Iwobi, Walcott, Perez, Banners, Wenger And A Tie With Lincoln City To Follow.

Morning, folks.

Underwhelming. That’s how I’d describe last night’s victory at Sutton United. I guess what was important beyond everything else was simply that we won. And win we did. But the whole thing was just a bit ‘meh’. You know, a bit sh*t, but at the same time almost utterly unremarkable. Like action movies with Mark Whalberg. Or plain ham sandwiches. Or those f*ck-awful pink trouser-shorts bourgeois holidaymakers wear accompanied by deck shoes. That kind of thing.

I guess, taking the horrors of Munich into account, we should take the win and move on, sparring no time to dissect why it was so listless, so unimaginative and bland. We should. For the sake of my sanity and general well being, I should.

But, I’ve never been one to listen to the rational, sensible side of my brain when my idiotic side puts forward a far more compelling argument.

You know what… this blog post doesn’t make sense and I think the start is a bit p*ss. I don’t really like it.


*Quick! distract them with a picture of a cat filled with glee next to a cheeseburger*

Cat burger

*Now start again. I don’t think anyone noticed… Phew, that was close!*

Of the players that featured, it would be tricky to pick out a stand out performer. Many flattered to deceive and some – Alex Iwobi and Nacho Monreal in particular – look worryingly out of form. Arsenal didn’t need to get out of 3rd gear to win 2-0, but there certainly were moment in which we gave hope to the home side when we should have shown more ruthlessness.

Arsenal are the great enablers. Countless times over the course of the past decade, we’ve conspired to make relatively ordinary teams look world beaters because of a propensity to assume the work is done or to buckle under the slightest pressure. I’ve always found that maddening. During the pomp of our success, we’d batter teams in the first 15 minutes, go 3-0 up and stroll through the game under no threat. Those days are gone, now it’s pretty easy to put the fear of god into the Arsenal players on the pitch.

Sutton deserve credit for the manner in which they performed. They created a couple of good chances and can count themselves unlucky with one particular thunderbolt that came back off the bar and left Ospina looking bewildered and unaware. Had that gone in, then it would be panic stations. You get what I mean.

I guess what I’m saying is I’m glad we won, but not especially happy about how we did it. I’m neither angry or miserable, just a bit “meh”. Sutton United 0-2 Arsenal was the definition of “meh”.

On a positive note, Theo Walcott deserves congratulations for bagging with 100th goal in an Arsenal shirt and it was good to see Lucas Perez get on the score sheet again. Surely, Arsene must be considering him for some regular starts with the 1st team. With Iwobi’s drop in form, Perez certainly has a case.

The quarter finals see us at home to Lincoln, and we should absolutely walk that one. We should, shouldn’t we? We’ll, I’m pretty sure we will. Then it’ll be one of the big teams in the semi-finals and a trip to Wembley. It may not be what any of us hoped the season would bring, but it’s always nice to see Arsenal step out and compete in that stadium.

Lastly, I guess I should mention that stupid banner. Perhaps ‘stupid’ is a bit unfair. After all, we all have a right to express how we feel and the content certainly wasn’t disrespectful or opprobrious. I don’t know any of the people who held it up, nor do particularly want to. It seems many of them are more concerned with the brief fame they have than stopping to consider why they have it.

But we all should respect their right to do so. It might incite bickering and the separation into factions I find so achingly tiresome, but their right to that opinion is what deserves respect. Those who wish to exclaim the opposite would expect their views to be treated with the same respect.

And as with anything, you, the person, the individual – YOU – have the power to just ignore it. Fame is built these days by fanning the fires of controversy. Rational thoughts don’t get you noticed, folks. Neither does an even temper. We’re all guilty of letting ourselves get wound up by an opinion or process that we disagree with. That’s human nature. I’ve done it plenty of times myself.

Afterwards I remember just how meaningless and pointless it all is. What someone else thinks just doesn’t matter in the grand scale of things. The sanctimonious characters trying to tell you what to think only do so to reinforce their fragile notions. It is born from cowardice.

And those of you who come here are better than that. You don’t come here for ‘hot topics’ and ‘raw opinion’ . You come here because…. Well, f*ck only knows why you do, but I’m sure as hell glad you pop by.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll be back soon with more. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.


7 thoughts on “Iwobi, Walcott, Perez, Banners, Wenger And A Tie With Lincoln City To Follow.”

  1. i hate to say it but the arsenal players mostly are a bunch of pansy´s.allthe years i have followed arsenal ihave never senn such a bunch of gutless heros .sanches not included.oh and buy the way i am 85 years old

  2. Agree with John Hodges, we can all analyse it until “the cows come home” and constantly revisit, discuss and assess all the contributing factors- wenger, the board, finance etc. But at the end of the day, I like John simply think we have to many poseurs and pansies in the squad who really believe they are far better than they actually are. Wenger doesn’t help (unconsciously I believe) by constantly “bigging” them up thus adding to their self-hype, rather than his initial aim which I am sure is to increase their confidence, motivation and protect them etc. Real superstars ala Sanchez dig in and do it consistently game after game after game in contrast to the 1 decent performance in 4 or 5 games that a number of our players seem to do. As always with Arsenal (over the past few years) the club, wenger, the players and so on, there is just far too much talking and not enough doing and proving!

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