Huff, puff and Draxler stuff ‘n’ fluff.

Kallstrom’s medical revealed one or two problems.

Morning, folks.

“I live by the sword. I take my boys everywhere I go, ’cause I’m paranoid”

Yep – that quote has absolutely nothing to do with Arsenal or football. You could find some of way of relating it if your desire was do to so, but the only reason I see it worthy of a mention is becuase it’s from Geto Boys’ fabulous ‘Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me’ – the song I’m listening to whilst I type.

Arsenal news is a rare thing today. By now, those of you that frequent this here ol’ blog of mine should know a slow news day. The moment you see me rattling on about nothing in particular within the first two paragraphs, assuming interesting stories are at a premium is a safe bet. Tomorrow should bring with it a slew of delicious newsy delights as press conferences and nuggets of team news emerge. Until then, we’re left in the doldrums of tedious bits and fluffy stuffiness of speculative drivel.

The player name you’ll have taken from the title is Julian Draxler. Even though that pesky window open throughout January is now firmly closed, the rumours persist. Having made no secret of my desire to see the young German international skipping majestically across the Emirates turf, leaving bamboozled defenders in his wake, my curiosity piques when I see the words ‘Draxler’ and ‘Arsenal’ within the same headline.

Bayern allegedly have their grubby paws hovering over Schalke as they attempt to buy every player from their direct rivals in the Bundesliga. However, the player is thought to have no desire to join Guardiola in Munich. Most of the ‘so-called’ experts see Arsenal as the most likely destination for Draxler this summer, and I’m – with my limited knowledge – inclined to agree.

Now, his current employers are hoping to keep him at their Club for another year, destroying my hopes and dreams in the process. Such treachery is, quite frankly, f**king unbelievable.

Idiocy aside, I think it would be a great shame if we missed out on him. From what I’ve seen, a match between Draxler and Arsenal would be ideal, and I believe he’d be a success should he take up residence on these shores. Other than that fairly innocuous piece of information, there isn’t much else for me to say today. This daily blogging malarkey can get tricky if you allow it. Were I to have more time to delve into research and spurious fabrications, I may be able to provide you with something more substantial. I don’t, so I’m afraid you’re stuck with my blathering.

Of course, my conscious won’t allow me to leave you with just that. I’m here to provide as many treats as possible. Today, I thought I’d offer up something for the keen historians amongst you. My friend and Goonersphere Podcast co-host, Daniel Cowan, was recently afforded some time with journalist and biographer, Patrick Barclay, in which they spoke about Patrick’s latest book, The Life And Times Of Herbert Chapman.

It’s a thoroughly intersting interview and I highly recommend you have a listen.

Listen to Daniel’s interview with Patrick Barclay here.

Right, that’s about it for now. The latest episode of The Goonersphere Podcast will be up today at some point, so make sure to keep and eye on my Twitter account for that. In the meantime, use the comments section to speak your mind about Draxler and other such things. I shall return tomorrow with more.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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