Hansen, Gerrard, Jimmy Saville; Your Boys Took One Hell of A Beating.

Michael Thomas. Hero.

Greeting, fair peruser.

Today marks the anniversary of Anfield ’89.

Beneath the plethora of tat I’ve accumulated over the years on my travels lurked the DVD of that very event and I watched it in bed last night (without the accompaniment of masturbatory bliss, before any of you nefarious scallywags makes the assumption…). There’s so much that stands out; the swagger of the Liverpool players who assumed they’d won, that fabulous away kit Arsenal wore, my wincing every time the ball was passed back to John Lukic as I’d completely forgotten the pass-back rule wasn’t introduced at that time.

Most of all, I recall the sensation that match gave me as a child. Utter breathless euphoria swept over me once Thomas had “charged” through the midfield to snatch victory from Liverpool’s grasp in the most spectacular way. 

A while ago, I wrote a piece on the subject for the wonderful The Arsenal Collective – a silly conglomeration of words that perfectly sums up how I feel about that day (even if I do regularly forget it was on a Friday night). Should you feel the urge to do so, you can indulge in such silliness by clicking here.

The piece – I really hate referring to stuff I’ve written as a “piece”, it sounds so conceited – in question is from my perspective as a young man in primary education surrounded by swarms of Liverpool fans baying for victory. I hope you’ll enjoy it and take a moment to further peruse The Arsenal Collective as it’s truly a fabulous delve into the the thoughts and insights of fellow fans.

I think I’ll keep in short today as I’ve got numerous tasks relentlessly pestering me for completion. I’ll leave you with a polite gentleman’s nod toward the handy comments section in which I urge you to pour out every last drop of sentiment.  The 26th of May 1989 is a date that means the world to Gooners across the globe, celebrate it folks. Something so utterly perfect and wonderful may only come along once in a lifetime.

I shall be back tomorrow with more of my customarily prosaic dross . Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “Hansen, Gerrard, Jimmy Saville; Your Boys Took One Hell of A Beating.”

  1. i was 12 at that time at my grans house in south africa. i read the article about this team needing to win by 2 clear goals to win the league. i stayed up that night to watch the game and support the underdogs. 25 gooner years later i still remember that night like it was the other day. my wife never understands my passion supporting a team that is abroad. the saying is true your first love will never die…

  2. I remember that night so well, as when Thomas scored that goal, my brother who is a ‘BIN DIPPER’, collapsed on the floor in anguish & disbelief, whilst i danced/jumped, ran all over the house screaming like a demented chimp on ecstacy. By the time i’d finished, the full time whistle went….and i was off again. Never, have i enjoyed winning a particular league game as much as that…and never, have i not reminded the ‘BIN DIPPER’ about it since!!!

  3. I remember it like yesterday
    I was at my football club’s end of season bash and I excused myself from the speeches and sat in my car listening to the last 15 minutes on the radio
    Never been so tense in my life after the final whistle I ran round the car park like some demented lunatic, calmed myself down and calmly walked back into the hotel, sat back down and waited for the speeches to finish and cool as a cucumber stood up and said ” not sure if anybody is interested but Arsenal just beat Liverpool 2-0″ sat back down with the biggest shit eating grin I could muster and watched the 15 or so Liverpool fans go absolutely fucking mental wondering if I was bullshitting or not
    Absolutely fucking priceless

  4. @Mav361, that’s brilliant! 26th May, 1989 was three months before I was born but I have a DVD collection of Arsenal’s history and I can imagine how that league triumph felt like.

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