Higuain’s a Gooner for £130k-per-week. The deal is everything but confirmed…

Dick Law reveals the first bid for Higuain Arsenal sanctioned.

Morning boys ‘n’ girls.

The news is everywhere. Unless you’ve spent the previous 24 hours submerged in water, unconscious or repeatedly masturbating in an impenetrable fall-out shelter (that’s usually the excuse I use), you certainly will have seen the reports of Arsenal agreeing personal terms with Gonzalo Higuain.

Reportedly, supposedly, allegedly or however you chose to say it: Real Madrid’s prolific Argentine forward has said a resounding “Yes!!” to the contract proposed by Arsenal. Set to make him the Club’s highest earner on £130k-per-week, and to run the course of 4 years, if true, the figures represent a change in our previously parsimonious policies.

My initial thoughts were of unbridled joy. Higuain is undoubtedly an excellent forward. As it stands, our strike force lacks someone of his calibre, and he is exactly the kind of “marquee” signing fan have long been clamouring for. I wouldn’t think to immediately use his proposed arrival as a means of saying I’ve thought Giroud is shit all along (some have done this) because I do not. I like Giroud, but he can’t lead the line by himself. Every top-class club has options in its attack, and Arsenal need to do the same.

If true, the deal represents both a excellent signing, and a marker that shows our intent to compete with the big spenders for some of that delicious and elusive silverware.

But that’s were the issue comes in – the “if” part. At no point during my perusal of the many, many reports have I seen anything other than speculation. Yes – I agree that there isn’t smoke without fire, but at the same time I believe in nothing until I see concrete evidence. At this precise moment in time, there is none.

Recall the events of last summer’s market. Yaan M’Vila’s transfer to Arsenal was a certainty according to lots of people. The French midfielder had somewhere in the region of 56 medicals at London Colney over the course of a couple of months. Ultimately, that all turned out to be off the mark. Perhaps his off-the-pitch shenanigans proved to be the deal’s downfall, but regardless of why it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen (funnily enough, it’s all of a sudden being reported we are again interested in M’Vila, who’s now at Rubin Kazan).

And that brings me nicely back to a point I’ve made before; until he is on the official website holding a shirt with his name on the back, nothing is certain. He could do everything but sign on the dotted line, only to be assassinated by an ill-tempered badger proficient enough with weaponry to use small arms. An illustrious second party might crash the party at the last minute, leaving Dick Law’s face perpetually etched with a look of bemusement. Or he might simply have a change of heart.

All we have is a widely reported tale that comes with little in the way of proof. It shouldn’t go without saying that certain outlets have ran articles in which Higuain’s agent denies there has been any sort of agreement struck, even if those in question are not as reputable as the ones that feature the opposing story.

With absolute sincerity, I hope that the transfer comes to fruition. I know I must come across as a pessimistic gloomy-guts just waiting for something bad to happen so I can point my finger at the optimists and say,

– “Ha! You mugs, I told you so…”

But I assure you that is not the case. Arsenal securing the services of world-class, influential footballers is of paramount concern. Absolutely, without question that is what I want to see. I simply refuse to become too enamoured with any ideas until I actually do see them.

That’s all for today, folks. The big question for the comments is an obvious one; how much do you believe the reports are true? Are you convinced? Are you dubious? Let me know.

I shall return with more tomorrow. Until then, and as I always say; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “Higuain’s a Gooner for £130k-per-week. The deal is everything but confirmed…”

  1. Judging by our let downs and disappointments on transfers in the past my glass at this moment is half empty as I don’t trust Madrid and if and I mean if all these stories about this transfer come true then i’ll fill my glass up to the brim but until this happens it will remain half empty.

  2. Higuain fellaini and rooney then go 4132! I think this is wengers plan. Imagine walcott rooney higuain giroud and podolski slugging out for the front 2.
    Then walcott chamberlain arteta ramsey wilshire diaby rooney rosicky cazorla podolski competing for a place in the 3. When fellaini doesn’t play or if there was a need to we could switch back to 2 in front of the defence giving arteta ramsey wilshire coquelin diaby frimpong and fellaini the opportunity to form a formidable barrier.
    all we would need to do is add another defender and a goalkeeper to those 3 signings.

    1. Not sure I want Rooney here, even putting aside his dive against us it looks like his ego is getting the better of him and not sure he’d be good for the team, supreme talent but not supremely useful to us imo.

  3. atid i think u might be getting a little 2 eager there! although this is a dream i think we should all jus wait and see what wenger does. he isnt known for putting his hand in his pocket to spend big, and although we have the funds there doesnt necessarily mean that we will bring in huge signings, as much as i want all these rumours to be true, and i cannot deny i get exited when i hear the likes of fellaini, higuain, being linked with a move to the emirates. But i cannot be 100% sure until the deal is done. and u have to think theres still another week til the transfer window opens.

  4. I’m cautiously optimistic that it’s true and that we’ll see an official announcement shortly. But, as I said on my own blog yesterday, I’m not running out and getting my Higuain jersey just yet.

  5. Agreed DS but I don’t think Rooney is going anywhere. He had his minute to cry and now he’s done. Probably feeling a little cold in the shadow of the Dutch Skunk. I too have my hopes set unrealistically high for a higuain/fellaini signing…

  6. First I’ve heard..(I must have been in that underground impenetrable shelter choking the chicken for the last 24 hours !!).. If its true thats great news (I still won’t fully believe it until I see him posing for his first press conference holding up his new Arsenal jersey)…like the rest of you I’ve overdosed on YouTube clips of “Gonzo” in the last month or two and this lad is good.. I hope he can form a good partnership with Giroud, who I think will really make his mark next season.. He’s a great target man with plenty of upper body strength and his off the ball running is very intelligent at times.. Hopefully playing up front with Higuain along side him will bring out the best in him… We just need Fellani now. a top class centre back and an experienced keeper to give sneezy a run for his money, and then we might have a team that can actually win something next year.. Lets hope so, it’s been too long since us Gooners have savoured the sweet taste of success..

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