I’m Not Going To Talk About Bloody Cesc Fabregas.


Evening, all.

At this time of year, I struggle. Not only do I work in a heaving kitchen in sweltering temperatures, but I also have to navigate the interminable dross plastered across cyberspace. Well… I say “have to” … I don’t have to do it at all. Should the feelings of irritation overwhelm me, I could go to a monastery and spend my days chanting into a wall to find inner peace.

I could…

However, I like blogging. It’s fun to me and the freedom to express whatever the hell I please without fear of censorship is glorious. When discussing Arsenal with you it’s pertinent to make mention of the latest news. Cesc Fabregas, seemingly unstoppably so, is the news at the moment. All the bloody news. 

Where is he going to go? Frankly, I couldn’t give a f**k now. Arsenal, it appears, have opted against reacquiring his services, a choice that baffles me to the ends of the Earth. If his alleged price of £30m has a shred of truth to it, deciding not to snap up a player of his calibre, one that would slot right in, is bizarre. Cesc would improve the team, that’s without doubt. There are other areas that need attention first, but his arrival wouldn’t hamper our ability to do so given the enormous bundle of delicious cash at our disposal.

All that is an irrelevance. It looks less and less likely with each passing day that we will take advantage of the clause in his contract. Wether you agree or disagree at present is pretty much an irrelevance; we can’t do anything to change it. The only question now is where he goes. You can see all the odds at allpro, but the favourite amongst pundits and wannabe ITKs is the most malodorous imaginable – Chelsea.

Typing that sentence nauseates me.  There are a few irksome Clubs in world football, but few that can compare to the vile, putrid, feculent hell-hole that is Stamford Bridge and all its hideous incumbents.  Watching a darling of Arsenal like Fabregas strut around their turf wearing their kit isn’t going to be a pleasant site. In fact; it’s quite possibly one of the most horrific notions I’ve had the misfortune to conjure.

Yet, I find solace in that fact that Cesc Fabregas is only a player, and one that doesn’t justify the ‘legend’ tag. He’s undoubtedly brilliant, he was brilliant for the 7 years service he gave us, but he is just a player. He doesn’t represent all that is virtuous and true. Most importantly for me is we have Mesut Ozil.

If our boggle-eyed German friend has a ‘Pires’ second season and we see exactly how good he is on a regular basis, we’ll not miss Cesc in the slightest – it’s worth noting that the only European player that could better Cesc’s stats is Ozil. Granted, we only saw glimpses of what Mesut can do through the course of last season, but I believe there is much, much more to come.

The summer is going to drag on with this one. My advice – just let it be. We can’t do anything to change or influence the decision. We can but sit back and hope that he opts to go somewhere like Bayern Munich instead.

Fabregas himself once stated,

If you ever see me in a Chelsea shirt, you have the permission to kill me

If Arsenal are as much in his heart as he says, then he won’t go to Chelsea. Of course, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Money has a habit of destroying previous opinions. I’ve a feeling I know which will win in the end.

That’s all for today, folks. I wasn’t going to talk about Fabregas, but I’ve managed to do precisely the opposite. The comments await you below. Let me know your thoughts on the subject. I’ll return with more as soon as I get the chance. It’s nearly time for me to move house so I’ve the joys of sorting through a plethora of trinkets and useless bits ‘n’ bobs to endure.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

18 thoughts on “I’m Not Going To Talk About Bloody Cesc Fabregas.”

  1. Just the thought of one of our darlings going to the palace of chavs and playing an that turgid blue shirt fills me with the kind of woe that I recall when Cashley went there and that was years ago.
    I’m kind of hoping there is a double turn around and he comes north to the Glory and maybe brings some other spanish striking talent with him……

    Please oh lord let it happen 😉

    1. The more you write in favour or Fabby’s second return to the Emirates, the more Wenger and Gazidis plot to hurt your feelings. Sure, the former Arsenal captain would add to the winning mentality Ozil brought which could lead to the EPL title and a long trip in to the UCL.

  2. If Arsenal want Fabregas, they simply must say they are not interested in the hopes Barca believe that and go and make a deal with another club. It is my opinion that once Arsenal state they are interested in bringing Fabregas back, Barca simply will not sell. They still owe on the original sale and I personally can’t see them parting with the player for the first refusal buyout price.

  3. why don’t we all calm down on this. I don’t see Cesc going there just yet, if ever. Me thinks there is much more to this than whats currently meeting the eye

  4. Cesc is every where. In the newspapers, on the TV and especially on f*cking Twitter. Now, everybody is entitled to their opinion and I respect that so I’ve decided to subject you to mine.

    I fucking love Cesc Fabregas. Forget Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Pires, whoever. Cesc is the ultimate. True he ruined the ‘legend’ status by leaving but I absolutely adored him. The silky swagger with which he glided around the pitch, the impossible through balls and that beautiful mullet that bobbed up and down. Even his name is exquisite – Francesc Fabregas- go on say it (I know you fucking want to). He was my favorite player of all time and yes I must admit I still go weak kneed every time I see him grace a football pitch. But do I want him? Fuck no…

    He’s undoubtedly one of the best midfielders to ever play the game.FACT. He’d be a great player for us, he’d fit right into our system and game plan, he’d certainly upgrade the quality of any midfield and yes there’s a small space inside my heart reserved especially for him. But I don’t want him – firstly because of the way he left us. He didn’t really leave us so much as force himself out the fucking door. Let us Gooners not forget the faked injuries, the refusals to train and even “paying” part of his transfer fee because his boyhood club were such stingy cunts they couldn’t afford an extra 4 mil. And I don’t buy that boyhood club shit. If he was so desperate to join them why is he leaving? Huh? I’ll tell you why, he joined Arsenal in 2003. The Invincibles – Arsenal were on the ascendancy and he wanted part of that, no harm in that, until in 2011 he left for Barcelona another club on the ascendancy (just happened to be his boyhood fucking club too). It looked like the grass was greener on the other side for good ‘ol Francesc but turns out it was fertilized with bullshit and now he’s looking towards pastures slightly greener, Something makes me wonder if we had lost on the 17th of May would he even want to come back.

    Also there’s the little matter of where he’d play. In Arsenal’s midfield as things now stand we have three CM’s (Yes I am tactically fucking brilliant. Mr Wenger if you do read this by any chance I do consult on the weekends) of which one is the defensive midfielder role another the attacking midfielder(no10) and the other is the human dynamo otherwise known as the “Aaron Ramsey-box-to-box-absolute-fucking-tank-motherfucker” midfielder. We’d be shooting ourselves in the foot (with a double-barreled-clay-pigeon-shooting rifle) if we let Cesc play DM. It’d be a complete waste of his ability to be perfectly honest. My opinion is that the no10 would suit his skill set however I believe Mesut to be the far more effective player behind the striker. Which leaves the box-to-box role. No doubt he’d be able to play it well but that would mean Aaron sits bench. We can’t have that now.

    Besides all of that it hardly seem’s fair to punish players who had the balls and the grit to stick it out through the tough times and the dog days. It’s those players: the Ramseys and Rosickys and Walcotts and Koscielnys and Gibbs(s) who hit rock bottom. It was those players who climbed out of that fucking pit called mediocrity and who won us our first fucking trophy in 9 years and it’s those absolute fucking hero’s in red and white who deserve to win more trophies (hopefully) and not someone (even though he is Cesc fucking Fabregas) who didn’t have the mettle to fight.

    That been said if he does come I will be over the fucking moon but I’d like to tell everyone who’;s been moaning about it that if he doesn’t “Wenger Knows Best” (I’m not WKB but he does) and that even if he does go to Chelsea or Man U we shouldn’t direct vitriol towards him because that’s just not football. If you’re still reading I’d like to buy you a drink to say thanks and that’s my little rant done.

    To James I know this is your blog and I’m sorry for wasting so much of your space but confession is good for the soul (or so they say).

  5. I wonder if Arsenal aren’t just trying to get Puma to front the money for Cesc, as they have a lot to gain from his signing (Puma ambassador and he’ll sell loads of shirts), so that we will still have all our allocated budget for the non-luxury players….

  6. First, I apologize for my poor English. I’m Catalan and understand English better than writing and speaking.

    You have forgot all that Cesc has suffered in their boyhood club through last three years. Never has played two games in same position. He has been false nine, wing… and when he has been midfielder, the coaches and the fans wanted he play like a clon of Xavi or Iniesta. The Barça fans are anchored in the glorious past, in the Pep Guardiola’s fantastic team. And most couldn’t accept a player like Fabregas because he is not like Xavi or Iniesta. Well, Xavi and Iniesta are not being like themselves in the last two years, but the fans idolatred them so much that has been more easy to blame Cesc for the lack of titles.

    They (the fans, the press) are mad, I know it, but the hate and shit over Cesc has gone too far.
    In my opinion, Barça has mistaken about Cesc. Cesc wasn’t a player for bench or a player for to do the same things other players they have got were doing. They had to use Cesc for a evolution in their play system, instead for repeat and repeat the same manner of play. Cesc can’t to be a clon. Cesc is Cesc… Whatever, now is too late. The bridge among Cesc and most of fans and most of mass media (the nearest to Barça) has been knocked down.

    I can say unequivocally that the three years of Cesc in Barcelona has been a brutal obstacle to his career and a bleeding wound to his self confidence.

    I think a fantastic and unique player like him, a real crack, urgently need to go to a team where he can play his true position in midfield, where he can be a leader in the midfield, A team which does not have a whistling from fans due to any little mistake.

    Not all troubles that has affected Cesc in Barça are due to sport concepts. Most of them has not related with sport. Most of all has to do with the fact that Cesc went out of Barça at 16 years old and Barça payed a lot of money (this is what their haters say, not me) for rejoin him. A significant part of fans never forgiven him that story and I think it is the first reason that explains why Cesc is their favourite scapegoat.

    I can understand what means to Arsenal fans to see Cesc in Chelsea. It would be the same for me if Cesc goes to Real Madrid. I understand. But I think we can’t blame Cesc because he has been so undervalued and despised from Barça fans and the mass media nearest to Barça that the soon he can play in a club that value him, the better.

    Look, I’m Catalan, from Barça, from Barcelona. Look, I’m Catalan, from Barça, from Barcelona. And I might not blame Cesc if he decides to play for Real Madrid. Real Madrid!!!!!! You can understand what mean Real Madrid for me. Our rivalry goes far away from football. I might not blame Cesc, because Barça don’t deserve Cesc and don’t deserve his loyalty. And I’m afraid nor Arsene Wenger deserves him after their recent rejection.

    I will never leave Barça because it’s something that comes with my DNA, my Catalan nationality, but if finally Cesc has to go because of the campaign against him orchestrated by some media and many fan, my love for the club it will not be the same. They has been too much unfair with Cesc, mostly to cover the bad season of the most protected players (Xavi Hernández, Iniesta, Mascherano, Neymar, Pedro….).

    They has focused the bad season on Cesc and Messi, but, of course, they can’t leave go Messi easily, not so easily like to Cesc. However, although this has been a bad season, Messi and Cesc have the best stats, very much better than the team mates stats. They are fool, undoubtedly.

    It’s a pity that Cesc can’t goes to arsenal because Arsene Wenger -now- don’t want him. Arsenal is my second favourite team. I hate Mourinho, like you can suppose, but if there are not other exit… Manchester United will not play Champions nor Euro League the next season and I’m not sure if Van Gaal really wants Cesc.

    Cesc should go to a team which offers him the opportunity to be a important player, a midfielder player, not a false nine. I think if Lampart leaves Chelsea, Cesc can have a good opportunity. I’m sure Cesc will get shut the mouths of those who despised him in Barcelona.

    I have not taken part in the sector of fans who despised Cesc. I’ve always thought he was the best to replace Xavi Hernandez and yet still believe. I should not apologize for the hell that many fans have given to Cesc, but I feel bad about it.

  7. @joey …. thats some blogging tekkers you’re showing right there … i must confess id take cesc back in a heart beat … world class teams have quality depth and he is exactly what we need .. especially with our injury malfunction .. and it would show the world we are really serious …. imagine the glory Wenger could have covered himself in , winning the FA cup , signing the new deal then signing cesc ! ….

  8. @Joey

    Joey, I adore Cesc for the same reasons you have explained so well. And I understand your feelings. But don’t make the same mistake like Barça fans, hating Cesc because he left at 16 years old, in a time there were no future for youngest players.

    You can’t blame Cesc because he did want to rejoin Barça three years ago. I don’t think he did that because Barça were an a club on the ascendancy. In fact, the better Barça had touched their limit when Cesc arrived and they started a slow fall that has exploded this year definitely.

    You should be Catalan and Barça fan since your childhood like Cesc, like me, to understand what Barça mean to us. It’s much more than a simple football club, it’s much more than football. In fact, it’s the nearest form of Catalan Army (disarmed) that we count. We can’t have a national team as has Spain, which also leads to our players. We can not because we do not have a State… yet. Therefore, for most Catalans, our national team is Barca.

    I can understand that Cesc can not go to Arsenal because the club has other more urgent priorities, because not have unlimited money. If it is for that reason, I understand. But do not make the same mistake that have made many Barcelona fans, who have never been able to enjoy Cesc because they never forgave him that he had left at 16 years and they had had to pay a lot of money (I think it was not so much money) to get him back . These Barça fans had demonstrated to be shit. And you know what some of us say about these fans? We say this: honey is not made for the mouth of the donkey.

  9. Great reply Joey and I agree ,but 2 things worry me ,Injuries ,if we have the amount we always get then Cesc is needed ,secondly if he helps Chelsea win the league then will we ever forgive AW for not having him back

  10. Wake up. Fab is perfect for us. IT is a transfer market, you Are also alowed to sell players. You all think the rest Are so good and world class so they Will bring a lot….not. Because they do not reach Fabregas to his (magic) anckels.

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