Iwobi, Giroud, Sulkypants Alexis And It’s Positive Going Forward.

Morning, folks.

This is something of a belated review. Yesterday proved troublesome as far as posting goes because my free time was taken elsewhere. However, in this particular instance, the allotted activities to my free time serves great purpose for you, the delicious reader. After a hideously long absence, myself and the wonderful folk of the Goonersphere Podcast reunited and recorded a bumper edition for the pleasure of your ears. We covered everything from Arsenal’s form in the first half of the season to what we’d do when presented with inappropriate dilemmas.

You can enjoy the festival of mirth and obscenities below.

So onto a quick review of Saturday’s comprehensive demolition of Swansea.

The game was something of a rarity in recent Arsenal results; barring the first 20 minutes when Swansea looked productive and stuck to a game plan designed to stifle our creativity in midfield, the result was obtained with relative ease. From the moment Giroud capitalised on some woeful defending in the penalty area to open the scoring, the outcome was never in any doubt.

It’s arguable that the scoreline flatters Arsenal somewhat. After all, two of the four goals scored where due to deflections off Swansea defenders and the other two down to poor defending. But for the vast majority of the game, Arsenal dominated possession, created far more of the better openings and goal scoring opportunities and I don’t recall many occasion in which I felt Petr Cech was in danger of loosing his clean sheet bonus.

All things considered, it was an excellent away victory and a professional, if unspectacular, performance from the team. 3 points well earned and the continuation of our winning run. It’s also something of a rarity that there’s little or nothing to argue or disagree about  – of course, that doesn’t tend to stop people.

The major plus point for me was the performance of Alex Iwobi. There’s no doubting he has an abundance of talent in those magical feet. For someone so young, has glides about the turf with the air and grace of a seasoned professional. On Saturday, not only was he at the hub of all we created in the attacking third, he displayed no small measure of drive an desire about his game. Some have pointed out he can, on occasion, appear slightly unwilling to perform the defensive duties his role requires. I saw none of that at the Liberty Stadium. Iwobi pressed, harried and generally made himself a bloody nuisance to our opponents.

The other note was Alexis Sanchez and the completely overblown moment of petulance – if that’s what you wish to call it. I didn’t see it that way. I’d find it hard to disagree with anyone who stated slumping into a sulky pose on the touchline when substituted was unnecessary, but it’s hardly the worst thing a footballer has ever done. More importantly, his actions were that of a man unhappy at simply not being on the pitch for as long as possible, not someone dejected and unlikely to sign a new contract. Everything Alexis does from now until the resolution will be somehow attributed to his contract saga. If he forgets to walk Atom and Huber (not likely), he’s unhappy at Arsenal and won’t sign a contract. If he passes wind in a pitch slightly higher than is customary, he’s unhappy at Arsenal and won’t sign a contract. If he has beans on toast in the evening as a light snack whilst watching the sequel to Independence Day, he’s unhappy at Arsenal and won’t sign a contract. You get the picture.

All in al folks, a good day at the office and with United, Liverpool and Man City all dropping points,  victory sends us that little bit further up the table. We’ve some important fixtures headed our way in the following weeks, so it’s important to cement a position amongst the title contenders and then we can hope to press onwards from there. Who knows, maybe a title challenge is still on the cards. I have a little more faith than usual today.

I’ll call it a day for now. I shall return soon to discuss more of what’s happening with Arsenal and all the gloriously unrelated subjects I can muster. Until that time, why not leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts on the game, as well as Alexis’ antics.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. As always; thanks for reading (and listening), you beautiful bastards.

2 thoughts on “Iwobi, Giroud, Sulkypants Alexis And It’s Positive Going Forward.”

  1. I said it in one of your previous posts and I’m glad it has now become an obvious mention, Alex Iwobi is just class! He probably won’t get the kind of hype other young promising players get for reasons I’ll rather not mention but sooner or later the media is just gonna have to notice him. I also said, in that post, that if he’s played on the left or as an attacking midfielder we get to see him at his best and notice how he came to life once Giroud was subbed and he went back to the left to make way for Chambo. His confidence is sometimes shocking for his age, his willingness to take on defenders and provide a killer pass is just splendid and I absolutely love watching him in action.
    Sanchez on the other hand clearly has problems of his own. I’m convinced he can play every weekend and the Tuesday in between for two years straight and not get burned out. He was clearly unhappy at being subbed and for a player of his abilities and energy I believe wenger understands but sometimes we need to be saved from our own selves and if someone doesn’t look after Sanchez I fear he might just pick up a nasty hamstring that’ll rule him out for the rest of the season (God forbid). The thought of that alone gives me chills

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