Huge surprise bid on the cards?

In the darkest depths of Bristol, I’m hardly at the forefront of Arsenal gossip, but I do occasionally get some good ones come my way.

Granted, it’s mostly speculative and bares a resemblance to the many hokey exclusives I’ve read over the past few days. However, I’m posting it because secretly we all enjoy hearing about potential new arrivals and because I’d like it to be true. Besides, if you find transfer gossip and idle rumour to be irksome, then why click on a post with a title like this one?

The main focus is of the E-mail I was sent (I shan’t say whom the sender is, lest the poor soul receive the wrath of disgruntled Gooners – and I don’t want any either, ta muchly!) was to confirm the likelihood of the Eric Abidal deal being confirmed by next week – a permanent deal of around £4m. The bit that caught my eye was the rumour of further players being tracked and with Wenger willing to spend big to nab Loic Remy from under the nose of Spurs and their abhorrent, perpetually-twitchy, soon-to-be-banged-up-for-fiddling-his-taxes manager.

Remy is a good player. He’s quick, he’s strong and I think he’d score goals in the Premiership. Whilst some would argue – and make good points – that another striker from the French league with decidedly average stats is far from the answer to our problems, I do think Remy has far more potential than Chamakh ever had. He wouldn’t require a large investment in Shockwaves wet-look gel, either.

It’s probably a bullshit rumour, but it’s interesting, open-for-debate bullshit at the very least. Aside from that, some of the past rumours appear to be resurfacing and gathering more dubious pace. Saloman Kalou’s proposed £3m move across London has started again, and there’s a very interesting piece at Gooner Talk about the plus points of his acquisition.

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