Huge (lack of) transfers and controversial banners.

A heartwarming statement…

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In case you’re unable to read from the picture above, the enchanting sentiment on the banner reads, “Arsene – thanks for the memories, but it’s time to say goodbye”. Lovely stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

When it comes to our fair manager, I consider myself to be firmly out of either of the extremist camps. I don’t profess to believe Arsene is infallible and capable of no wrong, nor do I think he should be drop-kicked to the moon so a faceless saviour can arrive to restore past glories. Personally I think such radical views are both wrong, and both factions are as bad as each other.

When I read the story of that banner, and how producing it at the Brighton game caused a series of mini brawls and punch-ups, I was a little surprised by it all. Not surprised that some cretinous individuals thought plunging to such depths would have anything other than a negative effect, but surprised that it resulted in fisticuffs.

The banner itself is absolutely pointless. People have the right to express frustration and doubt whichever way they see fit – I don’t dispute that. What I find strange is that they thought there was any point to it at all. Perhaps they assumed Arsene would take one look at their handiwork and exclaim, “Sacre bleu! Those supporters are correct! I must leave at once!”

The only thing that banner accomplished was bad press for the club, and a show of disharmony amongst our support. Neither of which are particularly helpful.

Elsewhere today, we have the bleak, desolate world of the January transfer window. As the clock ticks down toward the end of the month, it appears increasingly likely we won’t see any delicious new players come in to the club. Shame.

If our manager believes we have strength in depth enough to cope for the remainder of the season, then, as a humble fan, I have to respectfully disagree. We could use strengthening in pretty much all areas of the pitch, and whilst I wouldn’t expect 4 players to arrive, 1 or 2 excellent signings could make the difference to our league position come the final fixture in May.

There may be a shock to come in the next couple of days, but I won’t raise your hopes. Diame would seem the one deal with any potential to it, but even that at this stage appears 50/50 at best. Let’s hope Arsene is correct in his apparent choice to not reinforce, because he’ll certainly be putting himself in the firing line if he isn’t. Only time will tell.

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8 thoughts on “Huge (lack of) transfers and controversial banners.”

  1. I certainly don’t like to here,that the fans of a once great club like Arsenal,
    have started to fight one another,but i must say,i have seen this coming for some time now,the club is split in half, “WE HAVE,THE IN WENGER WE
    TRUST,——-AND WENGER OUT “, Personally i’m for the latter,i don’t like the man,i wouldn’t trust him as far as i could throw him,as i see him,he’s a
    Directors, and Shareholders type of manager,keep them happy with nice
    big profits and his job is safe,thats why Arsenal will never sack him,
    he’s a YES MAN, as for his supporters, HE’S NOT ITERESTED ONE BIT,
    and it’s the supporters,who are the club,without them, there’s no Arsenal.

  2. I agree with Steve i would like Wenger to leave also. He is to arrogant and it really is all about the profit for him he is not interested in winning anything anymore. And i don’t even know what the fans at brighton were doing with that banner Arsene never even looks in the general direction of the away fans so unless he read about it in a newspaper he wouldn’t even have been aware of it. I think he will leave in the summer anyway after we finish 6th

  3. Well said Steve, could not agree with you more. When will Arsenal fans realise that the club have been moving progressively backward under the stewardship of this arrogant, lying, stubborn, blind and ultimately self-destructive man. When they set fear aside, they might actually see that it’s possible for the club to really move forward in a positive and benificial way, instead of this incredibly negative “half a step forward, two steps back” way of being run. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for twenty seven years, and honestly believe the only way forward for the club I love is change. NOBODY is bigger than Arsenal.

  4. Steve your punctuation is bloody awful. You could have done with taking that full stop out your name and put it in your brain fart of a post!

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