Higuain is on. No, it’s off now. Hang on – it’s on again. Nope, false alarm…

Kenneth was too far gone into transfer madness.

Morning all.

Today’s post will be short. I’ve just got home from an exhausting shift, and I’m writing for the morning as I’ll have no time to do so when I wake up.  That always confuses me; writing in the present tense when I’m talking to you from the past.


Much of what has crossed my path in news form is wildly contradictory, spurious and downright silly. With Carlos Tevez jetting off to the sunnier climes of Turin, some think the way for Higuain’s move is clear. Others – the bitter swines! –  assume Manchester City are waiting to swoop for the Argentinian forward now they’ve cleared a little squad space.

One minute it’s a certainty, the next the whole thing is thrown into doubt.

Waiting for something to happen can be maddening if you allow it to consume your every thought. Like I’m sure you have, I’ve grown quite fond of the idea of ‘The Hig’ (still don’t like that) becoming a Gooner. Every time there’s a little cold water poured onto proceedings, a little part of my brain (the stupid part) begins to get upset.

Thankfully, the sensible part soon kicks into gear. Regardless of how enamoured we may be by the notion, it is absolutely and utterly beyond our control. Pining for the arrival of one particular player is essentially a waste of time. No one player will ever be bigger than the Club we love, and no one player can bring us the triumph we crave by themselves.

It’s possible we may not sign Higuain, and that will be a shame. But it will be anything but disastrous. It could be a missed opportunity or a mistake, but nothing with lasting impact. There is always another waiting around the corner, and perhaps that mysterious individual is a better fit for Arsenal.

We just can’t know.

See – I told you today’s post would be short. It’s a bit blathery, and all…


I’m really bloody tired and I’m not in my best writing mindset. I think I’ll leave a question for you all to get your teeth into, one that might distract from the ineptitude of today’s entry:

If we don’t get Higuain, who would be the player we should go after? The comment await your thoughts below, and I look forward to reading a few.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

19 thoughts on “Higuain is on. No, it’s off now. Hang on – it’s on again. Nope, false alarm…”

  1. I expect we would have been pursuing the Villa deal as well or Eden Dzecko of Man-City, these are proven stikers, no doubt.

  2. benteke. villa. just want to see wingers pull his finger out his……. and spend some of the money. why can’t we do business quicker

  3. Higuain’s definitely coming. His mother said he told her when he went round to get his smalls washed. Oh and apparently is brother mentioned it too. Once his Great Aunt posts, it’s real confirmation.

  4. I’ve been thinking about the same thing, I hope, that we can complete the deal for Higuain, I think he’s perfect for us. But worst case scenario, he dosn’t sign. I think we should go all in for Lewandowski

  5. I agree with you entirely. One player cannot be greater than the club. Well personally I think we should go for Sevilla stricker Negredo. In recent times Spanish players have not only thrived in England but have been quite successful . This is my persuasion .q

  6. Closer to home, wasn’t AW pushing to bring in Remy not so long ago?

    Otherwise maybe he was serious about Cavani afterall.

  7. i am definitely confident the Argentine will pen his signatures and switch to Emirates. With his girl friend already employed with BBC, he is destined for North London at Emirates. the fans just should be ready for the press conference soon

  8. Why is it that wenger cannot proceed to strenghten other deparment of our squad while Higuain deal is still being pursued? Or is it only him we want to sign and we will be counting our self as league contender

  9. Seriosly, it’s gonna be so stupid not sign higuain after all dis silly speculations………..but incase we end up not signing him, I woukld prefer 2 see BURAK YILMAZ or BENTEKE

  10. Very glad we are beginning to appreciate the need to spend cash on established n proven players.i go for Lewandowski,in altanative Jovetic. Rooney?completly out

  11. Since Dein’s departure Arsenal seem incapaple of concluding any transfer business in reasonable time.The more protracted the less likely to happen-remember Matta-but we got Gervinho instead!!!.Whatever the pros and cons of the signings that they have made, Liverpool have managed to sort out their dealings quickly,quietly and efficiently-including the purchase of a goalkeeper who would have suited us very well!!
    Talk is cheap and without a new spine to the team-goalkeeper (Chesney isn’t good enough); a centre-back (Mertesacker just about copes against inferior sides and then still needs Koscielny to bail him out);a powerhouse in central midfield (Arteta or Ramsey are no more than adequate) and a proper goalscorer (Higuain)-then Arsenal will continue to fall further behind and cease to compete on any front-including the “so-called-4th Place Cup”!!

  12. I may have come across as rude towards a poster yesterday(atid), the whole Higuain saga has me on edge, which is why i try not to get too attached to any transfer story, it hardly ever ends well.

    Anyways, all i want are comments relating to ‘the hig'(err scratch that) filled with rainbow and sunshine, weeee.

    Now, who would i prefer as an alternative to Higuain? haven’t really thought about that,but let’s see… Heskey, chamakh, bendthner, a donkey? Yea the list is endless, i mean the names are just sliding through the tongue so easily, I kid you not, Higuain is the only striker of his caliber/age that we have a realistic chance of signing, the rest(Cavani, Villa, Lewandowski) are either overpriced, over aged or unlikely to sign for us, but maybe, just maybe Jovetic might be the best alternative.

    And erm nice blog Armchair Gooner, or can i call you Stokes, James stokes, get it, get it? I’ll get my coat

  13. Not sure who else to go after but if/when Higuain does arrive “the Hig” isn’t going to work. If Higuain is gunna be a gunner does that make him “the Higuana” (Iguana)?

  14. He’s definitely coming to Arsenal. In a statement, Higuain DOG confirmed it today, he said “WOOF! WOOF!!”. Even his CAT confirmed it today, in a statement, she said “MEOW! MEOW”

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