“It’s only Blackburn. They’re useless and had a man sent off. It doesn’t hide the issues”

Good morning to you, the deliriously joyous.

For quite a while now I’ve been a little morose and pessimistic about The Arsenal. Bad results, bad injuries and bad performances have steadily chipped away my ability to look at the future with hope. Like many of you, frustration and chagrin has crept to the surface and affected my perspective.

Then a tonic like yesterday comes along and suddenly the future is a little brighter on the horizon and there’s something to enthuse about. Many doom-mongers have already crawled out of their feculent bogs to offer exclamations like “It’s only Blackburn” or “One result doesn’t change the problems”. Tweets from folks at the game yesterday informed that quite a few went to the ground with binbags in the event of another debacle. Hopefully, such a performance might persuade these cretins to focus their efforts on supporting the team.

Make no mistake, and regardless of the quality of our opponents, yesterday was of vital importance. Anything less than a victory could have seen nasty repercussions and our rivals motoring further ahead. We can only beat what’s in front of us; we did so comprehensively and with no small measure of aplomb. Even Pederson’s superb free-kick didn’t matter long enough to set any alarm bells ringing. For a full and detailed report of the match, I’d happily recommend Tim Liew’s write-up from The Armchair Sports Fan as he does that kind of thing with greater depth and insight than I (plus, I don’t think he minds me using his stuff).

As is customary, the kudos in the main will head Robin van Persie’s way. Undoubtedly well-deserved as they are, I feel that a couple of players have earned themselves equal praise. Francis Coquelin and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain were superb. The emergence of both and the form and endeavour they’ve shown is remarkable. Continuing this way, we have the potential for two wonderful players in the future. Of course, it was an excellent performance all round; Walcott had end product, Koscielny looked sharp, assured and worthy of his recent POTM award, and Mikel Arteta’s very impressive stats show just how important an influence he has on the midfield. Afterwards, and understandably restrained Arsene Wenger attempted to keep things in perspective;

I do not give much importance to the seven goals, it is just we won and played well,?

??I felt that recently we had quite good performances but did not get the results.

??Today we got the performance and the result, which is ideally what you want.?

??We remained serious and were guided by the way we want to play football and not by any extravagant individualism.

I concur with those words, but it was great to see the joy return to our play and the team beginning to carry some of that swagger the Arsenal of old used to exhibit so regularly. The slickness of passing was there, the occasional bout of showmanship or lightning fast counter. There are greater tests to come in the remaining months of the season, but any resurgence needs a starting point. Winning 7-1 and doing so with style and promise is an exceptional place to start. With replenished levels of confidence, let’s all hope we can continue onwards and upwards.

I’m not going to let myself get too carried away and explode gushy ebullience over everyone reading, but having hope renewed – even if it’s only temporarily – is a lovely feeling. Today really is a good day to be a Gooner. Long may in continue.

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4 thoughts on ““It’s only Blackburn. They’re useless and had a man sent off. It doesn’t hide the issues””

  1. Such moaners can go and support city united barca madrid..no need of such supporters..Arsenal is better without them..they simply keep moaning when we lose or win thumping a weak team..what do they really want?

  2. Thanks for the hat-tip! There was certainly something joyful about the way we played yesterday, even in that crucial period after Blackburn’s equaliser. Too often in the past we have allowed ourselves to be plagued by uncertainty, but all I saw yesterday was a team which KNEW they could score and go on to win, rather than one who merely thought they could.

    Just one result, but a hugely important one. I don’t think we’ve had a high like this for quite a while, and I include the Chelsea 5-3 in that. It’s been too long since we just went out and absolutely killed an opponent. It’s a reminder that, when this team is functioning well, it isn’t half bad … 🙂

  3. Great result, this was without, Gervinho, Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshire, Diaby, Sagna starting, Arshavin? Jury’s out! And with the likes of Campbell, Silva, Ryo, Frimpong, Langsbury who knows? If just one of them becomes a Song, Wilshire or Ox, that can be beneficial, I am not saying these players are the answer, but they all have the ability to become players confident enough to step in when needed to do a job.

  4. If some fans are thinking negative and forget what our team did to balckburn, i think it is time to stop suporting Arsenal or any other teams. i am proud of our team and i hope they can go on and do thier beast and nothing can stop me to standing behind this great club. LONG LIVE ARSENAL.

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