Jardim, Rodgers And Löw Linked As Wenger Replacements: One Would Be A Dreadful Choice.

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As promised in Yesterday’s post, today I’m going to spend a few moments talking about the areas in which Arsenal can change things. As luck would have it, before I began writing I noticed that a – alleged – shortlist of potential Arsene Wenger replacements had been ‘leaked’ to the press by a very naughty individual. There were 3 names mentioned across the majority of the tabloids: Germany’s Joachim Löw, Monaco’s Leonardo Jardim and Brendan Rodgers of Celtic.

I think Arsene Wenger’s time is done in the summer. If – and that’s a big ‘IF’ – we can secure Champions League football by winning the Europa League, then I think he’ll be given the chance to see out the remainder of his contract. However, should we not accomplish that – current form would suggest that’s the most likely outcome – then I feel the board will move to “mutually” cancel his contract. I doubt very much they’ll publicly fire him after the years of excellent service he’s given Arsenal, but his position is becoming untenable very quickly.

It’s a shame to see it come to this. Like many of you, I would have loved nothing more than for him to handover the reigns to his successor on the back of a positive note. Winning the cup last year against all the odds would have been the perfect moment. But Arsene has clung on to the belief he’s still the man to take Arsenal forward and the board have let him on the strength of some silverware and possibly a little reluctance to make a tough choice.

Whether or not either made the correct choice back then is irrelevant. What matters going forward is what can be done to lift the doldrums around the Club. I hate to write negatively about both Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, but it’s a once beautiful love affair that has fizzled out and is in danger of becoming an acrimonious divorce.

Change has to be made and I’m of the opinion that Arsene should be asked to step aside at the end of the season regardless of how it ends. I love him, I’d certainly never stoop to the pathetic levels of some and throw abuse at the man or call him a “fraud” because those kind of cretins are only interested in themselves. That said, I hope he does leave and it’s with his pride and respect intact.

The question then remains; who will succeed him? The 3 names mentioned in the papers make you me believe serious work is going on behind closed doors to replace Arsene. Then I have a think about that idea and come to the conclusion all 3 names are just paper speculation.

Especially Brendan Rodgers. At least, I bloody hope that he’s not under serious consideration. We can’t seriously be at a level that bad where we’re considering that.

I’m not one to suggest I know too much about football management, but I can safely say that appointing Rodgers would be painfully underwhelming, not to mention the fact he’s a hideously conceited potato-headed jackass. Anyone who has a portrait of themselves in their own home shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Arsenal Football Club.

Look at the state of that absolute toaster.

He may have nearly won the league once with Liverpool and secured a few trophies at Celtic in a league with absolutely no competition, but the idea is so repugnant to me on every conceivable level I think I’d rather cut my penis off, have it successfully stuffed by a taxidermist and then place it in charge of Arsenal. Better a lifeless small prick than a massive one.

The other two options, Jardim and Löw, are certainly a lot more interesting. Löw’s Club managerial career isn’t particularly exciting, but he’s undoubtedly done some pretty good things with Germany. However, it’s worth nothing he’s not managed at Club level for 14 years and never anything near Arsenal’s magnitude.

Jardim has done good things at Monaco and is a relatively young manager, Monaco’s style of football and ability to unearth young talent means they’re not dissimilar to Arsenal in terms of football styles. Arsenal would be a undoubted step up in terms of pressure and in a league far more competitive than Ligue1.

Ex-players like Mikel Arteta, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira are also mentioned, but I can’t see any of those 3 as suitable candidates – the only one with any managerial experience is Vieira, but he’s currently earning his stripes in MLS with New York City FC where he’s doing a pretty steady job. Is he ready for the jump to Arsenal manager? Probably not, but then – I’d have said the same about Arsene Wenger all those years ago.

Maybe something risky like a young manager would be exactly what we need. The other hand suggests that an experienced head to come in and steady the transition for a couple of seasons would enable us to make a considered appointment. I personally hope we go after someone that’ll discipline the players and work to get the very best out of them. These quotes came from Ian Wright on Monday and, if true, they’re a pretty shocking insight into the current management at Arsenal:

“You’re hearing young players coming into the squad turning up late for training. 

People having to go to their houses to get them to come to training. You know, people not turning up for training – calling in sick.

You now, these are the things that you can see where the demise is now”

The appointment I’d like to see Arsenal make is Diego Simeone. I know that may not be the most popular choice as it does slightly veer away from some of the established beliefs at Arsenal, but his Atletico Madrid teams do balance the line between being very hard to beat and offensively good. Plus, I could see him running a harder rule with some of the players alleged to be late and sick a lot of the time. Mentioning no names *coughs* Mesut Ozil and Alex Iwobi *coughs*.

That’s what I think, why not share you thoughts in the comments? Who would you go after in you had the power at Arsenal? Let me know.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow.

Until that time, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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17 thoughts on “Jardim, Rodgers And Löw Linked As Wenger Replacements: One Would Be A Dreadful Choice.”

  1. Celtic. a League with no competition? EPL 13 points Man City ahead with a game in hand. Now Arsenal have serious competition when they are 27 POINTS behind Man City, I think you will find ARSENAL are the team that are NO competition. Arsenal year after year … there to make up the numbers. Why drag the SPL down when its all Arsenal who are shit? Why would B.R want to go to Arsenal to win … fuck all? Now the SPL, 9 points between 1st and 2nd with ZERO games in hand. So, our competition is quite healthy compared to the EPL, maybe if you take away all the cash from the EPL, yous too would enjoy a nice competition 🙂 … B.R to Arsenal is a fucking joke, no chance he would go there … ever. Now just imagine how much more shit Arsenal would be if … yous never had about 5? places entering a CHAMPIONS league, when they are the champions of fuck all. Arsenal in the Champions League because they finished 4th … AH fucking HA!! … lets creep in via Europa League (which again yous wont even make the final)

      1. So no reply? Did the truth just come and kick you right in the balls with my bad English? … and I wonder what like your English is without … Someone … auto correct 🙂 ps – No chance with Diego, explain why YOU think he would leave A.M for Arsenal? A team like Arsenal could only dream of a manager like D.S, and that my son is a ball kicking fact 🙂

        I do hear though that Neil Aspins will be looking for a new club soon 😉 maybe send him a Whatapps when Wenger goes?

  2. I suspect that Brendan Rodgers prefers the challenge of having to win every domestic honour and trying to make inroads in Europe with little or no funds. It would boring managing a team like Arsenal where finishing sixth, losing the odd Carabao cup final and doing zilch in Europe despite having squillions of TV money is quite acceptable.

  3. I don’t know anyone who has an image of themselves in their own home. Well apart from everyone.

    And who’s Diego Someone?

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