Hot Cesc In The Arse, RoboDiaby, FA Cup and More.

Love him. Don’t need him.

Morning, folks.

I was intending to write a review of yesterday’s game, but opted against doing so. Why? Becuase it was breathtakingly uneventful in the way only meaningless fixtures at the end of the season can be. Players sauntered around casually and neither side looked especially keen on busting a lung – understandable when you consider Arsenal have the FA Cup to look forward to.

The day at Wembley is going to be odd for me. I’ll be in Bristol watching it dressed as a cowboy. Not because of any bizarre superstition or penchant for curious attire, but because I’m attending a friend’s bachelor party immediately afterwards and won’t have the time to go home an change. My enjoyment of that evening is pretty much entirely dependent on Arsenal, so for the sake of my fellow Bristolians, I hope they win if only to prevent scenes of an extremely miserable cowboy sulking around Bristol shooting guns at passers by.

With the end of the season rapidly approaching, all the stories of players leaving Clubs and heading for supposedly greener pastures start to come from the woodwork. Almost interminably they seem to appear. Now is no exception and it’s being alleged that Cesc Fabregas is surplus to requirements at Barcelona, along with Alexis, Pedro and, predictably, Alex Song.

Our little Spanish friend still has a place in the hearts of most Gooners and many are eager for Arsene to make good use of the ‘buy back’ clause we have. Do we need him, is it a good idea? Nope. Not in my opinion. Sure, he’s undeniably a gifted player and would probably fit right into our set up, but there are positions in the team that need to be addressed way before we consider anything luxurious.

Then you have to take his slightly acrimonious departure into account. He did, for all intents and purposes, sulk his way out of the Club, and whilst he has always retained respect and admiration from afar, it’s difficult to blot that blemish from your mind. He wanted to go to Barcelona and he hardly made that a secret.

Of course, the story itself is surely nothing more than online media blowing smoke up people’s arses for the sake of a few hits – you know, build expectation with a false story in the hope you can claim to have always known it to be so in the unlikely event of materialisation. Such is the nature of this time of year, I guess. It’s tough to be too damning of it all and act is if you’re above it when the posts I write contain similar themes. I always try to ensure I don’t write anything I know to be bollocks unless it’s bollocks about me stating something is bollocks. It’s all bollocks here, folks. Remember that and you’ll not go wrong.

Lastly today, Sunday’s victory brought with it the sight of Abou Diaby. We all know full well the extent of his injury misfortunes and I’d began to wonder even he even existed – at one stage I assumed he was a story footballers told their kids. “eat your greens or Abou Diaby will get you”. It was really good to see him back.

For all those problems, it’s very easy to forget he’s an extremely talented footballer. He’s shown us glimpses of what he is capable of, but never enough. It’s hardly his fault all the ailments and bothers continually mount up for him. Hopefully – and I say that loudly – next season he can overcome such troubles and stake his claim for a regular spot. Hopefully – I say it this time with a stupid look on my face – the folks at Arsenal’s medical centre have created a RoboDiaby – a titanium footballer with extendable limbs and the ability to see everything. Premiership regulations might be in breach, but any fine would be worth it if he actually removed John Terry’s head from its shoulders this time.

That’s all for today, folks. why don’t you take a moment to head towards the comments section an pour your little hearts out. What are your thoughts on a alleged return for Fabregas? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “Hot Cesc In The Arse, RoboDiaby, FA Cup and More.”

  1. He realised his dream let him stay at Bercelona, Arsenals major concern is. About aworld class striker not midfielders.he can well fit in the squad bt. The problem we have so many midfielders

  2. I dont know what you mean by “slightly acrimonious departure”, Cesc stayed behind for a further 1-2 seasons, even though we weren’t moving forward at all! He was extremely loyal, and we should understand that any person would jump at joining Barca, especially if thats your home and all your childhood friends are playing there!

    We should jump with joy at the possibility of resigning El Capitan! even better, bring back Song too and a decent striker, and we’re back there challenging.
    ohh and also keep Sagna. that man needs to be rewarded for his loyalty! Loyalty cuts both ways (hope the arsenal board find that out)

  3. Cesc will go a long way in providing the team with QUALITY depth in CDM, enhance the supply lines for our strikers to score goals and will be there when Jack and Aaron grow tired legs. And remember, he is now more mature than then.

  4. If cesc is coming back,tis fine by me.cos Feb and March will come when injuries will hamper our season again,so tis squad depth that will really count then *cheksea & man $ity,anybody?* but that shouldn’t stop the signature of Bender Lars though…..

  5. It is a no-brainer. Bring him back, we will have injuries with the PGMOL allowing other teams to foul our midfielders at will while any flops by opponents without contact are rewarded with cards and even penalties. In fact, Fabregas in midfield is tougher to defend than any player in Europe such is his vast array of moves, dribbles, and passes, plus the ability to dictate the tempo.

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