Giroud HASN’T signed, Robin might not either, fixtures and Bendtner’s pants.


Afternoon, lovelies.

If you’re have a poke around the internet looking for Arsenal news, then you’ll have come across the alleged confirmation of the Giroud deal that’s flying around as I type. Most of the big tabloids and outlets have it; we’ve agreed terms and it’s a done deal. Montpellier have accepted the fee – £12m – and Olivier has agreed personal terms.

Sounds like it’s all been concluded, doesn’t it? Well, the one website I would like to see the news on has nothing of it. If he isn’t being unvelied on the club’s official site, then it’s not complete yet. Granted, it does appear to be very close to being done, and I’ll be delighted if he does join Podolski at the club. But it should be said that he has signed nothing yet, and until he does so he isn’t an Arsenal player.

As you might imagine, Arsenal signing two left-footed strikers has sent the media into a Robin van Persie meltdown. Speculation rumbles on, and there’s many a dubious publication saying Arsenal will gladly accept a bid for him in the region of £30m – not a bad price for a 28-year-old with 12 months left on his contract, but a decision I’d want us to make on footballing terms, not business.

As I’ve said before, and will probably say again; I’m tired of the whole rotten saga now. It’s very encouraging to see the club going after their targets with plenty of time for new season preparations. However, I still see no reason that Robin’s future couldn’t have been sorted weeks ago. He’s had a fairly wretched Euro 2012, and perhaps he might be all the more aware of how much he benefits from the set-up at Arsenal. I hope to see some sort of resolution in the next week. It has to be done quickly and without any of the waiting and hoping we’ve endured in recent years. If he want’s to stay; brilliant. If he doesn’t; sell him and replace him as best we can.

In other news, Bendtner – the fucking prat that he is – has been hit with a whopping £100k fine and a one match ban for flashing his sponsored pants during the game against Portugal. A lot of people have a soft spot for Nicklas. I do not. He’s a decent enough striker, but he’s also a colossal idiot and with an ego that would shame anyone’s. He isn’t worth the wages we pay him, or the constant stupidity that surrounds him. We’ll be well shot of him.

The fixtures for next season are out, and Arsenal have a tricky start. We begin with a home game against Sunderland, but can look forward to trips to Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City and Stoke within the first 10 games. We play Spurs at home in November, and travel to their dungeon of a stadium in March.

That’s all for today folks. Drop me a few of your opinions in the comments; will Robin stay? Is Giroud an excellent signing? Is Bendtner a twat? I look forward to hearing from you.

24 thoughts on “Giroud HASN’T signed, Robin might not either, fixtures and Bendtner’s pants.”

  1. Don’t know u kno could be true, and wen he was asked the other day it was right after the match some people might not want to be questioned and som do! I just hope it true cos him mvila poldi we are saughted maybe a playmaker and gk aswell big up gunners wenger keep it up

  2. nice, good way to get hits but your opinion alone isn’t the only answer.
    works both ways i guess, i just dont like the way you wrote the article in such a one dimension format.

    1. He is the only one writing the way it actually is…everyone else is simply buying the media frenzy…

      Is it official yet? NO…so he hasn’t signed contrary to what is writing in the tabloids and other blogs…

      if you don’t like it Isaac then piss off to the blogs that fill your empty brain with the fantastical rumours that you desire!

      1. In fairness to Stokes, it’s an opinion lead blog and he’s provided a clear and logical opinon. At least he’s thinking about what he writes rather than copying and pasting demented shit from copycat websites like the majority of page-hit merchants.

  3. Ive been reading this blog for a week and I quite enjoy it!
    I agree with you on Bendtner,a real pain in the ass. Ive never really been too impressed by him because everytime he scored he felt it cleansed all the times he missed like an idiot.bad attitude and not all that great a player
    no other comments?surprsing!

  4. Yes Bendtner is a twat but Uefa need to get their house in order a £80k fine and a match ban is totally disproportionate to the fines imposed for racial abuse!

    The RVP saga is getting monotonous now! Sign or leave I care not now. Happy if he stays happy if we get some good cash and £30m would be good cash imo!

    Giroud is better than Chamakh so if the rumours are true and Giroud in and Chamakh out happy with that too!

    The transfer rumour tally now stands at 159 links (I have a data base and need to get out more) to different players since February 1st! Only one confirmed on and 9 others signing or extending contracts with other clubs. The fun of the transfer rumour mill is too much to bare at times, so much so I’ve taken to watching England in the Euros they’ve been more accurate!

    1. ” £80k fine and a match ban is totally disproportionate to the fines imposed for racial abuse!”

      Amen to that brother. They just aren’t serious about racial abuse. You can just tell the higher ups don’t really buy into the idea that racism is a real problem in European football. Of course they do take anything that even remotely challenges their grip on licensing revenue very very seriously.

      This is just the latest example of a disconnect between fines leveled for racism vs other infractions.

      (Having said all that, Bendtner is indeed a twat)

      1. I agree with you both but i still think Bendtner deserves that sorta fine cause it is bringing the game into disrepute he can’t just go around advertising whatever he likes…

        as for the racism side players that get caught deserve massive bans (well the ones that don’t get caught do too…but thats another story)…and some have (suarez) lets just hope the racism doesn’t apply to selective racist bans and J%&n T@r*y (chelsea scumbag who i just couldn’t bring myself to type his name) gets his share and doesn’t get off cause he is English!!

        James good on you for writing that Giroud HASN’T signed because until it is on and made official he hasn’t and its just more speculation (mind you it seems like he might…)

  5. Indeed…tis naught as far as another new signing be concerned.

    But all in all…the Frenchy’s arrival at Ashburton does seem very likely. Unless the Media’s been on Speed.

    If and when he does cometh….I wonder how he’ll shine.

    I mean….Chamakh was a mistake….and so is Gerho. I’m just hoping Oliver gives a twist.

    1. gervinho is NOT a mistake. The guy has skills and pace to burn…
      you’ll see. He may not ever hold down a starting spot but he is WELL handy in rotation and off the bench cause he offers a different style and really troubles defenders. His finishing will improve. he has had 1 season in the EPL adjusting to live speaking english and in england in general, cut the guy some slack…just remember how much people bagged KING KOZZER and look at him now. I always said he looked really sharp since the 1st game against liverpool he just needed time and he proved how good he is!!

      1. I couldn’t agree more with that.

        I’ll reserve judgement on Gervinho. Remember, it took Bobby Pires until his second season to really turn in the performances. I’m not comparing the two players, but Gervinho has done enough to give me hope he’ll come good.

  6. Bredtner—- can’t wait to see himm go.
    Giroud—— welcome when u come.
    RVP——– am honestly tired with the whole saga. Whatever that happens will be acceptable. Am too young to be having sleepless nights because of the ‘best’ striker in the world.
    M’villa —- a welcome party is awaiting u.
    Others—–new AM is okay, Gk to backup, all players surplus to requirement please go in peace.

  7. For my own view, the manager should do some thing fast about rvp either to go or to stay with arsenal.

  8. I have been annoyed about Rvp’s attitude concerning his contract since the whole saga began. Okay lad, so you had a great season, scored a lot of goals and stayed injury free for the first time since you have been with us. Have a pay rise and do it again next season. What’s the problem? Fancy doing a Nasri? We should always take care that our players’ desire is to wear the shirt with pride and to always strive to win for the club and the fans and not just MONEY. They are on astronomical wages and bonuses anyway.

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