Have Arsenal bid for Matias Suarez (?), Henry’s return is official and other bits of stuff

Hello everyone. How are you today? Is the weather as blustery and unpleasant in your place of residence as it is in mine?

Now that I’ve returned and we’re all back on speaking terms, I’ll plough straight ahead into the latest transfer speculation. Yesterday saw the emergence of one of those ‘Twitter rumours’ that seem so regular these days. I’m yet to see a reputable source come forth with a conformation that Arsenal have made a bid for Anderlecht striker Matias Suarez (no relation to the Uruguayan head of the KKK).

Like you, most likely, my initial question was “who?” and then I typed his name into YouTube, only to find a badly-edited montage of his career high points – Christopher Nolan, these people are not (Incidentally, I’ve seen the 6 minute prologue to The Dark Knight Rises and it’s got me bursting to the point of extreme bladder weakness with excitement. And I understood Bane just fine).

Twitter rumours spread like wild fire. They’re mostly complete balls… Mostly.

However, a 24-year-old Argentine none of us knew existed, with a decent but not spectacular scoring record in a weaker division than our own, who’d probably go for a reasonable price does sound exactly like an Arsene Wenger signing. According to what I’ve read he’s is comfortable operating as either a striker or a winger – that set my alarm bells ringing almost immediately.

But that’s speculative and probably I’ll-conceived drivel. Let’s focus on the one signing we have made, albeit a temporary one.

Thierry is back. He may be 34 and lacking the burst of lightning pace he once had, but as far as stop-gaps go, an all-time record goalscorer and legend of the club isn’t bad. He’ll certainly give us a better option than Chamakh or Park, and he’s bound to bring a plethora of excitement to fans and players alike.

It’s a good deal, but only if it’s not our only deal. The squad needs bolstering, that’s a fact as obvious as Daybreak. Let’s hope the powers that be don’t dither and falter this time around, and we move to address such a glaring flaw.

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4 thoughts on “Have Arsenal bid for Matias Suarez (?), Henry’s return is official and other bits of stuff”

  1. why si it that Arsene wenger don’t always like to sign players while others managers are signing? its baffles me some time the money is not for him and he is not willing to win trophy how can you now expect big players to come? how can you now expect the big one to stay? like nasri did, fabregas, clingy, so we are tire of the man ok please i wish i can have his phone numbers to talk to him direct

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