Grzegorz Krychowiak’s Release Clause…

Seville brace themselves…

Morning, folks. 

Here we are, Friday morning. At some point during the morning/afternoon we’ll have a press conference and information about the team news for Sunday’s game. 

Having suffered the indignation of blowing out of our arses when the moment mattered, there will be questions – questions sure to be bleated towards our manager by journalists itching to stirs things up. 

As I stated recently, today’s ” presser” should be short and sweet; tell them who’s available to play and who’s not and get the f*ck out, Arsene. Alternatively, I’d rather enjoy it if Arsene calmly walked into the room, sat behind his microphone and laid a gun on the table. 

Make for an interesting first question…

Until that time, as I’m an early morning poster, we’ll have to make do with transfers rumours. Good ol’ transfer rumours. “Yippee!” I hear you collectively yelp, what a wonderful time to be alive. 

The man in question is Grzegorz Krychowiak – he of the bloody difficult to say last name. In fact, I’ve taken to referring to him as the dolphin player since Daniel Cowan pointed out on the Goonersphere Podcast that listening to football fans try to correctly say his surname sounds like the call of a dolphin. 

He’s currently plying his trade as a defensive midfielder for Seville and he has a release clause in his contract. If you add those two things toethger, the logical outcome is a move to Arsenal. Well, if you’ve a tabloid rag or website that requires traffic it’s the easiest of conclusions to arrive at. 

It’s probably an enormous pile of hogwash. He’s a good player from what little I know of him, but it’s supposedly the fee and not his qualities as a player that’s putting Arsene off. Over the past two seasons we’ve seen our manager pay the money for the right player, so I’m inclined to think he’d do it if he was certain of the players ability. 

It’s probably total balls anyway, so I would advise you pay it no attention whatsoever. 

I’m going to keep things short and sweet as my iMac has just gone to sh*t and typing on a tablet makes my fingers hurt. Bloody Apple…

The comments await your thoughts, you wonderful people. I wish to know all your thoughts on the subject. I’ll look forward to reading what nuggets of wonderment you leave for me.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more about the upcoming weekend’s football. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. 

9 thoughts on “Grzegorz Krychowiak’s Release Clause…”

  1. tippy tappee Arsen of the ” a cohesive team is better than bringing in new players” I definately might not be bringing in new players. reminds me of that advert where at half time the podgy player sweeps all the health food off the table and quaffs the lager.Some of the current crop need passes to leave the old folks home to attend the game.Just maybe Arsen is building a cretch for all the babies he has bought to train as tippy tappees. All THOSE MISSED CHANCES IN FRONT OF GOAL,SITTERS. Arsenal players please note ,a secret, the goal is that thing with a net hanging over it and your supposed to get the ball between the posts without hitting the goalkeeper.

  2. I hate being linked with good players now,as it usually means that we won’t get them!… Last 3 world class players caught us all out.. Cech,Sanchez,& ozil were mainly off the radar.. Peace&love fellow goners

  3. Thanks for the tips outsider! I’m sure Alexis no where to hit the ball. No gooner will use word “tippy tappee” to describe our football. You sounds like Gary Neville in action.

  4. Hi all!
    Long time reader first time writer.
    Krychowiak or CRY CHO Viak (Might be easier to pronounce) looks good in the limited amount of games ive seen him in.
    is Draxler going to happen?

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