Huge transfer dealings this summer? What do we do with ourselves now?

The summer’s on it’s way; relax, unwind and enjoy the glorious sunshine… All two days of it.

Good morning everyone.

First up; apologies. I’ve been eager to post sooner than today given our triumphant securing of 4th place, but the elements have conspired against me. Well, I say “elements” – what I really mean is other people. More specifically; other people who decide to smash into my stationary, empty car and cause an incredible amount of damage, resulting in me having to spend most of my free blogging time on the phone with various garages and insurances companies.

Life’s a bitch sometimes.

I’m not sure what any of that has to do with Arsenal – nothing – but it is nice to be able to put the words into print and vent a little. I’m sure none of you will begrudge me that.

On toward more pertinent matters…

I’ll be honest; I did not enjoy Sunday one little bit. Aside from the absolutely hilarious goal that wasn’t a goal, and the reaction of Spurs’ fans, the day was essentially a comprehensive test of my anxiety levels and bowels. Mercifully, they both passed. Just.

Up until the final whistle, I could barely stand to watch. But like the players and management did when it was all over, I cheered like we’d won the World Cup, Champions League and Premiership all at the same time. Some might have you believe we shouldn’t cheer something that’s not a trophy, or an accomplishment perceived to be beneath us, but who cares? We got where we needed to be. It may not have been the Club’s finest hour, but undoubtedly worth celebrating in the context of the season.

And that brings with it the question, “Where do we go from here?”. The team have performed well in recent weeks, but few could realistically dispute the need for reinforcements. We have good players at Arsenal, but we also have dead wood and a few stragglers hanging about.

I genuinely believe this will be the summer we build on what we have, and not another summer where we lose players. For the first time in a while, we don’t have doubt hanging over the future of a star player, or constant bleating of interest from our unscrupulous friends in Catalonia. We can keep this squad of players together, and most importantly, we can flex our financial muscles and make good additions.

The Puma sponsorship will bring in cash, as will securing Champions League football – assuming we come through the qualifier, that is. We reportedly already have a whopping stack of notes just waiting to be splurged on shiny new players. The summer could be very interesting indeed, and for all the right reasons.

And that’s where I’ll leave it for today. There will be a lot of lost faces wandering around now the football season is over.  We are entering the silly season of rumours and wild-eyed speculative nonsense. Paper will report, rags will fabricate and websites I loathe will attempt to lure you in will annoying titles.

Me? I intend to be here for you all through the upcoming madness. I can offer you help to alleviate the boredom – you could take up dancing, read a book, field strip a Kanashlikov blindfolded, go running, make sweet love to a beautiful man/woman on the beach, or you could learn how to play roulette online for free at Alternatively, you can visit to learn how to play poker, if you are of the betting, gaming persuasion. You could take a moment to marvel at how wonderfully I slotted those little links into the post…

What I do hope is you’ll pop by reguarly. This little blog of mine continues to grow, and that’s all down to you wonderful people. For your contributions and time, I thank you all very much.

There is a handy comments section below, and let’s get that gossip ball rolling, shall we? Who are your 3 ideal signings for Arsenal over the summer? Forget about the history of our parsimonious approach, imagine we’re going to go on a wild spending spree and shock the world. I look forward to reading a few of your thoughts.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Huge transfer dealings this summer? What do we do with ourselves now?”

  1. My three signings:


    The new starting XI would be:

    Jenkinson Kos Mert Gibbs
    Kondogbia wilshere
    Walcott jovetic cazorla

    Bench: arteta, podolski, monreal, Ramsey, ox, giroud, sanogo

  2. My three signings 1. Potent striker(Falcao,Kiesling, NEYMAR) 2. World class playmaker to give Ramsey a new role(Cabella,Diego,Turan) 3.Promote Aneke to replace Diaby. Give Bendnter a chance?

  3. For me 3 signings will be :

    1. Striker : Of course we still a striker that could score a goal from 1 – 3 chances, not a striker that need 5 – 7 chances to score 1 goal, and I’ll love to buy :
    Rooney… for me he’s best striker for England at this time, and buy him from manure is like a sweet revenge for us. 🙂 or
    Dzeko… I don’t know I just like this guy and want to see him in our costume, and I believe he’s good enough to play for us and the possibility is quiet high

    2. Defender center : I know we had Per and Kos, but for me Per still to slow, the way Newcastle built their 1st attack and their 1st chance is by pass Per and exploit his slowness, so I think we need to have another better DC. For me the candidate will be :
    Vertonghen : I know he’s a spuds, but I think he’s one of the best DC in EPL, and also he also make goals. 🙂 or
    Nastasic : Another good DC, but he plays for shitty, will be hard to lure him to join us

    3. Defender right :Sagna will be left Arsenal, even though he stays, I still choose to have a better DR, and I’ll buy :
    Rafael : One of the best DR for this season, and he also can play as MR


  4. my ideal three would be PIszchek Higuain and Capoue. Also a decent CB like ashley Williams thrown in and we have a squad capable of giving the best in the league a run for their money. The irony of the above i expect Higuain(or top striker) Pischek(or sagna stays). The other 2 or their equivalent would equal a dream summer

  5. No 1 Karim Benzema i just think he would be more suited to the premier League than all the others being touted about

    No 2 Jonathan Williams from Palace he’s young he has bags of pace and 2 of my buddys are palace fans and they say he’s twice the player Zaha is

    No 3 Victor Wanyama another youngster a proper box to box player (that Diaby could be if he wasnt made of glass)

    Should be able to get them 3 for about 35-40 million well within the so called 70 million War Chest thats available leaving a few bob to spend on a RB if Sagna decides to do one to PSG
    or we could spunk the lot on Falco …………….. can’t see that happening tho

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