Has Robin van Persie told Arsenal he wants to leave? He has according to reports in the press.

The Arsenal players played to do their best to prevent Robin leaving...

Morning folks. I’m the bearer of (alleged) bad news today.

If you’ve not read the story featured in The Mirror, here are the main parts of intrigue and sorrow:

It was with great regret that Van Persie informed Arsenal that at the age of 28 he believes the time is right to bring his eight-year association with the club to an end.

He has picked up just one solitary FA Cup winners‚?? medal in his time at Arsenal and, after netting 30 Premier League goals this season, Van Persie is eager to finish his career with more silverware.

This is not a financial decision. He did not even allow Arsenal to get as far as offering the £130,000-a-week new deal they had drawn up. Even increasing those figures is unlikely to do any good.

Now, before I get into opinions and such, I’d like to state that I rate the validity of this story at 40-60 against it being true. For all the information it gives, it offers little in the way of evidence or direct quotation. For all intents and purposes; it’s nothing more than unimaginative, speculative drivel designed to attract those of us hungry for information. It will do exactly that, and do it well.

However, it cannot be ignored. There is enough of a possibility that’s it’s accurate. Let’s be honest here; it’s certainly a likely scenario.

So for a moment, I’ll assume that it is true.

First of all; I would like for Robin to come out an explain his decision – one way or the other. If he wants to leave to pursue a new chapter in his career, I wouldn’t begrudge him that for a second. His form and captaincy have both been nothing short of phenomenal. I’d wish him all the best. It’s the waiting and procrastination that irks me so. At the very least, he owes those of us that worshipped him, and the club that supported him through countless injuries, a reasonable explanation.

Secondly, if his mind is made up; sell him. Put a price on him, and offer him to as many clubs on the continent as possible. ¬£25m, and he’s yours. Keeping him to the final year of his contract is pointless. He won’t be 100% committed to Arsenal, and the wages he earns should go to someone who is. Do it as soon as possible. We made huge blunders with Nasri and Fabregas by playing an ill-advised waiting game, and our early season form suffered. ¬†Those mistakes cannot be repeated.

Lastly, let’s go out and replace him. We cannot afford to wait until his transfer is completed. Let’s go after the boss’ targets, and get them. No buying on the cheap, no haggling for prices. None of that. Get them in plenty of time for pre-season. If Robin leaves, we’ll need at least another striker and an excellent attack-minded midfielder to fill the void. We’ll need to splash the cash, too. Arsenal will need to make a huge statement of intent, not only to appease the fans, but to show the rest of the league we still mean business.

That’s my opinion on the whole situation. Of course, if I had any say-so in the matter, ¬†I’d love him to stay. At the end of the day, when my rational head comes into play; I don’t believe anything I read until it’s accompanied by undoubtable confirmation. The Mirror piece has none of that. We all knew this was coming over the summer. We all knew the saga would run and run. The final resolution remains a mystery to all of us.

My advice would be simply to remember this; We are Arsenal. We are not Robin van Persie. His departure would be made out to be the end of the club. It wouldn’t be anything of the sort. We survived the loss of plenty before him, we would survive him just the same.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. I look forward to reading some of your views in the comments. You can follow me on Twitter @_ArmchairGooner

39 thoughts on “Has Robin van Persie told Arsenal he wants to leave? He has according to reports in the press.”

  1. Well said. Arsenal is greater than any one player; that said, I will definitely be devastated if this is true. I don’t trust the Mirror for one second, but, as you wrote, it’s obviously a scenario we have to face as possible and perhaps probable. If RvP leaves, I really hope we pursue Clint Dempsey hard (well I hope that regardless) ‚?? said not just as an American, but because he’s a fine striker, wants out of Fulham, and has been linked to us in the past. In any case, good piece.

  2. Are going to blame Robin?no.our board are nt awesome..it’s a shame if wenger wl adhere to all this.To buy is a problem,to sell not their problem.

  3. i am sure diaby will have a fine season then he will be off in the summer
    arsenal fc is their academy and rehabilitation centre as soon they are back on their feet its time for good bye. bog off robin!
    problems mounting for arsene wenger, he’s stuck with bad players and the good ones are leaving and he can’t replace them.
    don’t blame the board for everything, wenger is also guilty. he’s keeping all these useless players. he can have a firesale get rid of them all and 3 good players with our top young players ie coquelin,ryo. afobe and chamberlain we will survive.

  4. Well, why do you thunk they slapped a media ban on him? Ofc they won’t come out and say it or listen to offers before they have a replacement done, that would just bedaft for soo many reasons

  5. Morning,
    Although i understand where your coming from, but don’t you think you are jumping the gun a little bit and making a mountain out of a mole hill. Van Persie signed a contract he owes nobody anything, he has not requested a transfer as far as i know and he also has not shied away from he’s duties at the club, Robin has done everything that he signed to do, and as far as he is concerned he is still contracted for another season. When Van Persie signed his last contract as far as i know, Arsenal only wanted it for a set time that suited Arsenal and also Van Persie. Because he has had a very good season and if he should want to leave at the end of his time then he could get a very good deal if his form continued. Van Persie is not owned by Arsenal only contracted to them so Arsenal have no rights to recieve anything what Robin has done if only for the last year, is to do what it says on the tin and that is he has delivered. Robin Van Persie is being made out a villian for not commiting himself at the moment but he is also not out of work till the end of next season, so why do we worry about it so much. Because Van Persie is now valued at around ¬£30 million the thought of missing out on a bumper payout has put the frighteners on Arsenal but had Robins form been woefull he would have been kicked out of the door as quickly as anything. Contracts are set up for the protection of the player and the club and if a player should see out his contract he has done everything that was expected of him. If Robin should decide to sign a new extension to his old contract good luck to him but should he wait till the end i would wish him well for fullfilling what he signed for.
    As far as Cesc Fabregas is concerned we knew he would leave it wasn’t a suprise Wenger asked him to stay another year and begrudgingly he did, but he made it clear that was the last year and that he wanted to end his contract, he did nothing wrong the reason it was left so late is that Arsenal was squeezing every penny that they could get, but he was always going even if he did have to spend some of his own money. Nasri and Clichey soley for the wages, they left for more as you and i would have.

  6. Wenger should not repeat same mistakes he dd last year, why hold him? Sell him and use the money to another striker early. AW seem to be traitor sometime, i dont see the reason why selling at high price but you just want to buy chip unexperienced prayers. This is rubish, wenger be serious, are not ashamed of urself 7 yrs trophieless!

  7. First of all, a lot has been made of Van Persie’s delay in signing an extension to his contract, and it is Arsenal to blame. Having had the same scenario last summer with Nasri, they should never have allowed this to happen again. Never! The Dutchman should’ve been given a new contract during the time Nasri was preparing to leave. They didn’t, and now it has come to this. In my tribe we have a saying that ‘an old woman who can’t run after her grandson to punish him for doing wrong, waits to do so at dinner, when the grandson can’t run anymore’. Van Persie has now targeted Arsenal ‘at dinner’ when must now bow to his demands with so many suitors hovering

    Secondly, Van Persie shouldn’t complain so much about Arsenal’s failure to win trophies, because he is partly responsible for that. He has been at the club for 8 years now, but this is the only season he has stayed injury-free, and made manifest his true abilities. I’m sure if he hadn’t been plagued by injuries, Arsenal would surely have won a trophy or two. He still owes Arsenal fans a great deal, doesn’t he?

    However, if he’s hell-bent and indeed intent on leaving, let him be granted his wish, and may the good Lord bless him wherever he will go. This would however mean serious investment. Giroud, Llorente, Cavani, Falcao, Jan Huntelaar, among others should then be the names Wenger should pick the skipper’s successors, alongside world-beater playmakers like Gotze, Eriksen, Hazard, Hamsik et al to pick from.
    Van Persie must not hold Arsenal to ransom. If he wants to sign, let him sign, if he wants to leave, let him be straight forward, and Arsenal should act quickly before too long.

    1. i can’t agree with you on this. Arsenal had tried to convince Nasri to stay but chose to delay contract talks. he purposely postponed any talk just to piss us off and get better deal. again, we are still in the dark over those deals so we can’t appropriately say we aren’t doing anything. so best bet is to brace these nonsense for 3 months. lets hope we add some muscles regardless whether RvP and Theo sign extension. that is the most important.

  8. Nobody is indispensable! Its a good thing if he decides to go now, as age is not on his side. Let boss act fast and sell him to pave way for another attacker before pre season starts. So, we wont exprience same as the time of Nasri and Cesc. Thanks.

  9. in case he leaves, (screw arsenal’s board ) arsenal fans must go for revolution and try to change the ownership of the club. from what i c arsenal going down.

  10. you know what i think? it’s a complete rubbish. no one apart from Arsene Wenger, RvP and his agent knew what had been discussed in the meeting. we all know how we handle deals, take Rosicky for instance. he had been offered a deal back in January but only announced it mid March. where were those ITK and know-it-all journalists? not one knew it had taken place a couple of months before the announcement. if we keep it under wrap doesn’t mean nothing has been made. i don’t believe a single word saying Arsene hasn’t done enough to convince his captain to stay. he, among many, knows exactly how important it is to keep the captain and other key players in the squad. but if he indeed goes, then it must his time to leave. we will, like always, endure whatever might come in our path.

  11. I too, agree. If the Mirror rumouur seems to be spot on, let Le Boss grant him his wish.
    Arsenal will never fade because of his departure. Same was said last season about Cesc and Samir. Though we started badly due to false hopes of seeing both of them changing their minds about leaving, we got back to a decent team in the mid season and ended up grabing 3rd spot. Honestly, we played well when one thinks how badly we started.
    Having said all that, Van Persie is a good player and has been good to us during his ternure with the team. His best was this season when he was injury free and managed to score 37 times.
    If Robin was fair, he should look back when he was injured, whenArsenal never dumped him but kept him as Le Boss believed in
    him. He was also the first one to comment positively about Podolski which gave US hope that he is looking forward to play alongside with him.
    He is replaceable. A perfect replacement for him will be Demba Ba.

  12. It takes two parties to form a contract. Arsenal cannot make anyone sign a contract. I think they have tried hard with all of our superstars who have left, but in all cases the superstars doubled their money. We cannot compete on wages. If RVP signs a contract it will be testament to the man that we think he is. If he doesn’t, we should try to find the best replacement. With podolski we have an able striker. He would need back up but with ox, ryo, afobe etc coming through, the striker will get plenty of service.



  14. He may be a great player but before we get all teary eyed saying what a great man he is let remember who paid his wages while he sat in the recovery room for half his 8 years.
    yet again no loyaly from a player however good he may be!

  15. I don’t see why some are looking at this alleged story in a negative way. Don’t we all want to see the club competitive and winning trophies? how will this ever going to happen again without serious investment in good proven players? RVP is the proud club captain, we know he loves the club, we know his family are settled in london, he doesn’t want to leave, he wants the club to show ambition and give him a real chance to win trophies. What’s wrong with that?? it’s not about money, so the ball is in the club’s court, if they want to keep him they know what they have to do, and that is what all fans want the club to do, if they don’t then who can blame him for leaving?? To me he is tryin to change the club’s strategy that has evidently failed miserably over the past seven years, and that can only be a positive.It shows he is a true fan and that he cares for the club and where it is going.

  16. He wants to win Things.With the current owner and boards policy of profit before silverware who can blame him.Man City will inprove there squad this summer along with Chelsea,Man U.The club is in a mess and the only savior is the Russian with bags full of cash so we can buy quality players.
    Still not convinced that Wenger is the man to take us forward either
    There will be no more singnings this summer apart from maybe a cheap loan deal and an unknown player from the French 3rd division.
    RVP will leave and we will be left with having to play Poldolski for 50 games as we have no other striker.as the season get to xmas and our injurys pile up Wenger will again use this as an excuse.
    Nothing will change with the current set up

  17. @dropgoal
    i’ve only just bought my first computer, and i don’t know how to do capital letters. i know this sounds silly but can you advise me please, then my posts will look important like yours. thanking you in advance.

  18. hmmm…well i thought this site was a bit better than buying into shite and drivel from lowly source such as the mirror. C’mon man…just let go of the RvP stories until after euros…please and for all the fools that come out bashing arsenal and wenger, actually i dont even know what to say apart from morons.
    The thing i do agree with james is that no player is bigger than arsenal and we’ll be ok…so stop giving these tabloid jokers exactly what they’re after!

      1. good to hear…because i couldn’t be more certain that this is entirely fabricated and made up. Clearly its just their little “spin” on RvP not signing initially to get a few more clicks.
        clearly he was offered something from Arsenal and its pretty obvious RvP said i want to see whats happening transfer wise before we discuss much more.
        People rant about how arsenal should have done it before now…but remember robin all season said he doesn’t want to talk just play and deal with it at the end of the season. And last summer there were a few more pressing issues such as the two little cry babies that ran away for “sweeter milk”
        So don’t worry about addressing things that might happen til they happen. cause right now we should be focussing as a club at addressing a few weaknesses (DM and an AM/Winger that may even play as a forward)

  19. see….i just realised something. Most of the important players left because they wanted to play among stars and win…..wenger is on d recieveing end from fans and the players….he is frustrated as well and has refuse to extend his own contract.my guts tell me that wenger will not renew his contract and wll leave come 2014. This nothing compard to that..

  20. Wenger go and another players of class like him and let him go. Arsenal will lift the trophies next year. I know van persie will regret leaving Arsenal FC.

  21. Wenger go and get another players of class like him and let him go. Arsenal will lift the trophies next year. I know van persie will regret leaving Arsenal FC.

  22. ive been saying for sometime now that one player isnt bigger than the club,but in rvp he is so when one player has so much power he has to go,id be sad if he went to another prem team but we have to remeber 8 season but i think only full seasons so hes due a injury and this time it could be bad,every injury hes picked up has been when playing for holland and with the euros coming soon i think its time for him to miss 6-8 months of football,id replace him with giroud and if possible suarez with vertonghen and give mvilla 1 week to make his mind up then go for pland b that toulose bloke who i believe is as good but cheaper and as a playmaker marvin marlin is a better player than hazard so with then5 players and let chelski have theo we can have kalou(free)hoillet-nzozie from rovers then we will be real title hopefuls!!in wenger we should trust!

  23. vanpersie why whe all like u please stay wil assure u that whe wil carry trophie if u go nw who wil do u are the one that can do it and less whe do it please am begging u

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