Jamie Vardy, Make Up Your Damn Mind And The Start Of Euro2016

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Morning, folks.

Now, we should address the most important thing first. Where have I been? I made a solemn oath to write this delicious blog each and every single day. However, I’ve broken that oath – a sacred oath between blogger and readers that goes back for generations.

The reason? Work. That irksome practice we all must undertake to enable us purchasing power. Unfortunately for me, my gainful employment took a sharp turn toward mayhem and the result was long, thankless days in a sweltering kitchen. Add to that the trials and tribulations of negotiating to buy a new home and you’ve a potent, preventative mix.

So that’s why I’ve not posted for a few days. I know you’re upset. I’ll make it up to you. We’ll get through this together and come out stronger on the other side.

Right, moving on…

Jamie Vardy – still – is the subject dominating Arsenal news. It’s an epic saga that looks set to rumble on and on when it could have been sorted out a great deal sooner – kinda like most Marvel films. What bothers me is two fold:

  1. Why are Arsenal waiting on player to decide whether or not he wants to join us? I understand it’s a important choice for Vardy, but it doesn’t require that much thought. He’s 29, and he has the opportunity to join one of the biggest clubs in England on an improved contract. How hard can that choice be? Supposedly, there’s a lot of politics involved and Vardy’s primary concern is ensuring he doesn’t alienate the Leicester fans by appearing to jump ship ant the first chance. Some feel the delay is merely keeping up appearances.
  2. I’ve said it once, I shall say it again; I don’t really like the idea of signing Jamie Vardy. There is this nagging sensation in the back of my head whenever his name is mentioned that we should be aiming a little higher. Granted, he is Premiership proven and had a superb season with Leicester, but I feel underwhelmed by it all. It’s not a signing that excites me and feeds the imagination. It’s like having an egg sandwich for lunch.

Elsewhere today, The Independent report our pointy-chinned friend is leaning towards rejecting Arsenal’s advances and staying where he is. He’s “leaning towards”, which in journalistic terms means they have absolutely no f*cking idea what he may or may not do, but they have to think of something in order to sell their dross. Unless, of course, someone has insider information in the England camp and knows all there is to know about Vardy’s leaning tendencies.

Personally, I think he’ll stay at Leicester. Whether that’s purely a case of wishful thinking or an instinctive brewing in the depths of my bowels is open to debate. One thing it certainly is, is a guess. A hunch. Nothing more.

The contest for the prestigious Euro 2016 crown begins today, and the England fans are already in the news. No, they’ve not rescued kittens, made use of some good tips on freebettingonline.co.uk or done anything pleasant. Nope – they’ve sung songs calling out ISIS and the French police have used tear gas. Hardly surprising.

But, as is the case with most things published by news outlets, it has been grossly blown out of proportion. Most stories begin with titles such as “TEAR GAS USED ON ENGLAND FANS!!!”. When you progress through to the actual recounting of events, past the obviously provocative and click-seeking headline, you’ll find it was a small group of idiots. England fans have a terrible reputation abroad and should one of them so much as pass wind aggressively in a restaurant, there’s always some snivelling publication just itching to worsen the situation and hype it.

But we shouldn’t allow such things to detract from the fact there’s a tournament starting today. I’m looking forward to seeing some of Europe’s elite on show, starting today as host France face Romania. I shall be watching Paul Pogba and wishing Arsene would just go all guns blazing for him. Phone Juventus and offer them £80m, Theo Walcott and 10 eternally damned souls. That should do it.

They’ll probably refuse to take Walcott.

Right, that’s all for today, folks. I shall endeavour to return with more tomorrow. Until that time, why not pop into the comments section and drop me a line. As always: thanks for reading you beautiful bastards.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Vardy, Make Up Your Damn Mind And The Start Of Euro2016”

  1. I suspect Vardy has decided but wants to avoid all the press disruption there would be from announcing a decision. There is also an element of PR with the Leicester fans. Personally I think he will sign. Leicester did fantastic last year but it won’t happen again. Imagine if he stays and Kante and Marhez go. It’ a bit like playing chicken. Who will decide to leave first. Leicester may be lucky to finish in top 8 next season. It really is a no brainier for him and if he decide against the he has no brains!

  2. great article here. I share and associate myself with your views thus expressed above. If Arsenal have the means as it is so claimed, why cant they seal off the Vady deal? or better still still break the bank and find a better version of a striker?

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