell you to give it a chance and don’t compare it to the past, but you can’t help but do exactly that because it just isn’t the same. There’s a magic missing; a secret ingredient or a feeling that made the original so good and that just can’t be recreated further down the line.

And I fully understand that isn’t the best mindset to have. We’re supporters, we shouldn’t live in the past. It’s absolutely wrong to do that because it mainly alters your perception of the present. I know all of that a thoroughly agree with anyone who’d use that argument to dispel what I’ve written.

But nights like last night make me feel that way. I love Arsenal unconditionally, but it’s gone from a sexually charged affair to a full-blown marriage with lots of nagging and bitterness. In fact, reading this post back to myself at this stage, I’m starting to sound a bit hyperbolic. You know, like the husband sick of his wife moaning, when in truth he’s the reason she moans. Or something like that….

I’ll leave it as it is. Blogging, in my humble opinion, should be an extension of yourself; and that extends to maladies, poor traits of character, hypocrisy and so on. In this instance, I’m just f*cking rambling on and making analogies for the sake of it.

That’s the impact these moments have. Football’s glorious ability to bring out the very best in people unfortunately has to coincide with the opposite. Frustration and bewilderment makes me rattle aimlessly about what ever the f*ck I please, much to the chagrin of you folks, the delicious reader. For that I apologise. I’ll try to rescue proceedings hereon-in with something at least mildly pertinent…

So I should talk about the game a bit. Well, aside from Alexis, Giroud and Lucas, I though the players were bloody terrible – particular mention should go to Bellerin who had an absolute shocker. But it’s easy to point fingers and assign blame to the players that frustrate you most. There’s plenty of finger waving and the blame game across social media, so you’ll be getting none of that here. The fault has to lie collectively. and collectively we defended like a Sunday League team of aching, overweight middle-aged men who’d spent the night before on Barry’s stag-do and not gotten home until 7am.

We are a team and, as that team, we performed poorly. Individuals made mistakes that contributed to goals, but the team should always shoulder the responsibility of the individual. That’s how a team sport works. Yes, Bellerin and Cech could both have certainly done more to prevent the goals and Xhaka made a stupid challenge to concede a penalty, but I don’t feel I’d blame any of them in particular.

Matters were compounded by injuries to Coquelin and Koscielny and I was just about to dropkick the TV across the room when the latter of the two had to be subbed off. Yet, somehow we saved something from the game and that leaves me with a shred of hope.

Hope, doubtless to say, Arsenal will build gradually before doing something utterly f*cking moronic. They’ll leave me frustrated and angry until offering another crumb of hope I’ll gobble gleefully, thus enabling the vicious circle to continue interminably. Madness, as they say, is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting the outcome to be any different.

Arsenal have to get better and do it quickly if we’re to continue any sort of progression up the table. Victory for Chelsea tonight puts them 12 points ahead and it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest it would be ‘Goodnight, Vienna’ at that stage, if it isn’t already. Perhaps it is time to suggest the league title is beyond us this season as we don’t seem to have fixed any of the same problems that have halted our plans in the previous seasons.

Man, it really is just frustrating….

So, folks, I’ll leave it there today and point you towards the comments. Let me know your thoughts on the game and where you think we can go from here? Do you agree the league title is beyond us?

I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Giroud, Bellerin, Xhaka, Ramsey And Alexis In The Wonders Of Being An Arsenal Fan”

  1. I’m still trying to understand why Ramsey had to start. I said, in your previous post, that Iwobi should get more playing time in that attacking midfield role where he did so well so I wonder why he had to be pushed out wide to the right where he has rarely ever played for us and then bring Ramsey in. We had Perez and Chamberlain on the bench. Ramsay had no business in that starting lineup and his presence hugely deflated the strength of our attack. I’m not saying Ramsey is a bad player but for the sake of team performance I don’t think it was the right decision to bring him in from the start

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