Goetze and friends for £70m, confidence in the squad and early Everton views.

Could Arsene be willing to part with the cash?

Morning folks.

With a delicious 3 points in the bag ahead of tomorrow’s crucial fixture with the Toffees, Monday morning is that little bit brighter than normal. As this season draws to close the papers have inevitably turned their attentions to the scramble for gleaning hope and optimism from fans – transfer rumours are hitting us thick and fast.

It’s difficult to write an Arsenal blog and simply just ignore them. Deep down we all know they’re poppycock and spurious, but the illogical part of our brains allows us to dream. The latest one doing the rounds is a triple Bundesliga deal, and it’s speculated Arsene Wenger is looking to smash the Club’s transfer record and bring in Goetze and Lewandowski from Dortmund along with Lars Bender from Leverkusen.

The combined fee for all 3 would exceed £70m. Sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it…

During the summers past, I’d foolishly think to myself, “This year will be different. Wenger has to make some waves in the market”. I get all caught up in the idea of a spending spree. I’ve already started doing the same this year, and the season isn’t even over. A drastic change to our parsimonious, bargain hunting policy is highly unlikely. Dropping £70m on three players would be as surprising as waking up tomorrow morning to find my cat has learnt the entire Portuguese language overnight.

We all know it won’t happen. But those three players are ideal, and they’d certainly up our chances of winning some silverware. There I go again, getting all excited…

As is frequently stated, a great deal hinges on our final league position. Beating Norwich has done us no harm at all, and victory tomorrow against Everton would leave us sitting pretty with points already accumulated and on the board.  The mentality of the team will play as great a part as the performances, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlian agrees. Speaking recently, he said:

“The fact that we did it last season definitely helps our confidence to do it again this season.”

“We really have built that team spirit, solidarity and winning mentality. We never give up,”

“To come back from a goal down in the last few minutes is brilliant and it gives us a massive boost, massive confidence and a massive three points looking forward to the end of the season.”

There’s no doubting Everton will offer a sterner test than Norwich, and we certainly don’t want to be allowing them a head start. Being able to recover and salvage deficits is a good ability to possess, but one that I’d prefer we only had to use on occasion. Too often Arsenal allow themselves to fall behind.

Tomorrow’s post will cover that game in greater detail, and I’ll bring you as much team news as I can get my grubby little paws on. Until then, thanks for reading you beautiful bastards.

The comments section below here awaits your delicious views and opinions. The £70m fairytale: Do you think there’s a chance it could happen? Let me know.

12 thoughts on “Goetze and friends for £70m, confidence in the squad and early Everton views.”

  1. All this 70M news are bull shits. This kind of news have been there for long time in every season. We know Arsenal has money to spend. But they won’t do. Bcs they have money loving owner and profit making board. As a fan i don’t think Arsenal will spend money especially if they get CL birth because Arsenal is looking only for CL birth. They are getting what they are looking for, CL birth. Then why they want to spend more ???

  2. I can see a 50m spend with 20M bonuses on player performance. As on next season Arsenal will get 30M bumper in Tv Rights, Kit Deal 20-25M, Emirates Deal 30M per season.

  3. Much rather it didn’t happen. Götze is a great player but plays very much like a No. 10 in the Cazorla role. He does play on the right wing at times but he ends up drifting in all the time. 30m can be spent in other areas.

    L. Bender is an excellent DM but he is unproven on the biggest stage and may not necessarily fit our style of play. May not be compatible next to Wilshere/Arteta and he is not world class yet, meaning he should not be worth anywhere near 20m??around half that is much more reasonable.

    Lewandowski however is very much the kind of striker we need to get back in the thick of the action. A pure No. 9 with pace, power and finishing ability, he will not come cheap. Buying him would represent a real coup and he will cost around 20-25m if he wants to leave BVB for AFC. I do wish Wenger take Podolski into consideration when evaluating the striker position at Arsenal because Poldi’s shots-to-goals ratio is the best in the world.

  4. you are obsoletely correct cin ,,,,,,,, we are as a fan we really want quality players in the squid but AFC is not that kind of club…… they always sell quality players and buy average players like previous season that mean I’m still really in confuse ………….can Arsenal manager spend that amount of money to improve the squad ???????????? i would say no ………because manager looking for cheap player with big effect on the club but now days everyone is cleaver than arsen wanger ……past is gone no more 2002 and like past days……. we are now challenging situation if you want to win something manager and club must change all the old policy and bring quality players otherwise it’s already too much as a fan waiting for some trophies ……….and I’m sure if AFC don’t win anything they will loose fan day by day………………..come on do something ………..best of luck for summer transfer window. AFC Fan………………….

  5. I have heard time nad time again (not sure how true it is) that we have done a Podolski with Jovetic and he has already signed a pre-contract with us, but it has a ‘get out clause’ and that is that we have to be in the CL or he can look elsewhere. That is why (not only money) it is imperative that we get into the top 4 this season. Wenger has already said in no uncertain terms that the top 4 this season will decide what players he will get for the the next season. I think this is a telling sign from wenger. He said the last season it would be also. Do you think we coul have gotten Cazorla if we were not in the CL?

    So for once i believe wenger (especially now that even Dein has said on more than one occaision) that wenger is gonna spend well this summer. I don’t think it necessarily means spending BIG like 45m for Falcao, but spending right and maybe breaking a few transfer records for our club like £23-25m for Jovetic etc.

  6. It’d be good to see Jovetic coming in and I certainly hope that’s correct. Right not does not seem like the right time to buy Goetze – who is going to move out? Probably Arteta, and nobody really wants that as of yet. I’d say we buy three players for a maximum of 50m, provided players are going out. 70m is hardly pennies, player retention and development just as important for me.

  7. The bottom line is we will not spend very much this summer, especially if we make the CL.. that good ol’ “Fourth Place Trophy” will make the board pleased but not us fans – but they have shown time and again that is not something they care about. Wenger will continue to be stubborn as an ox and tow the line the board wants him to, and that includes continuing the policy of selling and bringing in mediocre talent who are just good enough to keep us hovering under the Manchester clubs. Be a long time before we see silverware again, fellow Gooners…

    1. Geez you couldn’t be more negative if you tried. Even Dein said wenger will spend and i am sure Dein is more privvy to the goings on with Wenger and Arsenal than you are. What do you honestly think Arsenal is gonna do with all the excess money with the new deals sit on it and create billions in the bank whilst the club fails. Even if you are a greedy business man you know this is stupid because success brings more money deals etc so you want your team to succeed so they can bring in more revenue. The money in the bank has to be there as collateral as they are required to keep a certain amount to cover expenses for running the stadium and keep some against the debt. Money will be spent trust me…………..even Dein has changed his stance, before he was saying Wenger was restricted and dont jump on his back, now he is saying Wenger will spend big this summer. I know who i would believe between you and him!

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