Higuain gets away, angry Liverpool fans and general waffles.

Sky’s production team patiently waited for the internet to implode.

Morning, folks.

Typing the title for today raised a chuckle. It is with sincerity I hope that somewhere out there resides an American military strategist by the name “General Waffles”.

You’ve got to remain upbeat and laugh about things, don’t you? Seemingly not if you’re a fan of Liverpool. They’re a touchy bunch at the best of times, drastically more so if their star player, one whom they have stoutly defended in the past, looks eager to move on. Things can get incandescent and nasty if his destination is a rival team.

To an extent, the frustration and anger is understandable. The feeling of desperation and fury when a revered figure of your beloved team looks set to besmirch his reputation by forcing a move elsewhere is not something unfamiliar to Arsenal fans. We’ve all felt it in some way in the past.

Yet – and I speak only for myself – the urge to plaster blogs and websites with hilariously misplaced rage and ill-thought notions is not a desire that has ever overwhelmed me. That RAWK forum must be in censorship overdrive…

The little news available for digestion today surrounds Gonzalo Higuain. A player who took part in many imaginary medicals at The Emirates has now, it would appear, completed a legitimate one with Napoli. The Italian side have their bank balance boosted by (lots of Bs…) the sale of Edinson Cavani and have moved quickly to replace him, refusing to baulk at Real Madrid’s asking price – inflated, unjust or otherwise.

It all seems so simple when other teams sign players. Perhaps it’s because I’m not embroiled in the epic sagas surrounding their acquisitions, but it would appear everyone else acquires players with minimal fuss whilst Arsenal dither about over the most inane of things.

That may very well not be the case. My limited insider knowledge doesn’t afford me the luxury of knowing precisely how we conduct business. Dick Law could be a master tactician, cunningly waiting for the opportune moment to pounce when all around him are losing their heads. Or, alternatively, he could be a bumbling, senile lummox with the business and negotiating savvy of a plate of dead animals.

There’s no way of being certain. I just wish Arsenal would get a move on. The occasional bout of panic sweeps over me when I witness targets once described as certainties move elsewhere. The potential for our summer dealings being an unmitigated disaster is undeniable, and the Suarez deal is certain to rumble interminably, with resolution only peeking over the horizon some way into August.

At this stage, there is no reason for concern. But as each day passes, we get a little closer to the point where it won’t be unreasonable to question what’s going on. If, say, we get to The Emirates Cup without having added to the squad, then it will be increasingly difficult for me – and, I imagine, other bloggers – to remain cheery and positive in our outlook.

That’s all for today folks. I must leave you now and use this morning to plan for my debut podcast appearance on A Bergkamp Wonderland. I spoke with the guys last night for a brief sound check, and it’s shaping up to be an interesting and enjoyable couple of hours of debate. I’ll post the link tomorrow so you can all hear my dulcet tones and views on the Luis Suarez situation.

In the meantime, be sure to head to the comments and pop down a few of your views in writing. With many of you returning to contribute, it’s increasingly pleasant to swing by on occasion and interact with the folks without whom this blog would just be me talking to myself.

As always: thanks for listening, you beautiful bastards.

28 thoughts on “Higuain gets away, angry Liverpool fans and general waffles.”

  1. f**k off james raul stokes c**t

    liverpool don’t need to sell to lesser team when we are in postion to challenge for league and europe

    1. You right,usually being followed by the police!! lol!! Now don’t get all touchy,you can keep your precious Chipmunk!! He’s already made a mug out Liverpool fans and club,!!!

  2. boo hoo liverpool. welcome to our word of losing our best player every year. cesc, van driver, god 14, overmars, petite………………………………

  3. Just want to commend you on your writing. I’m A Liverpool fan and would love for Suarez to stay but if Arsenal are ready to pay up what Liverpool is asking then fair enough. Not the end of the world.

  4. The annoying thing about this possible deal is the fact that Suarez is banned for the first 6 games…this means Arsenal can afford to let this drag on until the very last day of the window, because he cant play until September anyway.

  5. Ian Wright was a player who often went over the edge in his desire to win. He kicked, punched and spat at opposition players on a semi regular basis. Opposition fans totally detested him but we loved him, why? Because when he was on the pitch he only cared about winning and always gave everything for the shirt. Now I don’t particularly like Suarez, some of his actions have been, put mildly, not nice but I’d have him at this club in a heart beat. If the opposition fans hate one of your players its generally the better the player the more they hate him. And I really hate Suarez which is a good enough reason for me to sign him!

  6. While no 1 can be bothered commenting on yer early morning pack of lies! I hope yer so smug an have the balls to come on when we don’t sell him to yers and you end up looking like the retard as you’s do time after time , an we will all laugh at yers wanting wenger sacked an the board coz no signings

      1. That’s what us lpool fans are saying about Suarez stepping sidewards instead of up the ladder, can understand if it was Madrid ! But arsenal? I would be careful because he literally “BITES THE HAND THAT FEEDS HIM” and will be off after 18 months . And leave a very bad taste around the emirates. Is that any clearer? Ha good luck with him.

    1. maybe with the money you get from the sale of suarez you can temp another world class andy carrol type player for lets say £35 million? p.s. i think maybe your about 15 16 years old with your, yers and yer and cos. maybe the name ratboy says it all

      1. Hello theo.

        I have changed my name because I believe myself to be hilarious. I am not. I am a woefully cretinous individual with all the charisma of a rotting cabbage.

        I apologise for wasting your time, and will now return to my lonely dungeon of hate and resentment.

  7. That was an easy read. I’m a liverpool fan too. Fed up with the money men ruining the game. I hope Suarez goes, but really disappointed with the lack of loyalty from him, especially after the support the club gave him after recent antics. Let him go, but not to Arsenal, I still like them and he will probably just let them down too. Kenny

  8. This silly season is doing my head in, the amount of times we’ve heard Higuain “at the airport” “having medical” etcetcetc is crazy and in the end pure fantasy. Personally I really hope we do sign Suarez, sure he’s mad as a box of frogs but he’s also pure class infront of goal, something, lets face it we are sorely lacking since Van f===ing traitor c===t upped sticks for manure. The contract clause is an interesting point, but surely if the player demands out then he can force the pool’s hand. Surely its better to sell at 40m than have “biter” sat, fuming on the touch line for the most part of the season, refusing to get involved. From what I hear he’s proper pissed at the pool for not letting him go when he wants the transfer… do you really think he’ll do them any favours next season if he’s still there??????? Rodgers – wake up and smell the coffee you dozy twat you are a nobody, you manage a mid-table team in decline and stars don’t like hanging around in mid-table mediocrity
    C’mon you Gunners !!!!

  9. The Higuain to Napoli news does shake the confidence that things are all in hand, but I’m still hopeful. It looks like our new striker will need to compliment our HFB rather than provide a like alternative. I’m not suggesting that Giroud and, say Suarez for the sake of the argument, will spend most of their time on the pitch together but it is a more realistic partnership than Giroud and Higuain.

    I really think there will be good news coming after the tour of Asia. If one player came out and spoke about the need to sign new players and the club did not like this message I’m sure the other players would be told that this is off limits. Players talking up the need for new signings seems like a deliberate ploy to build the tension so the announcement of new arrivals will have maximum impact. God knows how much tension they want if that is the case.

    On the Suarez saga, I watched him play 20 minutes against the mighty Melbourne Victory (*ahem*) last night. Although he popped up with a very nice assist he had the look of a player who didn’t want to be there. It’s a hell of a long way to travel for a bloke on his way out of a club, but he really looked disinterested. It did nothing to ease my concerns about the trouble he would bring to a club.

  10. Morning Raul, folks
    this Suarez’s glance at Rogers when he was about to get on the pitch , it made my day!
    I mean, I saw the documentary about Liverpool’s last pre season tour in America, Rogers is just non-inspiring at all as a coach…, what do you reckon, Liverpool fans ?

  11. We already have world class strikers ( in the plural) Giroud, Podolski, ….. having watched Giroud looking very very good in Asia 🙂 I would like to see Cesar come, he will bring quality, AND help mentor the younger keepers. How bout Fab to QPR in part deal?? with Martinez as our third choice keeper, learning from Cesar??

  12. As usual this backward boy Suarez getting all the headlines,simply put we had more shots than anyone last season and his goals per shots ratio was poor.I know you may laugh but we were a rush,van niistleroy or ian wright away from the top as stats will tell you more chances than any other team and one of the best defensive records only proves in front of goal was the problem.so most of us don’t mind him going even for 40 mill,as long as we spend well and don’t get another carroll,so good luck with him I have always liked arsenal as my family in London support them and i have told them my opinion as I never miss a game they value my opinion but still want him.:-)

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