I have pictures of Mikel Arteta’s wife in the nude…

Good morning, you saucy devils.

Yes, the title is a blatant lie; a cheap ruse to coax you in the direction of my little blog so you many enjoy the delicious fruits within. I know, I know… It’s an extraordinarily lame attempt to garner a few more hits and potential readers, but cut me a little bit of slack, okay? It’s been dead as doornails since the transfer window shut. I could have posted something about who we might have signed during that time, but opted against doing so as it’s depressing. Here’s a picture of Mikel and his lovely wife to keep us all on speaking terms.

And talking of Mikel Arteta (notice the splendidly effortless segway), our Spanish maestro has had some important words to say in light of the lacklustre performance in sunny Bolton:

??It is going to be tough to finish in the top four but it depends on us. We have got the talent and the quality in the side to do it but we have to show it day by day.

??I am confident because we train together every day and I know how good we are but we have to show it every day, not every two or three weeks.

I absolutely agree, and it’s that kind of attitude you need from your senior players. Today’s game against Blackburn may not be season defining, but there is a place where change must begin, and now is the perfect time to start. Much has been made of our failings and recent abominations, many arguments started and many toys thrown from their prams. None of that can matter for 90 minutes tomorrow when the team needs our support – and, for the love of Dennis Bergkamp, please, none of this ridiculous ‘binbag protest nonsense . It’s fucking embarrassing. Now, a protest involving Sooty puppets, that’s a good brilliant idea.

The squad looks to be the same that traveled north on Wednesday, but with a few changes likely to be made to the starting 11. Ramsey and RvP could be relegated to the bench for some much needed rest, with their places going to Henry and Rosicky. The back 4 will certainly be the best choices of whom we have available, and I can envisage the team sheet looking as follows;

Szczsney; Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker; Song, Arteta, Rosicky; Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Henry.

It’s when I cast my eyes over each of my predicted starting line-ups, I notice just how criminally short of guile we are. Amongst undoubtedly good players, we lack someone cunning to provide that defence-splitting pass or moment of sheer genius. Henry has that in his locker, as does RvP, but with both deployed as the furthest forward, it’s a skill practically impossible to implement. That’s a team comfortably strong enough to beat Blackburn if we perform well, yet, in all honesty, I find it difficult to convince myself it’s a team capable of competing for the Champions League spots.

Let’s hope I’m wrong, and Arteta is right. The good news is he certainly is more in-the-know than I.

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