How about Torres to Arsenal?

Fernando couldn’t bare to hear anymore of Terry’s stadium tours…

Morning, loyal and delicious few.

Before I begin, I’d like one thing to be made abundantly clear; there are no rumours surrounding an Arsenal bid for Fernando Torres. Nor are there likely to be. Today’s entry operates in the fantasy land of my opinions, and ought be taken as such. I know there are a few of you out there likely to explode with seething fury should a post not contain exactly what you want it to.

If you’ve read any of Torres’ comments in the wake of football’s apocalypse, you’ll know he sounds far from delighted with his current situation at that abomination of a club he represents. Perhaps it’s the frequency of which he has to endure odious team talks from John Terry, perhaps it’s the overwhelming stench of corruption and despair that hovers over Stamford Bridge. Who knows. If you take his comments on face values, and given his paucity of outings this season; he looks like he might be after a move to pastures new.

Chelsea’s brand of football has never suited him. He’s the type of quick, predatory striker that thrives in a team that will create chances and play with an attacking mentality. His tenure at the club hasn’t been successful, and his form has looked undeniably poor. But you don’t just morph into a hapless, woeful centre-forward out of nowhere. He still has bags and bags of ability.

Of course, by now you’ll be wanting me to get to the damn point. This is an Arsenal blog after all.

Would I take him to the Emirates? In a heartbeat. He would score goals for us, I don’t have a doubt in my mind as far as that’s concerned. Granted, such a thing is about as likely as my penis developing a penchant for military strategy and attempting to invade Poland having recruited a dark army of severed genitalia, but this is merely a hypothetical post.

So folks, I’ll put the question to you; for a price of, say… £25m, would you take Torres to Arsenal? Or do you think he’s nothing but a busted flush; a shadow of once great player, never to regain his previous powers?

Let me know below in the wonderfully convenient comments section. I look forward to reading a few… Unless they’re mocking or aimed toward insulting my mother. Remember, this Isn’t a true story…

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I’ll be back with another interview tomorrow.

31 thoughts on “How about Torres to Arsenal?”

  1. No I won’t have Torres for such a fee. Mayb on loan yes but not 25m we can get Giroud for far less that amount. And why would anyone in their right senses insult your mother? ?????

  2. I think I agree with you there sir! I remember when Torres was dubbed ‘El Nino’ and I dreamt of the day Wenger would make a bid for him… as such I was extremely gutted when he went to Liverpool and found it even less amusing when he moved to Chelsea. What is apparent however, is none of these clubs have provided the ideal conditions for that perfect storm to brew or thrive. I strongly believe that if any club or any manger could revitalise that scoring prowess it would be Aresenal and Wenger respectively. If RVP was to depart (God forbid) then I would see him as an ideal partner to the raw pace and power that we’ll no doubt extract from Podolski. The price tag of £25m could be debatable though…

  3. I would take him at Arsenal. the price tag might think wenger to think otherwise. However, if he was available for Arsenal price range I am sure Wenger would have taken him.
    Who can forget his Goal in Euros final last time round.

  4. 25 million for Nando ? I would certainly be delighted even if Wenger bring him in for 45million ! He is fast, strong, has great skills, and also works really well as a winger (On injury emergency)

  5. I won’t even think twice before splashing the cash.. He’ll definitely scores in an Arsenal jersey.

  6. Like you….. In a heartbeat! He doesn’t suit Chelski’s style of play and as soon as the transfer went ahead he was doomed. The price of the transfer mixed with his quality at the time and the fact it was to another premier league club and he new he’d get thousands of haters, was just too much. A lack of goals at the start meant he had no chance!! But he’s gone through that now. All he needs is a change of scenery and a club that suits his game and his career will be back on track.

  7. He was deadly at liverpool, a real top drawer striker who had just lost his confidence, I would love to see him at arsenal with are style of play he would thrive…. 20m would do it….. Podolski, van persie, Torres, this is the type of strike force Arsenal fc should be trying to create, showing there fans a bit of ambition, unfortunately it won’t happen because Arsenal have a small club mentality, exactly the treason why I havent renewed my season tickets…. The club has no ambition other than to make money.

  8. Torres to arsenal fine!!! but for 25m no! no! no!!! Wenger will not splash such cash on Torres at the expense of RVP. that simply means arsenal is ready to sell RVP without further negotiation which i doubt.

  9. Waiting for the day he wears the beautiful Red & White…. He has a lot to fight for, great player… 25 mil would be the asking price, u think?

  10. Torres would be a great addition and was gutted when he went to liverpool for just over 20 mil…a good buy for abt 15 mil given his poor form and age…

  11. £25m? Why not, this is El Nino after all. The most important thing (like anyone would say) is Arsenal’s playing style being the key to revive him

  12. I would sell van persie and get Torres as simple as that. we need a goal machine player at arsenal and Torres is that player.

  13. Are you crazy?! 25 million…why would we just not fork out an extra 5 million quid and buy a good striker like Carroll

  14. as an arsenal fan i will love if he comes to emirates.that is fantastic he will shine at arsenal definitely coz liverpool and arsenal game have similarities.the question is will wenger splash such huge money to acquire him,to me no

  15. You know what? I wouldn’t have entertained the thought of it before. Purely because he’s at Chelsea and had a shit season. But yes, I would. His style of play (at Liverpool) would suit us to a t and vise-versa. If we kept RVP and played him alongside Torres with Podolski holding….Jesus…formidable. And that’s twice today someone has put another attacking option in my noggin that I wouldn’t normally associate with Arsenal – Darren Bent. Wasted at Villa and not necessarily a bad buy….interesting and thought provoking day. Thanks.

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