Higuain, and again, and again, and again. Oh yeah – and Mannone.

“I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries”

Morning folks.

Today’s picture is dedicated to Paddy and his splendid contribution to yesterday’s comments. The insult may not have been his own, but it was a quote from one of my favourite films of all time. I couldn’t help but love it.

Right. News…

There isn’t much.

Most of what I see is filler. I’m as guilty of that as anyone. When you commit yourself to blogging every day, it is easy to overlook just how difficult that can be. Repetition comes into play. It’s a tricky task to come up with something new or inspiring every single day of the week. Sometimes, the only option is to rattle on about nothing in particular and hope no one will actually notice.

Like now, for example. All I’m essentially doing is writing inane paragraphs about how inane my paragraphs are. Doing so, I secretly hope my honesty will inspire admiration and not a blood-curdling desire to hunt me down and render me lifeless. Really, I’m just talking bollocks.

There are a few murmurs out there in the gloriously vast Arsenal community about Gonzalo Higuain. Higuain, Higuain, Higuain; it’s all anyone seems to be able to talk about. Some impatient characters are screaming bloody murder at every second that passes without an announcement. Others are simply sitting back and waiting for what they see as inevitable.

Personally, I think we will sign him, but I would not be as bold as to stake a hefty wager on it. Summers passed have taught us only too well that deals can turn south on Arsenal at a moments notice. I still cling to the belief that an entirely different scenario will present itself this time around. The Club appears eager to go big, and there will be incomings. Perhaps we should all show a touch more patience, and judge the outcome once the window is nearing closure. The bloody thing isn’t even open until Monday.

When July 1st arrives, I imagine there will be a select few drooling rabidly onto their keyboards, threatening the entire Arsenal back-room staff with violent sodomy because no earth-shattering official confirmations have been made in the first 35 minutes.

One player who looks certain to leave is Vito Mannone (I find it profoundly annoying when he is referred to as “Don” Vito). The Italian stopper is looking to join Sunderland, and that deal is said to be “close”. How close is open to debate. For all we know he could hovering a pen flirtatiously above a contract and exclaiming “Woahhh, nearly” every time he gets near to signing.

If/when he does leave, it should be with the best wishes of all at Arsenal. During the few times he’s been granted a run in the first team, he’s acquitted himself well and never let us down. He might lack what it takes to become an established keeper for a so-called “big” team, but he will certainly do a job for someone else. Good luck to him.

And that’s me done for today. Drop me a comment below, drop me several. It’s always nice to interact with the folks that stop by to read this drivel. I shall hope to see a fair few today.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

26 thoughts on “Higuain, and again, and again, and again. Oh yeah – and Mannone.”

  1. There’s been too much talk rumour mongering that I see us loosing all the players its predicted we will sign. I have no hope anymore because if we are serious, we should have signed 2 of them by now…

      1. Hope and optimism I have….just quietly. As you know it’s a frustrating thing being a Gooner in transfer times. I wait with the rest to be pleasantly surprised.

  2. hilarious… Dont wori i wont shoot u, u made some sense after all.. I hope d higuain (or any new striker) deal works out asap…

  3. Same old arsenal I’ve been gooner. For 38 years I don’t understand why they don’t sign anyone it is very upseting is it going to be the same as every year or what very frustrated gooner hope we do cheers to everyone.

  4. have lost interest in the transfer window as we would see Arsene going to get players below standard. i believe the higuain deal is only used to make fans calm down

  5. Good to know it’s not only us mere mortal fans that are suffering from the monotony of the Higuain saga…it’s all becoming very M’Vila-esque. Like yourself no bold wagers will be coming from here but I sit with a quiet optimism that something different is indeed coming from the Arsenal camp. And as with so many thousands of others, I will be bitterly disappointed if the promises and hope turn out to be nothing but smoke and mirrors with nothing but Diaby returning and a couple of young French starlets to show for the summer. I share your view on Mannone, I thought he did well when asked, as did Fabianski this time round. I’m still on the fence with Szczęsny these days, there’s just something lacking and he is desperate for a mentor but is arrogant enough to feel he doesn’t. Anyway, I’m in danger of overtaking your blog, suffice to say thank you as always, I hope you fine lot of bloggers will have something other than the Higuain ‘will he, won’t he’ saga to report soon. I live in hope.

  6. I think if we do sign higuin and sanogo Wenger will go back to a 4-4-2 and have 2 like for like partnerships of giroud/sanogo as target men and higuin/theo as the Henry type striker able to start deep or from the foot of the last defender. As for the wings I think we’ll play santi on the left and arteta on the right. Wilshere and Fellaini in the centre.

  7. I don’t get where all this arsenal wont sign anyone myth comes from? last season we signed cazorla, podolski, giroud, monreal and iliev. The season before it was jenkinson, santos, mertesacker, arteta, benayoun, gervinho, chamberlain, park and Campbell.
    That’s 14 players in two seasons, 10 of which were full internationals whilst two of the other 4 have become full internationals since joining arsenal, one is now an under 21 international, whilst arteta has to be the best uncapped international there has ever been.

    1. @Atid,
      I get your drift. Just like you I’ve always felt agitated every time people create the impression that Wenger or rather Arsenal doesn’t sign people. The last couple of seasons have seen great names come in. Even though realities today show we need to go one step further as our famed indebtedness reduces, it must be understood that we cannot – Wenger cannot just sign everybody out there just to message our egos.

  8. Different day same …. And the waiting continues, hell we’ve been waiting for eight years for silverware, why not a couple of weeks for signings.

  9. Good luck to Mannone. A very solid keeper and I enjoyed watching him play on the rare opportunities he was given the start

  10. It’s apt to Wenger to save his image-no, life-by signing big and this must start with the ‘Hig’. It’s stil fresh in our memories how baba Wenger almost died of heart attack by the touchline, following how his quality-depleted squad struggled to hold on to a miraculous top 4 EPL finish last season. Wenger’s life and death this season will depend on what and who he signs, Higuan the root of it all.

  11. I see wenger signing same old average players like we are used to. Higuain, felaini are a all smoke screen. Remember Y’ m villa?

  12. I’m a bit surprised that you always complain about having nothing to write about but you haven’t even mentioned the Confederations cup!

  13. Seems like I missed all the fun yesterday, lucky you!
    As for Ze movies, we all know The Godfather trilogy was/is better than sliced bread, if you don’t agree well, jump off a cliff, my two yens.

  14. But seriously comeon, let’s not act as if arsenal would self destruct if we fail to sign any ‘top,top quality’ player during this transfer window.

    I mean what’s the worst that could happen, am curious. Because the way I see it we would probably end up struggling to win matches during the course of the season but still end up finishing in the top four.

    Worst case scenario we finish 5th, lose champions league revenue and erm I guess that’s about it, no earth shattering repercussions. Having said that i wouldn’t mind if AW moved ‘upstairs’ as a director of football(or some other fancy position that has nothing to do with football) i.e IF we fail to sign the elusive top, top, top …. Fuck it

    Btw, Mvilla’ and higuain’s transfer saga certainly has a lot of similarities but there’s one major difference, Gonzalo’s dad and brother(both his agents) have already admitted that Arsenal made a ‘strong offer’ for their client/son/brother, you get my point – So just lay off the Wenger bashing for now.

  15. Give us higuain or we shall continue to saay..NEE!

    Couldn’t resist..but give it another week and I’m forming a posse to head over to madrid to do just that

  16. I do wanna but what’s the point in covering old ground.
    We need Higuain , he wants to come but we won’t get him cos our tight fisted boss won’t spend the extra 37 pence he will need to for Madrid to say Yes.
    Higuain is doing more to push the transfer through than Wenger is.
    Says it all.
    Oh well , new era next season when our boss who won’t spend other people’s money leaves for Paris for HIS OWN MONEY.

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