Jack Wilshere And The New Contract.

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Other than Everton’s official confirmation of signing Theo Walcott, it’s all gone a little quiet of the proverbial Western front. Yesterday afternoon, Walcott and Everton simulataneouly announced the deal and released the obligatory photo of Theo holding a shirt and standing next to the Everton crest as well as a quite disturbing one of our former player next to Sam Allardyce and his sh*t-eating grin. After 12 years watching him perform well an occasionally falter as an Arsenal player, it all seemed just a little strange to see him somewhere else in another colour. But, it’s certainly for the best in the long run. I’m sure you all wish him well.

Elsewhere in Goonerland, it’s being reported that Jack Wilshere has been offered a new contract. The downside is that it’s for a little less-per-week than he’s on now, but does come heavily incentivised. Given he’s yet to truly prove he’s capable of holding onto full fitness, I do feel it’s fair offer. Nostalgia and sentiment aside, we need a Jack Wilshere that can stay fit, and it’s the correct manner to approach the  contract so financial reward comes alongside sustained fitness.

Whether or not Jack decides to accept is another matter, of course. He may feel he’s done enough to warrant a rise of his weekly wage and has proven his fitness thus far; doing so with several excellent displays in the first team. It’s a situation in which both sides have compelling arguments and I’m little uncertain as to where I stand. I’d love Jack to stay, but I’d probably understand if he felt his worth might be appreciated elsewhere – it’s also not a given he’ll retain his place in the team once Ramsey and Ozil regain fitness. And we all know his ankle could shatter at a moments notice.

It’s moments like this I wish I could offer you some insight into the happenings behind closed doors at Arsenal. Maybe I’ll go out and find a source – some dubious little urchin willing to provide me with golden snippets of information like the millions and millions of sources and informant placed across every professional football club in the country. I could do that and become like one of those ITKs you see who know everything about transfers. Or, you know… I could just f*cking invent most of it at pretend someone told me.

Alas, I’m not – I’m just a guy from Bristol with his finger far from the pulse. I have a jarring accent and my thoughts to entertain you. And my hunch on the Wilshere saga is that he will sign, and that’s an exceedingly good thing. Jack has always been a wonderful footballer whose progression has been blighted by injury. If he can stay fit, he’ll produce. If he gets consistent playing time, he’ll produce. And I hope he does produce in an Arsenal shirt.

Right. That’s all for today.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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2 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere And The New Contract.”

  1. No, his fitness question mark rules him out of a pay rise. As soon as he gets a new deal signed he’s crocked. The last season before his contract expires he stays fit. Walcott was the same, Van Per$ie was the same.

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