I Don’t Care If We Finish 2nd Or 3rd As Long As It’s Not 4th.

The race for those CL spots heats up…

Morning, folks.

The challenge for any blogger who aims to write every day is to find something to talk about when there isn’t much of anything to talk about. There’s often an uneasy state of purgatory between games where all the media attention is elsewhere and news surrounding your club is at a premium.

Not one for spewing out spurious guff or utilising bombastic titles in a serious manner  – I do frequently write stupid ones – I’ve decided to just let things flow from the top of my head without actually taking a moment to think about what I’m going to say.

I’m stumped.

I could discuss many things with you – topics ranging from the spectacular king prawn paella I made at work last night to my current feelings for all things Nando’s, which I, quite frankly, fu*king loathe.

However, all of that is extraneous poppycock. 

What is directly relevant are my thoughts on Arsenal’s final league standing. As the title suggests, I’m not bothered in the slightest if it’s 2nd or 3rd becuase neither are 1st and both carry an automatic Champions League spot. 4th, on the other hand, represents stagnation, a predictably ‘Arsenal’ finish and the dreaded qualification round – we’ve been fortunate with the teams we’ve faced in recent years, I fear we might not be so lucky this time around should we find ourselves in that position.

At this stage, it’s pretty tricky to say which way it will go. Up until Monday night’s blunderous display, I would have us nailed on to finish 2nd or 3rd. Now we have have a trip to Old Trafford with Man United breathing down our necks and suddenly there’s a bit of pressure on that fixture when there really should not have been.

If the maths I have in my head are correct, we need to register 4 points from our remaining 3 games to ensure we don’t languish in 4th. I think that’s right… It may very well not be. Maths has never been a strong point of mine. All those bloody numbers send me into a state of drooling incompetence. Feel free to correct me if it’s not, but for the sake of discussion I’ll assume it is.

Defeat at Old Trafford, a realistic possibility, would certainly make for a nervy last couple of games. Victory, on the other hand, will make it impossible for them to catch us and we can all rest that little bit easier.

Per Mertesacker has spoken of the importance of finishing in the top 3. He said:

“You could feel the disappointment in the dressing room after the Swansea game, because we gave so much, but we are still positive.

“We still have a good level of confidence, so we are looking forward to the remaining games. It is very important (finishing in the top three) when you look at the schedule (for the start of next season), so we try to really avoid that.”

And that BFG quote is where I shall end things for today. The comments are waiting for your thoughts below – do you care whether it is 2nd or 3rd, or does the tag of “runners up” carry some significance to you? Let me know.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Until that time, and as always, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Care If We Finish 2nd Or 3rd As Long As It’s Not 4th.”

  1. gunners, we have all it takes to finish second and we should not bargain for anything less because we stand to get some benefits. 1. we would avoid the stress of playing CL qualification. 2. we stand the chance to attract world class players who love to play in the C.L. and 3. we will have a lot of concentration on the EPL right from the start of the season to enable us compete for the title. Remember we lost the title to chelsea FC in the first six games of the season.

  2. I’m still hoping for 2nd. Defeat against Swansea has made that a bit hard, but if man city slip up we should be ready to pounce.

  3. I’d quite like second since City don’t deserve it at all, the oily bastards. They’ve been consistently poor all season yet may end up sleepwalking into second. Also surely more prize money is allocated to higher finishers. Last year the difference was just over £1m but every little helps.

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