It’s all about the transfers… Who signs? Who leaves? Who stays? Whose head explodes from sheer boredom?

Too. Much. Speculation

Morning, fellow Goonery lifeforms.

I find this time of year to be inexorably dull. I’m sure you do too. Some of you fine folks may very well be looking forward to watching the Euros, perhaps cheering on your respective nations – if present – or simply indulging in the plethora of televised games in a short space of time.

I’ll watch the Euros. I’m sure they’ll be a few highlights, and I’ll look out for one or two of the players linked with Arsenal. Other than that, my interest is limited, and I find it to be impossible to cheer on my national team when John Terry represents them. Not that I would if he didn’t. Patriotism isn’t one of my virtues. Club football is where my true love lies.

It’s because of that I find this period in the football calendar so testing. Sure, there’s plenty of intrigue to go around. Pondering “who will we sign?” fills my head with potential starting line-ups and a renewed optimism for the season’s start. But it hardly compensates for the loss of my beloved Arsenal’s regular fixtures.

Of course, losing that regularity of games invariably directly affects the humble blogger’s selection of topics. The following months will be awash with speculation; dripping with spewed and spurious ‘exclusives’, the sole purpose of which is to pray on the clamouring masses and their urge to be informed. Player’s will be linked, stories of dispute and stalled negotiations will jostle for position with idle and contrived rumour.

And it’s us Gooners that always seem to get it the worst. Not a summer passes these days with us having to endure interminable speculation regarding our top players. Vieira, Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, Cole, Flamini, Hleb, Petit, Overmars, Anelka… The list of drawn-out and exasperating transfers is almost endless. This summer is shaping up to be no different.

Like you, I want the saga of Robin van Persie’s future to be sorted out without complication. I want haste, I want a swift and comprehensive resolution. We are yet to be offered anything more than a few tid-bits of fact, a wealth of arduous, bewildering mis-information and the peddling of unsubstantiated drivel. It’s going to be a couple of months that could pass for an eternity.

When the dust settles, when that first glorious game of the new season is upon us; the only thing certain to still be at Arsenal is us. Players will come, players will go. Some players may fester in the reserves having been unable to secure moves elsewhere. Whatever the outcome with Robin, whatever he choses; he is just a player. We, the fans, are Arsenal. We will remain.

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards. The comments are below, and they duly await your views and opinions. You can keep up with my blathering on Twitter @_ArmchairGooner

Apologies for the rambling nature of today’s entry. I felt like simply free-writing for a change. Tomorrow, I shall ensure you’ve a news-filled extravaganza…

Lastly today, the folks at Rock ‘n’ Roll Football politely asked my to point you guys in the direction of a video feauturing Ian Wright, and regarding the European Champinships.

Here’s a brief description, and a link to the video:

Ian Wright is thought of as many things; a legendary footballer, excitable pundit and talismanic leader of men but rarely a thoughtful poet.

This video produced by Absolute Radio portrays our man in a light never seen before.

Give it a whirl.

8 thoughts on “It’s all about the transfers… Who signs? Who leaves? Who stays? Whose head explodes from sheer boredom?”

  1. so are we just a selling club now ? because thats what it feels like… although we did buy pod and hopefully if walcott goes to chelsea we will replace him with hoilett !! I’m not sure if we can mount a serious title challenge tbh with our current squad…

    1. The thing that irks me is the way arsenal “fans” just say we are a selling club cause the tabloids spew out that trash day after day. People just say why do we just let it happen. Do you really think wenger just let’s it happen? That he did nothing to prevent Nasir and cesc from leaving and I doing nothing to stop rvp and theo staying? Seriously wake up if you do! Arsenal run a sustainable business model that like business in the real wall tried to be profitable. Man city, Chelsea and to a lesser extent man united with their debt don’t do that.
      But still a lot comes down to these players themselves. They show no respect for clubs building their game staying loyal when they are injured and down and just run off for money simple as that. Even cesc who I’m sure isnt getting much more that what he was at arsenal showed a distinct lack of determination to get stuck in when times were tough. He lost a lot of my respect for that. If theo leaves cause this rumor of him wanting 100k week are true then he is a disgrace. Arsenal were the only ones that supported him when the whole English nation turned on him, wenger stuck by him and he came back. But he is far from finished product and not yet deserving of that pay but that’s where the toy teams are ruining the game because that’s what these players now expect.
      Rvps wife came out and said they are settled in London and arsenal supported them when he was injured and down and that he should be loyal and not talk to other clubs. I hope thats a sign that he will show the loyalty that arsenal deserve and sign up.
      But like James said he is just another player and arsenal continue with who ever is at the club and with the amazing wenger we prosper continually making champs league. Yes we want trophies but would u swap liverpools season for ours? NO WAY!

  2. Walcott wants 100k a week? no chance! he is miles away from being a top class player. He has bags of pace yes and this season his delivery has been better, but he has no tricks, and no creativity. Pace can only get you so far then you need a plan ‘B’. There are plenty of wide men that could fill his boots and more, Hoilet on a free is a no brainer. As an Arsenal fan I feel that each transfer window that passes top class players slip through our fingers, Hazard, M’vila, Giroud, Vertonghen, have all been linked with us but again nothing has been done to aquire their services. If Wenger is not careful we will end up signing castoffs or want aways like Dempsey, de jong, johnson, etc, all good players but not really the sort that can challenge for titles. We need to make a statement of intent, sign a player like M’vila (17m) sends a clear signal to other clubs and other players (RVP) that we are going places. Whatever happens this summer one thing is for sure there will be a lot of changes in the Gunners dressing room.

    1. agree with what you say about walcott, he needs to comitt and show the faith that wenger has shown him or he is just another money hungry little scab on the footballing world…but as far as dempsey, de jong and johnson are concerned i would take all three. Dempsey plays with heart and passion and is a goal scoring machine, de jong is a hard case nutter that looks like a mexican gangster, again plays with passion. we need him and he has loads of EPL experience and Johnson (i guess you mean adam) he is QUALITY!! i know quite a few man city fans that can’t believe the lack of game time he gets. He has a missile shot something we need from wingers, fast, determined and again plays with passion. Mancini doesn’t play him enough cause he isn’t a big enough star and mancini loves his stars. I would take him over nasri any day!!

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