Interminable f**king Redknapp dross, a bit of blathering and not a great deal else.

Good morning to you, beloved souls. Welcome to today’s post – and the now-regular time of 9am everyday. I put a naughty word in the title; I hope the news aggregators don’t tell me off. They can be strict and acerbic, them folks.

I sometimes wonder how my posts are received by you lovely people. In my head, delirious yelps of joy and anticipation accompany clicking onto the link. In reality, following said link probably leads to slumped faces of disappointment and exclamations of “Jesus… not this poncey buffoon and his ridiculous whittering again”.

Truth be told; recognition isn’t something I covet all that much when I take a moment to think. Out there in the vast, glorious world of Arsenal information, there is a plentiful and varied selection of blogs. Reaching the top quota was something I yearned for. However, with that previously mentioned cogitation, I’m quite content to have found my quiet little corner in which to operate. The Armchair Gooner is never going to be a Le Grove, or a Arseblog. It’s doubtful I’ll ever be featuring a Tim Stillman column or receiving invitations from the club to view statue unveilings. The sturm und drang of my incessant Twitter whoring has passed (I’ve been trying, and failing, to get a bit more exposure by pleading and pestering) and I’m settled into a comfortable feeling of knowing my place. And if you’re reading, I’m glad you’ve taken the time to share a bit of cyberspace with me.

All I really have to say regarding news today is “Bleughhh”. Redknapp-this, Cappello-that… Blah blah blah. I might be an English man, but the hullabaloo and perpetual scumbaggery that surround the national team is something I do my best to avoid. It’s just so fucking feckless and offers no interest. You’d have to be clinically insane to openly covet the England manager’s job. Initially, you might gain a few words of praise and kudos, but sooner or later the media are going to turn on you and hound you out of the country like the villagers did to poor old Dr Frankenstein’s monster. Add to that having to spend time with John Terry, and you’ve comfortable the most excruciating means of employment imaginable. Well… aside from being an Apple “genius”.

I genuinely feel sorry for Capello. His record with England is actually very good, and I find it ridiculous that the oh-so fickle public are clamouring for a man with one success in 30-years as the new messiah. Perhaps they ought take a moment to compare Redknapp’s record to Cappello’s. Arsene Wenger himself shares a measure of sympathy for the Italian:

“When the decision came out from the FA, I said that the choice of captain is down to the manager. You (the manager) pick your team, you choose your captain.

“I did not expect such an extreme situation but it looks like there was already some turbulence there and that was just the final straw. I am sad that Capello leaves four months before such an important competition, it is a big blow for England and I am sad for him.”

Other than my rambling, and the circus surrounding England, there’s not much of great note to report – there is a brief story regarding Andrey Arshavin staying at Arsenal that features a few quotes from his agent. Tomorrow I’ll be trying my best to post something informative about the Sunderland game. Until then, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Take a moment to comment and follow my Twitter account – @Puddleduck1978.

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  1. I like to comment abuse on blogs as I am a gigantic fucking moron with no social skills. My uncle used to touch me in the night.

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